Fallacy of Trump mail voting criticism exposed by Colorado success

Jena Griswold, Colorado secretary of state, explains how Colorado has been successfully operating a vote-by-mail system for years even as Donald Trump tries to convince Americans that it can't be done.

8/2/2020 8:32:00 AM

'The president and his allies are trying to use the pandemic to suppress the vote,' Colorado Sec. of State Griswold says. 'This is a president who is scared and using any type of tactic to try to suppress the vote to his benefit in November.'

Jena Griswold, Colorado secretary of state, explains how Colorado has been successfully operating a vote-by-mail system for years even as Donald Trump tries to convince Americans that it can't be done.

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Stop VoterSuppression VoteGold 2020Election Jorgensen4POTUS DumpTrump bye bye JoeBiden If Trump had followed Bush his incompetence wouldn’t be as obvious. I propose California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada secede from the USA and we become our own country. The “US American” way is not sustainable no more.

Lol.... Democrat madness. realDonaldTrump Aw poor baby can’t handle losing. Anyone can lose better than you. You’re the worst loser, you’d rather cheat than just be a good loser. It’s ok to lose. It just means you get your old life back. Oh wait, you’re pretty much going to jail. JuddApatow I live in Utah and have voted by mail many times. If they can send money, passports, driver licenses and other important documents through the mail than voting by mail SHOULDN’T BE AN ISSUE!

And **** him. Why does MSN have a Fox news page promoting Fox and they're fake news on their website? WhiteHouse Remember everything the media says, the exact opposite is usually true. So this is saying the democrats are using the pandemic (and riots) to meddle in the election, because if they don't rig mail in ballots, they will lose. No way Biden can beat Trump. They needed covid.

Don't put this on realDonaldTrump this is a DoNothingDemocrats FakePandemic because mail in voting is the only way they would have a chance! It took years for these states iron out the problems with voting by mail and they still have issues. You honestly think we can initiate a Nation wide vote by mail in 3 months. No one is suppressing anything. You want to vote then go vote.

__Baxter_ He is doing this because Ivanka has a Chinese patent on voting machines that would have rigged the election. With real ballots cast through the mail he cannot cheat More fake news! If you think Americans are going to continue to cower in their homes, you couldn’t be more wrong. As the country continues to get back to a more normal, you will have no argument to trot out your mail in ballot crap campaign. We see this for what it really is!

Including an effort to kill off the poor. Mark my words, when the votes are coming in on election night, and he's getting creamed; he's going to get on Twitter, and with zero shame whatsoever write: 'I demand that every single mail-in vote be counted!' And, of course they should, even though it ain't gonna help him.

Those states all have violent riots. Utah had guns used. Oregon has had over 60 days of riots. Washington is trying to re-establish CHAZ and Colorado has two cities overtaken by anarchists. Well that's not true... But Extortion of Millions of Taxpayers Dollars in Ukranian is! FakeNews ! Trump2020NowMoreThanEver

Oy. It's a push system. It ADDS failure and fraud points to the system. What's to stop someone from mass mailing 25/50000 ballots the same week and messing things up? Or multiple mail carriers not returning them? Those are the easy frauds...

Trump Says He's Banning TikTok But Trump Says a Lot of ThingsKeep in mind the president makes a lot of promises, many of which never come to fruition StreamWatermelonSugar BuyWatermelonSugar Trolling Stone! Trump... oh goodness, he's tearing our country apart... but there's still people out there... yeah, he's doing... a... great... job... sorry, dude... you're not.

Trump Scrapped Jared Kushner's COVID Plan Because It Wouldn't Help TrumpSince the blue states were being hit the hardest, it wasn't politically expedient for Trump to coordinate a federal response. If they really thought letting blue states get sick to help trumps reelection, then both trump and kushner should be charged with mass murder.

As Trump suggests delaying election, White House condemns Hong Kong for postponing its own voteWhite House condemns Hong Kong for delaying its upcoming legislative elections for a year, even as Pres. Trump elicited significant backlash a day earlier for suggesting the U.S. postpone its own November vote. She’s going to be end of the alcoholic from all the bs she has to swallow Binders full of bullshit responses TrumpHasNoCredibility ... he has trashed the whitehouse and americandemocracy

Trump Brags About Ending Obama-Era Fair Housing MandateTrump is essentially bragging about making it harder for people to get out of poverty. Trash 🗑 Love you Donald!!!

Trump standing by Pentagon nominee under fire for Islamophobic tweetsTrump still supports Anthony Tata, who has come under fire for Islamophobic tweets (including one calling Obama a “terrorist leader”). Lawmakers abruptly canceled his confirmation hearing yesterday amid “serious questions” about his fitness for the job. Trump is so detestable. Are you sure it wasn't about the Funeral of John Lewis? With the large number of muslins and growing in the soicalist party (aka, democrats, its just as well to assign the General in an acting role, then move him over...

Friend Defends Herman Cain from Trump Rally Criticism and Insists He Did Take Coronavirus Seriously'This is such a partisan age and people get defined by where they stood on the political spectrum and I’m sure a lot of people will define Herman in that way — that was so much not who he was,' the friend says If he took it seriously, why did he tell everybody else not to? Deadly serious. TrumpVirus