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Everything You Should Know About Dermatillomania

Symptoms, treatment, diagnosis, and more.


Symptoms, treatment, diagnosis, and more.

Symptoms, treatment, diagnosis, and more.

The important thing is that people with dermatillomania know they’re not alone., or as a symptom of drug use disorders. “One needs to do a thorough psychological assessment to know why people pick, what it is, and if it’s an independent skin-picking disorder,” he says.

. “There’s something that looks or feels different that attracts a person’s attention, and there will be a behavior to attempt to fix or remove it,” she says. But the attempt to remove the abnormality usually doesn’t work, which can result in bleeding, scabbing, and scarring.

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We’re PickingMe over Skin Picking, a nonprofit for Dermatillomania community, support, and resources! Thanks for raising awareness and please check us out for future resources for the bfrb community, many thanks!

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