People Told Us Their Sex Toy Horror Stories And These Are The Cringiest Results

Sex toys: they're not all fun and games.

6/12/2021 7:55:00 AM

Sex toys: they're not all fun and games.

Sex toys: they're not all fun and games.

It's my"friend's":I bought a really expensive vibrator when I got my first legit paying job and it came with a free gift, which ended up being a VERY LARGE BLACK BUTT PLUG. Flash forward to the day after I opened the package, my dad was giving me a ride to work. He suddenly turned to me and said

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"Hey, did you leave a giant black butt plug in the bathroom?"I freaked out and said it was my FRIEND'S butt plug and I was just holding on to it for them. My dad looked at me in disgust. It turns out the only thing worse than finding your kid's butt plug is having the kid say it's someone else's butt plug.

—20.Talk about dirty:So I have a prostate"massager" that I use whenever I'm in the mood. I was using it one time and I thought my back door was clean enough. Well, as I was using it, I felt it pushing out, so I pushed it back in. My ass hole muscles pushed the toy out on its own.

Low and behold I had shitty kitty on the toy.It was so embarrassing to wash it off, but you know ... shit happens .—21.That's gotta hurt:I bought a knock-off Magic Wand and it did last me a couple months. Then I noticed the cover was tearing but honestly didn't think much of it. One night I was pleasuring myself with the torn knock-off and felt something hot and sticky on my hairy labia. The glue from under the cover heated up, seeped through, and stuck to my pubic hair. I was NOT going to go to the emergency room so with a deep breath, I RIPPED the toy free.

Yes, it was covered in pubes and fresh skin.It took me four months to heal. I didn't buy a knock-off the second time. Read more: BuzzFeed »

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14... oh nooo..... I use them to mix my drinks.

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