Tech, Twitter Bans President Trump's Account - Cnn

Tech, Twitter Bans President Trump's Account - Cnn

Twitter bans President Trump permanently

Twitter has suspended President Donald Trump from its platform, the company said Friday evening.

1/9/2021 2:32:00 AM

JUST IN: Twitter has permanently banned President Trump's account because of 'the risk of further incitement of violence'

Twitter has suspended President Donald Trump from its platform, the company said Friday evening.

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smerconish Every republican senator and house member that have encouraged and enabled Trump and now refuse to take any action must also be held accountable. They take an oath to our constitution NOT to a party or a person. Our constitution has been directly attacked. derelictionofduty smerconish There is no doubt that rules will be redefined but right now we are in the middle of a national emergency caused by a crazed pathological liar & to allow him to continue to incite more insurrection would be a kind of malpractice. Trump can speak live from WH at anytime.

smerconish It’s great! Conservatives are the new plantation owners crying that they lost their slaves. SOCIETY DOES NOT WANT YOUR BIGOTED IDEOLOGIES. Divorce them. smerconish fb and twitter banned many for similar or less the what trump did and u did not make a big deal about all those smerconish 🤡nn

Far too late. Trump has been using Twitter to expand his malignant agenda, poisoning the minds of many, achieving to divide our country beyond our differences in race or color. Even wearing masks became a divisive issue. The long-term damage is done. Twitter is responsible! Oh no 😲 Freedom of speech Should have been done a looooong time ago!!

GOOD JOB TWITTER The American ghetto President HAHAHAHAHA PERIODT DJ switch did exactly in Nigeria during endsars,she incited others and there was killings and destruction of properties as a result of her lie.but today CNN is celebrating her with interview. Try something different on this guy. The most ridiculous thing! How you can twist this all around and blame Trump for what happened. He never told them to break in the building that was their stupidity.

Best decision. It will take at least one generation to heal this... If the government was censoring like that people would be losing their minds. So it’s okay to silence people if you’re not part of the government. Has Twitter suspended Ivanka, Jared, Donald Junior, Eric,Tiffany and Melania, let’s add Giuliani too....all guilty and have nothing of value to say. Or all they all hiding in the bunker.

Patetics and anti democratics. A campaign to block ads on Twitter has started. I hope you not only suspend it but remove it completely. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Assholes! Not sure this is a wise move given that the primary cause of the breach was lax security YES..............4 YEARS TOO LATE..... This should have been done years ago

You just know Trump was losing his Covfefe last night! You just hate to see it. Tee hee. Im very happy They should have that long time ago. Death threats to a US president but still has Twitter!!! Hmmmm...🤔 OK, a little late. For a long time he has been allowed to incite violence, NOT BECAUSE OF BEING THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA, HE DOES HAVE AN OPEN LETTER TO DESTROY, the networks have a great responsibility to protect us, NO VIOLENCE, NO TERRORISM.

THE ONLY WAY THAT THE POPULATION FEELS SURE THAT THE LAW DEPENDS US FROM PEOPLE HOW TRUMP IS FOR THIS MAN TO BE REMOVED AND PAY FOR ALL HIS ACTS IN JAIL. A president must be an example in HUMAN VALUES. Thk u.. what kind of sitting president is banned from sns that means Twitter has already impeached Trump

🤣😂🤣😂 👏👏👏 Кому тогда из свободных граждан будет нужен Твиттер Release the emails of Michael Obama's wiener!!! Haha OurNatioNigeria wants you to know this,When next the Western World tells you about freedom of speech in saner climes, tell them 'in America, not even the President has it'. APCUKingdom OfficialAPCNg OfficialPDPNig NGRPresident PaulKagame realFFK FemAdesina MBuhari

This Man loves making & breaking records *1st Pres in the world to be banned by Tweeter & 3other SM *1st American Pres to be banned by Tweeter & 3other SM *1st American Pres to incite insurrection against democratic institutn *1st pathological lying Pres in America. Mention more Yes Danke Twitter!!! Unbedingt richtig,- jemandem das Wort zu entziehen,- der Gewalt verherrlicht und zu Gewalt anstachelt!! Es wäre gut,- wenn andere soziale Plattformen ähnlich agieren würden!!!

