Dominion Voting Sues Trump Lawyer Powell For Defamation, Seeking $1.3 Billion İn Damages - Cnnpolitics

Dominion Voting Sues Trump Lawyer Powell For Defamation, Seeking $1.3 Billion İn Damages - Cnnpolitics

Dominion Voting sues Trump lawyer Powell for defamation, seeking $1.3 billion in damages

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1/9/2021 2:44:00 AM

Dominion Voting Systems has filed suit against Sidney Powell, the lawyer who pushed false election claims for the Trump campaign, claiming defamation and deceptive trade practices. The company seeks more than $1.3 billion in damages.

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Sad Many lawyers are bringing suits in order to improve their skills or to get enjoyment from either Victim or Offender. It reminds me of a lawyer who received lawsuit document for his client and kept it in order to gives liability to his client when he knew the proper party to suit Trump es el verdadero presidente ganador de las elecciones libres y democráticas contra los golpistas terroristas apoyados por China comunista.El presidente está secuestrado por los asaltantes terroristas golpistas usurpadores de las elecciones contra EEUU y los norteamericanos

Good the only thing that stops people from slander & lying about someone or something is a lawsuit & money. Well done. 1.3 billion nice that should clean out some of the bank accts of some of the Trump's supporters. I hope they win! Now’s the time to put your money where your lying mouth is! Bet you’ll be looking just as smug (not) as the insurrectionists traitors who have already been arrested when you're found guilty of peddling these lies. Lady Karma’s coming Sidney, she’s coming!!!

Now do you know those are “false” claims if they haven’t been investigated? Simple question. Answer it, no pettifogging. Why isn’t Rudy being sued too? 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Realy many clowns in USA!!! A campaign to block ads on Twitter has started. Wow, do you investigate anything? You just print a narrative.

You are complicit in the riots too by continuing to spread Trumps lies. You need disbarred! 👏👏👏👍 Awesome! we supply oximeter,thermometer,test kits,blood pressure monitor. Nice one... Giuliani from Hero to P.OS corrupt henchman 😏 The kracken has cracked.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 She’s gonna need her stimmie after this bill

They can kiss her ass and go back to Venezuela 🤣🤣🤣🤣News FLASH she ain’t got a damn dime🤣 Roadside Lawyer🤣 These peple are too stupid and brainwashed ! Whatever Dominion! Your machine was used in the Philippines to cheat the 2010 election in my country! NOW CHINA TOOK THE WEST PHILIPPINES SEA AND THEY’RE BUILDING A MILITAY BASE OVER THERE BECAUSE OF YOU!

Get that SHHHMOOONNEY There should be consequences. Those lies defamed a whole company. Dominion is crazy, it's used in South America to rigg and manipulate elections.There are many evidence, even in US presidential election. Dominion is just fighting to remain relevant, but I know that the democrats will remove them knowing how they used it! It may backfire on them

Why don’t they share info with American people. Aren’t we all we did see the process. Douches, this says everything now we will sue you for 1 billion dollars get out of here they admit the rig so defensive lol Include trump in the lawsuit. Good luck with that. Only a corrupt legal system will let you win over fraud.

Good move! I hope they win I don’t believe the allegations are false. The know how and they are going worldwide. Bye bye to freedom to choose anywhere the world Hope she is ready to take it in the as! Stop I can’t take any more awesome news today! Now time for her to pay .. Lock her up does not apply, so make her pay!

Trump isn’t the only one who can sue........good for you! Don’t forget Flynn & Powel Fight them all the way Donald our freedom depends on you! And the hits just keep on coming 🤣🤣🤣 Why not make it an even trillion! Defamation, hah! The truth hurts. They need to sue you for more and press criminal charges against you for helping to incite RIOTERS

I never believed Bitcoin and binary options trading is real until I was introduced to I started with $500 now am making $6000 every week investing in Bitcoin and binary is the best thing that has happened to me interested Send a direct message +1 (917) 725-4713 Send your legal bill to Trump. He has promised to pay it for all his enablers.

1.3 billion dollars is extreme overkill, but I am glad DominionVotingSystems is making her a point about defamation, deceptive practices and false information. sur Trump too!! Jail time Please tell us more about your deep and unbiased investigation into this that lets us be confident that your use of the word 'false' is accurate.

going to court will prove they cheated in the election CNN IS A DISGRACE to this country please move to China. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Drain the Swamp 'false claims' 🤣🤣🤣 Wonder what will come out in depositions and discovery. Dominion may be the one on defense. Lock her up Yes! Can all the companies that have been defamed by the Trump legal team please sue the pants off the lawyers? They better be able to take what they dish - $1.3 billion dollars worth.

I know you didn’t think Dominion was going to sit back and take that crap from her crazy self ... NOT!! She doesn't have $30. The new season of CourtTV is going to be sweet! Ridiculous. Dominion knows full well what they’re guilty of. But I’m not surprised that they’re suing. Gotta maintain that coverup.

Does this qualify as a thoughts and prayers moment ? You go Dominion! Sue her into oblivion!! Dominion sues - they win She employs their software They pay her $1.3 Billion As long as full audit of software, exposing code, backups & history log of exactly what happened ELECTION NIGHT. Going forward, elections r tallied, run & determined ELECTION NIGHT. Not next day, week or whenever. The states not in compliance will have votes after 8p not count.

がんばれパウエル Dominion has every right to sue that conspiracy liar Giuliani is complicit they are also guilty sue No CNN, not false allegations. You will see in a few weeks. Trumps people shouldn’t get away with false claims. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 What in the world were this lawyers thinking uttering blatant lies Finally maybe we’ll see the evidence but i bet dominion backs down.

I wish they didn't file this for publicity and intends to make Powell pay for her actions and follow through to the end with a judgment against her. The lawsuit should include TRUMP Inc.!! Send the bill to the guys on the background of this article pick...that's gonna hurt! How do they cone up with these figures? $1.3 BILLION!

JDVela10 Anyone else want to talk smack about Dominion? What’s that? Couldn’t hear you. They should go after Guiliani too. They should go after any and every one who propagated this disinformation. Freedom of speech doesn't mean you can lie and defame with impunity. Why do we keep seeing Rudy in all the wrong places.

And they should also sue RudyGiuliani for being dumb Good Wow the red commie news press is hard at it again spreading fake news. Consequences are getting real. Karma is moving at hyper-speed. Sorry Sydney,,,, Misinformation campain not working here.......... ........ THERE ARE 4 LIGHTS .......Jon luc Picard

Only way to prove our elections were safe is to prosecute her to the fullest. Hold accountable those making future claims they aren’t baseless propaganda. Donald, Marco, Ted and Rudy are next... Come on guys, cut her some slack. How could she have known that her actions would have consequences? The old saying applies, 'If you sue for a billion dollars in damages, sue a billionaire.'

How do we know they are false if the states never allowed forensic audits?