New York to mandate Covid vaccines for all private sector workers

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Business, New York To Mandate Covid Vaccines For All Private Sector Workers - Cnn

12/6/2021 5:35:00 PM

All private sector employers in New York City will now be required to implement a Covid-19 vaccine mandate by December 27, the city's mayor Bill De Blasio announced Monday.

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If this doesn't frighten you. you're part of the problem. Did you know you can flip domains for more than houses? Check our video to find out the best money making side hustle of 2022! Well done NYC! I’m proud of you Pray to God this vaccine kills us all before the next decade. I'm sure he will be sued by either courts 4-6 then wait for the SC to chime in on this unconstitutional BS

I guess he’s not paying attention that Federal Courts have been ruling againstPOTUS same type mandates. kill BillGates It’s moving the wrong way. This makes sense as we look at the states who never mandated masks or vaccines and crazy thing is all the people aren’t dead or in hospitals…how about we use that science, it’s the most proof we have!

When does freedom of choice be taken over by a common good?

New York City to mandate Covid vaccinations for all private workers, de Blasio saysIn an interview on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe, Mayor de Blasio said all New York City employers will have to mandate Covid-19 vaccinations for their workers. No If you live in NYC, ask yourself: how much more power are you willing to cede to this Communist? Well recently Germany announced all people unvaccinated will be under a lockdown !

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Cruise ship with COVID-19 infections arrives in New OrleansA Norwegian Cruise Line ship with at least 10 passengers and crew members infected with COVID-19 has docked in New Orleans Big giants spreaders, that’s all they are. Here we go again. Just like last year. Again It is the most boring and stupid way of travelling for boring people. HOW can they be this stupid!!

Vaccine requirement for kids to enter NYC restaurants among strict new COVID restrictionsNew York's mayor also announced a 'first-in-the-nation' vaccine mandate for all private sector workers. I just wanna say a big thank you to Dennismayson9 I was nobody until a friend of mine introduced me into investing with you, Since then it's been nothing but financial 💰 Success for me. I will invite my friends and family into your company Dennismayson9 you are the best💯🤞 Fuck you deblasio and all ya cronies. Any business that supports this and dosent get enough biz then shuts down well thats on you. Kids should not be allowed in restaurants anyway?

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