Buckinghamshire four-month food waste disruption set to end

Buckinghamshire four-month food waste disruption set to end

11/27/2021 12:42:00 AM

Buckinghamshire four-month food waste disruption set to end

People 'with a lesser HGV driving licence' are employed so food waste collections can begin again.

Food waste can be collected in Amersham and High Wycombe from 13 DecemberA waste company has employed people with "a lesser HGV driving license" so waste collections can restart, a councillor has said.Councillor Peter Strachan said Veolia made the changes so food bins can begin again in High Wycombe and Amersham.

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Collections were stopped in mid-August because of a national shortage of HGV drivers, Covid cases and crews self-isolating.said food waste can be put out again from 13 December.As reported by theLocal Democracy Reporting Service, Mr Strachan, the Conservative cabinet member for climate change and environment, said: "We worked very hard with our refuse contractor Veolia to achieve this position, and by a combination of good recruiting practices - and also, Veolia employing people with a lesser HGV driving licence to drive the food wagons.

"This has expanded the contractor's flexibility and capability."He apologised to residents who had to "endure the reduced service", he added.

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