Feds Drop $10 Million On Ambulances, EMTs For Biden Inauguration

Feds Drop $10 Million On Ambulances, EMTs For Biden Inauguration

1/18/2021 11:52:00 PM

Feds Drop $10 Million On Ambulances, EMTs For Biden Inauguration

Uncle Sam spent $10 million on ambulances and emergency services for Joe Biden's inauguration.

TMZ/Getty CompositeThere was a mad scramble after January 6 to get ambulances to Washington D.C. for the inauguration, and the federal government inked a multi-million dollar deal to make it happen.FEMA has hired a company called American Medical Response, Inc. to provide emergency services for Wednesday. The value of the contract -- $10 million.

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10 million of our tax dollars!🤬 Considering this inauguration could get violent if Trump supporters come out, I can understand. Many events do this to have this available on purpose. Otherwise, if someone needs medical attention with all that crowd and traffic, it's easier to have them on hand then to call 911

Back to wasting our money. Maybe they’ll be in one of them My high school n new orleans didn't even had books n air I’d say send the bill to Donald by he doesn’t have any money! I know Biden is older but gosh guys he should be able to make it a few days past inauguration This is what a few million of you wanted🙄

Why? He can’t get more than 20 people to show up to anything. He's going to storm US with immigrants with no restrictions or whatsoever.The unemployment will be huge than ever and after the Muslim ban reversal US will end up like Europe.Stabbings,beheading,etc How much was for golf carts for 45s agents

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10 million spend to protect a guy who only drew crowds of ten people, makes sense! Those ambulances warp you to another dimension if you go in them! Get used to the line “it’s only money folks” 10M for ambulances!! There’s a sucker born every minute!!! 🙄 Wtf I hope it won't be needed, but I have bad feelings that something could happen.

They need to 10 million on ambulances why are they afraid he’s going to have a heart attack they need to walk by them the whole time that would be nice Yall cant just zoom this shit? Tf they be going all out for?

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What a waste of time and money. He has like 5 supporters in the whole country. No one gonna be there anyway. Continued wasteful spending. 🤬 It's a joke Nothing happening there Lol trump cult hates reading this! Fucking losers I really doubt a lot of people are going to show up for his inauguration. But that's just a guess

They’re just for Biden. thanks trump terrorists.

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