Europeans Flock to Beaches Without Masks as Vacation Season Begins

Old habits die hard.

8/2/2020 8:40:00 AM

Europeans Flock to Beaches Without Masks as Vacation Season Begins

Old habits die hard.

Europeans Flock to Beaches Maskless... Virus Could Explode in August8/1/2020 11:38 AM PTSplashNews.comIt's that time of year again across the pond, where Europeans pack their bags and head to the tropical parts of their countries -- and judging by these photos, there's trouble ahead.

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It's a tradition ... August is the month there's an exodus in most European cities with residents flocking to beaches across the continent and beyond.So, check out the pic (above), taken on the very first day of August, at Mondello Beach, just north of Palermo down in Southern Italy ... it's absolutely packed with vacay-goers, most of whom are without a mask and not socially distanced. It looks like any other summer pre-2020.

GettyNeed more evidence ... we'll take you to England, where beachgoers were packed in like sardines.Still want more ... check out the packed beach in Turkey.GettySo, Europeans have been doing better than us folks in the U.S. in the COVID department -- to the point they won't let us in -- but that could change in a big way during the 8th month.

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Live.... Die... human lifegoeson Aren't Europeans on vacation 365 days a year? Awesome. At least they are not acting like little babies crying about masks all day long. Go live your life. 'Virus could explode'?! What a joke. Nothing will happen except perhaps more rigged numbers. The sheep have been had. The elites are laughing at us for thinking all this has anything to do with a virus. TMZ-propagandizing toward total human enslavement.

Close all borders now! I think they should wear masks but bikinis are optional...!! Liberal mindset! Skynet was right Brainless people Good to see that more and more people are throwing off the shackles of government tyranny. Only blm protesters can gather in large crowds with no masks and not be judged by tmz

Well ... whatcha gonna do ?... everyone is over it .. CUZ realDonaldTrump. FakeNewsMedia This pandemic is not going away any time soon. People are truly not taking this seriously. I just don’t know what to say anymore! Ppl are so inconsiderate to the health of others smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ it’s ridiculous how ppl think 🤔 is ok!

Oh no! Trumps fault Being five feet away from complete strangers at all times hardly seems like a good time 🙄 Get ready for the second “wave” to hit Good I bet a million dollars it's the uk

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