Experience the Reveal of the James Webb Space Telescope’s First Images

6/6/2022 10:15:00 PM

You’re invited to register to attend an in-person NASA Social as we reveal the long-awaited first images from the James Webb Space Telescope.


🚨 Digital creators: Come behind the scenes with us at NASAGoddard as we unveil the first images from NASAWebb! Join us for our NASASocial to meet experts and share your experiences with your fans and followers. Applications are due at 3pm ET June 7:

You’re invited to register to attend an in-person NASA Social as we reveal the long-awaited first images from the James Webb Space Telescope.

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Dinner at Mar-a-Lago: Big Deal or Blown Out of Proportion?

Andrew & Batya welcome Mark Davis, talk show host on 660AM The Answer in Dallas-Ft. Worth, and Ellis Henican, NYT best selling author, to debate gaslighting, the now infamous dinner at Mar-a-Lago between former President Trump and holocaust denier Nick Fuentes, Joe Biden's immunity for the Saudi Prince over the murder of Jamal Khashoggi , and Asian faiths trying to bring back the swastika. Read more >>

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What comes after the James Webb Space Telescope? Some astronomers want LIFE.On the heels of the James Webb Space Telescope's hunt for exoplanets and galaxies, a decades-old interferometer mission could get new life. Why won’t our media cover this

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LeBron James becomes first NBA billionaire still playing: CrowquillThis past week, Forbes named LeBron James the first active NBA player to become a billionaire. Both Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant reached billionaire status too, but only after their playing career was over. Here's illustrator Ted Crow's take on the news. With that cigar in his hand and beard I am getting strong Castro resemblance in this drawing. CT_Osprey Nothing like being long both the US systematic racism narrative and actual Chinese slave labor. Hope he buys the Guardians.

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LeBron James is a Forbes billionaire — the first NBA star to do so while still playingLeBron James has earned more than $385 million from his NBA contracts and upwards of $900 million from various off-court deals, according to the latest estimate from Forbes. That's a blessing. Keep it going. Combined, LeBron and I have earned more than $900 million in endorsements and off-court deals; Incredible. What a waste of money!

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LeBron James Is Officially A BillionaireHe missed the playoffs for just the fourth time in 19 seasons but LeBron still scores as the first active NBA player to make our list. Thanks China. I thought the 1% was the enemy? All that Chinese Genocide money doing well for him…

‘Westworld’: James Marsden Returns For Season 4; Evan Rachel Wood On Playing A New Character — ATXIt’s been two years since Season 3 of HBO’s Westworld concluded and fans have been anxiously awaiting new stories. Co-creator Lisa Joy made a special appearance at the ATX Festival on S… At last OMG Yay!

‘Westworld’: James Marsden Books Return to HBO SeriesThe actor made a surprise appearance at the show's ATX TV Festival panel on Saturday. The king of being friends with animated characters LIVES BABY Teddy! 'We are pleased you serve us' WorstWorld