Helena Duke Doesn't Regret Outing Mom as Capitol Rioter, Says Trump Radicalized Her

Helena Duke Doesn't Regret Outing Mom as Capitol Rioter, Says Trump Radicalized Her

1/18/2021 11:52:00 PM

Helena Duke Doesn't Regret Outing Mom as Capitol Rioter, Says Trump Radicalized Her

The daughter who outed her own mother as a Capitol rioter has no regrets, but she casts some blame on Trump for her mom's actions.

radicalized her mother about a year into his Presidency. She says it was"unsettling" how her mom flipped from lifelong Democrat to far-right Republican.If you missed it ... the day after the riots, Helena commented on the vid of her mother getting punched --"hi mom remember the time you told me I shouldn’t go to BLM protests bc they could get violent...this you?"

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Shortly afterward she went a step further by publicly ID'ing her mom, aunt and uncle as attending the riot.Therese has since been fired from her job at a Massachusetts hospital ... which stated her termination was linked to her being involved in the Capitol violence.

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Good for her! Glad she turned her mom in. Her mom doesn’t know right from wrong and yet her daughter does. Her mom is the idiot in this equation. dont worry about it you did what you had to do She's right to do so. Mom should stand down and come back to reality. Good for her!! I don’t care what party you support, Trump has injured our country gravely.

Nice hair We should support people like Helena Duke. That must have been the hardest thing to do. Rat... Good for you!!! We have no choice but to Stan. I think being alone in a cell with no internet/social media access and realizing that not only did she get consistently gaslit and constantly lied to by a man who doesn’t, never did, and never will give a shit about her and will ALWAYS sell her out!

Something doesn’t sit right with me in this.

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Good job for doing the right thing! Reminds me of the Hitler Youth. Why is everybody blaming the girl? The mom is the guilty party and would’ve got cut either way. She’s on video plain as day. The mom is the guilty party, if she wasn’t there she wouldn’t be in trouble The go fund me was setup before the blood on her moms nose was dried. Make of that what you will...

My mom has done the same thing president Trump has turned her into a different person. My mom has never really been into politics. Then Trump came along and man she did a 360. My mom is the sweetest person ever, I don’t know what is going on in her head. I’m ready peace. Mashu79823864 she made a GoFundMe after that 😂 you can't make this shit up 😂

then her mom is an idiot... if u are radicalized, then u were probably just looking to belong in a tribe...sad and switching on your mom, is even worse..lol Apparently she's making good money on go fund me. A generation of attention-seeking traitors.

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This kid did this on social media to get money. She started a go fund me for herself that has almost $70,000. She could’ve just reported it to the police rather than put all over social media. This is the shit we read about in school during the 70’s & 80’s!! 😯 Kids turning in parents. Friends betraying each other. No loyalty. No trust. No family. No friends. Everyone is the enemy! Decades later.. here we are. Zoomers & Millennials filled with Hate, Racism & Ugliness.

It’s only going to get worst! Sorry if that hurts your feelings! Not! Daughter of the year Of course she doesn’t....but, that mother-daughter relationship was already on the rocks way before all this happened. first reaction i was like wtf? your mom? but after seeing the original post of the mom trying to grab the phone, the mom is pretty dumb.

Who? She a peace of sh-t it’s always family forest she raised her and put food in her belly and a roof over her head and thi is how she repays her Snitch This is what happens when you don’t punish your kids, they turn out to be little shits who don’t respect you.

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🐀 whats with the Duke bloodline? lol Hero I wouldn’t either with the massive handouts she is getting Wait is she mixed ? Or is she Rachel Dolezaling ? If she’s mixed her mom has the nerve to be a Trumper 🤔🤦🏻‍♀️ good for her....I know the feeling of having family follow the dictator want to be. Looks like her black side came out

Mom exercising 1st amendment, outside, (very peaceful compared to last 3 years of BLM and Antifa), gets assaulted by police and daughter finds her mother at fault and turns her in? Mom looses job. New Brown Shirts! Omg!! What a disloyal POS. Not a supporter of Trump but a supporter of family & loyalty. She ousted her mom for 15 mins of insta-fame. For what? so she can be homeless bcz her parent no longer has a job. I'm glad my son has grown up into a hard working, caring, loyal human being

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I would 1000% never speak to my daughter again. She made the decision sure and she got punched in the face. Your mom supported you all those years and you run your mouth and get her fired (I understand her actions got her fired but snitching?!?!) Is 'she' a REAL woman or a man who calls himself a woman? She, him, it or whatever it is sounds alot like my drunk Uncle Tom. I'm hoping it's just her terrible Macbook microphone. Everybody knows they suck.

She is one of the worst people in the world. Good For Her!👏 Sounds deeper than just about protests and political views I hope her mom will have no regret cutting her out of her will. This is what the worlds comming to people sayin they praise her for telling on ur mother and disrespecting ur fam name bc ur upset is a disgrace.... doent matter if ur mom was wrong. U always have her back nomadder what. Shes ur mom how disgusting and shameless disown her 4 good

I personally think selling your mon out bc your mad. Or bc she told u not to go to blm protest. Is an absoloute betrayal. If i was her fam i would disown her. Made her mom lose her job ..i think it was morally wrong ..and now you ratted on ur own mom wtf.

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What wrong with her hair? If I riot & burn down businesses I'll say blm radicalized me Whereas the kids are being radicalised/brainwashed by educational institutions, such as this character. As all parents who are trump supporters choosing trump over own family Good for her!! What a pos daughter!! Yikes who?

Proud of her 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾👏🏾

Hero Somebody just posted the daughters address. She might want to go on a vacation.