Economy - America's Finest News Source | The Onion

Economy - America's Finest News Source | The Onion

11/21/2020 5:30:00 AM

U.S. Economists Predict Endless, Mandelbrot-Shaped Recovery

Economy - America's Finest News Source | The Onion

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues with no end in sight, it has had widespread economic impact, with many of its Read more: The Onion »

Trump pardons Michael Flynn, who twice pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI

The move was long expected after Trump said in March he was 'strongly considering' pardoning Flynn.

It was his BD day or something this week and Google did home page thing Ha Well played, well played. Mandelbrot is so beautiful and pure, it should never be in the same sentence as economics. DrSrimix Hey jonathancoulton this has triggered my brain into playing to your song over and over. otdispace mpsteel

I never thought I'd see a Mandelbrot reference here I stopped reading at 'economists predict' fede7j Happy birthday Mandelbrot! And thank you so much for opening the way to exploring the 'infinite sea of complexity'! Maybe someone here would like to hear my joke about Mandelbrot ? Sometimes onion humor is calculated brilliance.

Guys the Mandelbrot set is a single continuous line. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT Cc KeithMcCullough If the world played more Mahjong Solitaire, we all know recovery would be a vertical line ryanWGLT rigawiz ha! htpyFiber nntaleb aajeyajajoo Posts to tag in and say 'us' Did you know Benoit B Mandelbrot's middle name is Benoit B Mandelbrot?

🤣👏👏👏👏👏👏 BarbarianCap nntaleb Damn. Relevant. Good post. kaylajustkayla I thought Biden was against Frack-taling Mandelstonks! Happy birthday to Benoît Mandelbrot, but I believe this is simply a rediscovery of the neo-Laffer curve What does the ‘B’ in Benoit B. Mandelbrot stand for? Answer: ‘Benoit B. Mandelbrot’

Damn Robinhood. arthur_affect Oh my God, this is an exquisite joke. Well, at least Mandelbrot goes to infinity. so the onion is just posting regular news now 'JESUS CHRIST loves the Church on Fire because she stands firm with the TRUTH. 예수 그리스도께서는 불붙은 교회를 사랑하십니다. 왜냐하면 그 교회가 진리와 함께 확고히 서 있기 때문입니다. GlobalMegaVigil

SYSKPodcast josh_um_clark Fractals!!! Jeremy Bearimy Fuctals(tm) a f3uck2'd-up3-fRADtalO2ide Factals(tm) - des-R-Fractal-N-Factualiside just a few inventions lately invented.. for our nimble believe system. swole_jorge This is high quality This is fitting in many ways can you reiterate this But Biden will definitely, absolutely, without a doubt deliver a vaccine unrelated to the trump presidency before spring.

You mean, those hazelnut biscotti things my Jewish grandmother used to make? Nice Benoit Mandelbrot reference - it is his 96th birthday today! PeterSchiff please analyze this Naughty Mandelbrot Can someone explain the joke? I know what the Mandelbrot set is, I just don’t understand what the joke is. And here I thought chaos theory was bullshit. 🤣

something is a bit off here randommandelbot u got competition This image makes me really sad It looks like those election charts trump keeps posting INFINITE GROWTH!!!! Bruh fractal Looks like the slow progression of a butthole after increasing butt plug sizes over the years. How about we MandelNOT?