Episcopal bishop 'deeply offended' by Trump using Bible, church as a 'prop'

Church official calls Trump's actions 'deeply offensive'

6/2/2020 7:49:00 AM

Bishop Budde comments on President Trump's visit: 'He was proceeded by a violent clearing of non-violent protesters to make his way and he was using our church as a backdrop and the bible as a prop in ways that I found to be deeply offensive.'

Church official calls Trump's actions 'deeply offensive'

Share this -1h ago / 3:43 AM UTCLAPD chief walks back comment about looters having hand in Floyd's deathLet me be clear—there are 4 police officers and 4 alone responsible for the death of George Floyd.Simply put: Those intent on spewing mayhem and distraction into our communities are a disgrace to his memory.

St. Louis Cops Seize Gun That Couple Pointed At Black Lives Matter Protesters 'Spits In The Face Of The Jury': Legal Experts Explode Over Trump Clemency For Stone Biden’s Polling Lead Is Big — And Steady

— Chief Michel Moore (@LAPDChiefMoore)June 2, 2020Los Angeles police Chief Michel Moore walked back comments on Monday that equated looters to the Minneapolis officers involved in the death of George Floyd.“His death is on their hands, as much as it is on those officers," Moore said during a briefing about the civil unrest in L.A.

Hours later, Moore clarified via Twitter: "Let me be clear — there are 4 police officers and 4 alone responsible for the death of George Floyd. Simply put: Those intent on spewing mayhem and distraction into our communities are a disgrace to his memory."

Moore's boss, Mayor Eric Garcetti, said he appreciated the chief's new comments:"The responsibility for George Floyd’s death rests solely with the police officers involved. Chief Moore regrets the words he chose this evening and has clarified them."

The responsibility for George Floyd’s death rests solely with the police officers involved. Chief Moore regrets the words he chose this evening and has clarified them. Read more: NBC News »

KathyBurke State and church need to be separated, for too long America has committed atrocities in the name of God. Britain colonised the world using religion as one of its weapons and America has taken that method in everything... Religion has no place in politics 😢 Oh brother! joycemarieh66 Newsflash: he did this to make a campaign video for his followers. He gassed protesters to clear the way for a goddamn campaign video that was posted tonight.

Well we found it awesome. He was preceded. Come on NBC, our kids may be destroying the English but do you guys have to follow suit? Sit Bishop Budde sounds stupid as hell .. WHAT I FIND OFFENSIVE? Your church almost getting burned down to the ground But your mad at Trump for a picture .. LOL .. your freaking deranged ..

Lame stream media NBC IS PART OF A TERRORISTS GROUP THE MSM He is a BigBlasphemer bishop sounds more like a politician with an agenda than a spiritual advisor/person of faith, how much of the bible have you forgotten? Those white supremacist who support Trump have a look at this. You've gotta trust the Bishop.

So this bishop is more upset about Trump visiting the church than the fact is that it was burned down? Who are these people? No kidding the Episcopal Church does not condone racism, elitism and blatent non Christian values so many Evangelicals condone and expel the Gospel of Wealth is Satanic. Don't say we are just Christians were not perfect nor say we are the only way. John Darby was asked to leave

This is fake news Seems like you would be praying for him... 'Our Church?' Isn't this one known as 'The President's Church?' Shouldn't someone rejoice that a 'sinner' is going to church? Democrat tears Waaaaaa he is mean Whaaaa. The permit-free 'paraders' were forced off the street. Whaaaa. Screw. Off. Can you confirm or deny they were given three warnings over loud speaker to clear the area due to curfew before tear gas was deployed?

Budde calls the church his (not God's Temple!) And is unhappy that a person holds the Bible to support the soul, then he (Budde) is not a bishop of the temple of the Light of God! A violent clearing of non-violent protesters on the way to the church? Wow, none of that happened!!! What in the hell? Trump has no shsme!

And he a rapist God is available to ALL.

Trump stands in front of St. John's Church holding Bible after threatening military action against protestersPresident Trump walked from the White House, crossed Lafayette Square, and stood in front of St. John's Church holding a Bible moments after telling reporters he would deploy the military if state officials could not contain protests across the nation. It’s upside-down, isn’t it? National disgrace Blessed be the fruit, y’all. 😡

DC Episcopal bishop: 'I am outraged' by Trump church visitThe bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington sharply criticized President Trump for staging a visit to the fire-damaged St. John's Church across from the White House. The visit came after authorities had cleared the area of peaceful protesters. Under his eye Trump used the military on peaceful citizens exercising their 1A rights simply for a photo op He did it because he saw Joe do his church thing earlier in the day and LOST IT. Lol

Peaceful Protesters Gassed So Trump Can Do a Sacrilegious Bible Photo-OpAmid another night of nationwide unrest, Trump used both tear-gassed protesters and the Bible as props for his reelection campaign, writes ed_kilgore ed_kilgore Nymag stop stoking the 🔥 ed_kilgore fake news. ed_kilgore Twitter Fact Check

'I'm Outraged': D.C. Bishop Sounds Off On Trump for Using Historic Church as 'Prop'“We so dissociate ourselves from the messages of this president,” Mariann Budde told the Washington Post November 3rd. Flush the Turd BS ... he can use any place he wants the Bishop don’t tell people where to go ... move on ! Fake news I’m sure... Blasphemous pic of Satan holding the Bible too bad god didn’t throw a lightening bolt to set the book ablaze👺⚡️🔥

Protesters Dispersed With Tear Gas So Trump Could Pose at Church“He did not pray,” said Mariann E. Budde, the Episcopal bishop of Washington. “He did not mention George Floyd, he did not mention the agony of people who have been subjected to this kind of horrific expression of racism and white supremacy for hundreds of years.” 'Peaceful' This needs to be the print edition headline That was a mockery to God. People. Stand aside. The wrath of God is coming to Trump.

Live updates: Trump poses for photos at church after police gas, force out peaceful protestersTrump’s vow to to deploy federal troops if state and city leaders don’t act to quell acts of violence and looting comes as congressional Democrats denounced his threat as the behavior of a would-be authoritarian leader. And a good percentage of the protesters/rioters aren't listening!! free blacks! It's not about George Floyd, or his family for that matter. It's about the previous 100s and the next 50, 60, 70 black men who will be murdered by police under this God awful homicidal, genocidal Capitalist government.