Elcamino, Breakingbad

Elcamino, Breakingbad

'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie': TV Review

Review: Netflix's 'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie' #ElCamino #BreakingBad


Review: Netflix's 'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie' ElCamino BreakingBad

Vince Gilligan and Aaron Paul jump back into the aftermath of 'Breaking Bad' for a two-hour movie that's fun and often thrilling, but never feels necessary.

It's a surprisingly small story that Gilligan wanted to tell and it's designed for viewers who asked, "But after he drove away, it's not like Jesse just drove out of town, right?" and actually needed specifics on all of his next steps. Expanding the timeframe a tiny bit are a lot of flashbacks, some basically fan-service cameo generators and, in more extended form, answers to the question, "What happened in those months the Nazis were torturing Jesse?" Like I said, I'm not so closure-driven that I needed an answer for that first question and I'm not so imagination-starved that I needed an answer for that second question. To me, "Jesse escaped, but I'm sure there were complications" and "He was tortured, duh" were always completely sufficient.

d was always perceived and described as Walter White's story. It was pitched as Mr. Chips becoming Scarface, which was Walter's narrative, and that centrality was reaffirmed, even as the show became closer and closer to a two-hander, by the insistence on submitting Bryan Cranston for "lead" actor Emmys and Paul for "supporting," a move that meant they never had to go head-to-head for prizes — but also, if we're being perfectly frank, almost certainly cost Dean Norris and Jonathan Banks Emmys.

was presented as Walter's story and "Felina," the finale, was arced as the conclusion of his story. But maybe Gilligan realized, as becomes increasingly clear when you watch and rewatch

Except that Jesse Pinkman got exactly the ending he deserved in

Still, Gilligan remains a precise and complicated visual stylist and there are myriad rewards to seeing him get to work with a big screen tableau. Once again, he's a master of contrasting claustrophobic interiors with expansive Southwestern exteriors and the conception of

regulars like editor Skip Macdonald and composer Dave Porter, all relishing the return to the original show's grammar after the very different pacing of the Bob Odenkirk-centric spinoff.

, never got the respect he deserved for the portrait of unsettling villainy he crafted in the

giving real consideration to Jimmy "Saul Goodman" McGill's life in Omaha. If we can't get a full

Read more: Hollywood Reporter

How was it not necessary? The series ends and we have no idea what happens to Jesse It was ok. There were some good moments. Would of taken an episode prior to the final episode to have more Walter White, Saul Goodman, and Mike Armentrout. No movie is necessary just so we’re clear. Loved El Camino. “Never feels necessary.” You mean, like this review?

For years I had said “I’m still worried about Jessie”. I loved diving in again with all these super talented people. No spoilers, I’ll leave it at that. ❤️❤️❤️ElCamino BreakingBad Entertainment is always 'necessary'. I loved El Camino and I'm glad it was made. I always wanted to know what happened to Jesse.

I'd say it was necessary; Jessie as a character deserved to have a more complete story told. We get to understand his trauma more and see more of his goodness too. Was absolutely a bore fest. Storyline was terrible Horribly boring and unsatisfying Nope. Only one-fecta unicorn with 3 legs.

TV Review: ‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’SPOILER ALERT: The following review contains spoilers for “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.” “El Camino,” which begins moments after the events depicted in the 2013 finale of “Breaking Bad,” is sta… don't know if you guys heard, but the TV show ended and this is now a FILM and what y'all have published is a movie review This review is all over the place. As though they’re having 100 thoughts in one sentence. Decent film, it picked up at an appropriate place for the diehard Breaking Bad fans. Jesse's journey and metamorphosis was a difficult one full of torture, betrayal, and heartache.

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‘El Camino’: What to Remember 6 Years After ‘Breaking Bad’“El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie” comes to Netflix on Friday. Here’s a refresher on where “Breaking Bad” left Jesse Pinkman and the rest of the show's characters — alive, dead or somewhere in between. If you can’t recite from memory where every main and most secondary characters of Breaking Bad are at the end of season 5, you’re fucking casual. (£_¥€¥€£¥8000))) Vince, don’t fail us now!

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