Everything You Need to Know About the Flexitarian Diet

We break down the mostly-meatless eating style.

Flexitarian, Flexitarian Diet

11/27/2021 7:27:00 AM

What is the Flexitarian Diet? A Beginner’s Guide

We break down the mostly-meatless eating style.

.Her two main tips to get started: “Read the recipe all the way through and prep as much as you can before you start cooking. That will make all the difference.” You can cut up your veggies or mix your spices on Sunday so that everything is ready to go during the week. “If you’re really pressed for time and can afford it, there’s nothing wrong with buying pre-cut vegetables at the supermarket.”

With no harsh rules or restrictions, flexitarianism is one of the easiest food plans to begin! If you’re ready to “flex” your appetite and cut down on meat, here are four easy steps, from Blatner:1. Pick a LevelBlatner created flexitarian “levels” to help guide people to actual targets of meatless meals per week:

Beginner: ​6-8 meatless meals/ 21 total meals each week (~26 ounces meat/week)Advanced: ​9-14 meatless meals/ 21 total meals each week (~18 ounces meat/week)Expert: 15+ meatless meals/21 total meals each week (~9 ounces meat/week)*Meat=animal proteins such as chicken, turkey, beef, and pork. Fish is not included in the “meat” category and can be eaten on “meatless” days. headtopics.com

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2. Re-portion Your PlateOn days that you do eat meat, downsize your meat portions while pumping up the produce. “Aim to have 25% of your plate meat/poultry/fish, 25% whole grains (such as brown rice or whole-grain pasta), and 50% veggies,” says Blatner.

Eat more:Plant-proteins: Black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, white beans, lentilsWhole grains & potatoes such as quinoa, brown rice, oats, white & sweet potatoes

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