China Nuclear Plant: Us Assessing Reported Leak At Facility İn Taishan, Guangdong - Cnnpolitics

China Nuclear Plant: Us Assessing Reported Leak At Facility İn Taishan, Guangdong - Cnnpolitics

Exclusive: US assessing reported leak at Chinese nuclear power facility

US officials are assessing a report of a leak at a Chinese nuclear power plant but don't yet think the facility is at crisis level, US sources say

6/14/2021 7:18:00 AM

US officials are assessing a report of a leak at a Chinese nuclear power plant but don't yet think the facility is at crisis level, US sources say

The US government has spent the past week assessing a report of a leak at a Chinese nuclear power plant, after a French company that part owns and helps operate it warned of an 'imminent radiological threat,' according to US officials and documents reviewed by CNN.

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let's talking about japan fukushima. about nuclear waste water🤣 we are what?! CNN! we job is what?! say lie! we never say what?! the true! fake news こういう事は日本のものよりもアメリカや他の国から来るものの方が身長が高いと思うよにみんな変わったと思う。 fukushima is poisoning the whole pacific! Shame! This story is blown out of proportion. People who know nothing about nuclear power (specifically journalists) should never try to inform the public without seeking expertise from professionals. I feel like this is an administration that is deliberately trying...

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Reporting that there might be a leak at a Chinese nuclear power plant is racist, this radiation is from a near by wet market and they caught it in caves 500 miles away. 日本都在倒核废水了,你们不去调查一下? China is so trustworthy so no need to panic Any BATS involved..,

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holy shit 'According to the data available, the plant is operating within the safety parameters. Our team is working with relevant experts to assess the situation and propose solutions to address any potential issue,' the French company statement added.---------So why this is not stressed? JChengWSJ China lives is the US head rent-free 😬

WUSPSHK If you can leap, don't run. From the 'report' of the country that owned Three Mile Island Meltdown. Did I read this right? US officials said nothing for one week about an 'imminent radiological threat,'? Something is seriously wrong here. Why not report some positive news? Has CNN been bribed? As with COVID-19, do not expect Chinese authorities to be open about this.

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first pandemic, now this more cover-up China brings calamity 'Don't yet think the faiclity is at crisis level' Reminds me of what the Chinese Gov. said about Covid in Wuhan in Jan. of 2020. History doesn't repeat, but it certainly rhymes... What can we say? thisisChina Japanese nuclear plants at Fukushima still leaking and start dumping nuclear waste water into the sea, asshole !

Assessing yourself first ! OMG...hope it's not serious we are deeply concerned about that Another communist, another Chernobyl disaster, are you looking forward to playing Fallout4? China will make your wishes come true. FFS! God bless Canton!

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All mankind of the earth, the people of Hong Kong have once again issued a warning to you - Don't trust the Fucking China! How much money you received to do the this post article?I will pay you double Just like Russia, China steals all of our Technology and still screws it up. No…not again… galileocheng Let’s hope the Communist Chinese Govt do it right. Don’t hide & stay secretive over every damn crisis. Their own citizens’ health & well being do matter.

Can we say Chernobyl part 2? If the Soviet Union tried to keep it quiet and they were communist regime what makes you think the Chinese communist government will do differently ? I don't trust anything they say . Good bye Japanese Somoene needs to tell the chinese to look for USA hacked hardware. (not another IRAN)

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If there is a leak at a nuke power plant, it is a crisis. Who are they talking to, the WHO? Ah, the CCP... probably a Tofu-dreg facility They will be the death of us all 🌎.beam me up scotty 🚀 why would anyone in america believe this is something for them to meddle with Don't forget! Typical CCP! Dont shut it down, just lie to people and tell them radiation isn't that bad! They don't care about people at all.

Can you stop fucking up the world for 5 GOD DAMN MINUTES Gee! China maybe covering up a dangerous mishap? Must be the first time ever Nuclear power plants are very expensive, very dangerous steam engines. Yeah, Chernobyl was just a tiny inconvenience as well

China, US diplomats clash over human rights, pandemic originBEIJING (AP) — Top U.S. and Chinese diplomats appear to have had another sharply worded exchange, with Beijing saying it told the U.S. to cease interfering in its internal affairs and accusing Washington of politicizing the search for the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic. A fight has broken out in the Bolivian Parliament between the opposition politician Henry Romero and a member of the ruling socialist MAS party, Antonio Colque. I like that guy's ponytail, keeps his mullet lookin sharp. Nice pony-tail you gave SecState Blinken.

Knowing how China is, I'd say half of China is most likely vaporized as of now. 粉紅要喝水了嗎?😑 Nice. Framatome had reached out to the US in order to obtain a waiver that would allow them to share American technical assistance in order to resolve the issue at the Chinese plant . China needs to get their shit together

CHINA IS THE NEW COOL! STOP HATING XI Jinping twin brother. Just like that little “leak” from the wuhan lab huh...Evil Despite the alarming notification from Framatome , the French company , the Biden administration believes the facility is not yet at a ' crisis level '.

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Before panic sets in let’s all remember that wolves are doing quite well at Chernobyl. I wonder if the u.s. us doing this stuff thru cyber warfare. Find out where the Guangdong province is and check wind directions across the pacific. Remember cherinobyl. It spread far and wide. It's China.. They won't tell you how bad it is until it's clear they can't contain the truth. None of the major news outlets will ask serious questions because they have HUGE financial ties to China and don't want to risk getting in trouble.

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🤦🧐 This too will be covered up.

China needs to come under international and extraterestrial control. COVID and now this? China is a threat to the planet. Hopefully they don't ship us radioactive tooth brushes.