American Freedoms! ahahahaaaa! Yes!!! But exists regimes where actually send those messages and are not close?, for future It means that you have to put in jail someone only for consider that this person may commit crimes in the future, absurd They should be ASHAMED for having supported him so far 😂 wow good luck with that one

LOL! too little too late 😅 should have done this years ago... He can use TICTOC By doing so, twitter made it self now a target for the American patriots. Great!!!!! domestic! freedom of speech! At least now trump can sleep thru the night. Can he? About time !!!! so this is freedom of speech in america Wee they suck !

Sophie_Mokoena Thankfully I don't agree . If so I would like twitter to remove accounts of known criminals , kings, dictators , money launderers , russian , chinese leaders, Arab princes and every one who invited violence during the black life matter protests ...this is just a show CapitolRiots America Disappointing how the ones who claim to fight for democracy of others are breaking the very foundation of their constitution democracy Americans

Can't wait to see what happens in next episode Ok, how about the ayatollah... About time 👍👍👍👍👍 4 years too late damnit Like Trump, my neighbor's teenage son's account was also suspended.. because Twitter felt that his young son was talking too much nonsense. What am i going to read for entertainment now?

Abramjee Exactly what he deserves Twitter democracy , my way or no way... Peace at last, time to move forward, peacefully. It’s shameful why Biden mention Goebbels and Nazi party what the hell he’s talking about😱😱😱😂 he cannot even speak😱 now this is the leader of the free world🤮🤮🤮🤮 Like taking a pacifier out of a toddler’s mouth. It’s about time. Stunned though that he is still in office. Reflects the degree of corruption in the GOP.

Twitter sucks dick! Media silencing truth. Pay attention folks Who believes this news ? 🙄 Serves Him Right!!!! Trump will win almost for certain in 2024😂🤙 Endlich! So what Yay Now we no longer have a Twitter joke account to follow 😭😭😭 America's Shame The Scam of the Whitehouse Painful American lesson 🤣🤣the funniest thing all year👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

About time. this is a win for humanity! That's a shame. I thought the President of the USA would be permitted to voice his thoughts to the People. But I'm not a US Citizen and I'm not in America. SHOCKING.......😏 Thank You! Well, this is a first, ive never seen a citizen anywhere apart from USA blocking a president, president of a superpower country from using his platform n its cool, yes there is freedom of speech but gosh! Its like jack has a beef with the guy🤭

Now Twitter and Facebook have permanently banned President Donald Trump because of violence in insurrection that happened to our US Capitol in Washington DC.AuriaChrista about 5 years too late. but thnx. Awesome next best thing is people realizing you lying aboutEVERYTHING Smartest thing Twitter has ever done. Too bad it comes 4 years too late.

made in the usa mum kitty JCB/Blondie R.F.K.senator/Duke of Cadiz & Anjou Trebez sm brin son. macond onadl he sex changefo he eomd thise ofhe he polia o;rigram shd reched ahgit ti is ht8is of he che f medin thihd left me of 1 yrs esof lfei , veiy mcgunes si my dauher fliedot usa 😂😂 People should contact their federal representatives and insist Congress to impeach and remove Donald Trump from the platform he holds as President of the United States. ImpeachTrumpAgainNOW Congress

Nice to hear that.. POTUS GOP DNC senatemajldr SpeakerPelosi FOX MarkAmodeiNV2 VP Mr. Trump, why are you still there? Why haven't you resigned yet? Mr. Pence, please get cabinet and invoke 25th Amendment. History is watching. Now is your moment to show virtue. He's the most dangerous man for US

We are PresidentTrump About time! Too late 别啊,我们的建国同志 Sleeping pills don't last 12 days. Pleace give him some stronger one. There is a lesson in this.What US used to do to Presidents of other countries where it was dictatorship can do the same to their President if he also wants to become a Dictator this is real DEMOCRACY.I salute America and its adherence to its value of DEMOCRACY. TwitterBanTrump

Stupid That’s Twitters way of telling him once and for all to STFU!!! THANK GOD! Sure,I guess that's the best thing to do right now. this is censure. plain and simple. even orange buffoons have the right to speak freely. otherwise this is not a free country anymore. To understand the behavior of the democrats, twitter, Hillary, Pelosi, CNN & NYT over the past 4 yrs, watch 'Rise of the Nazis (TV mini series 2019)' SenateDems HouseDemocrats SenateGOP HouseGOP nytimes CNNPolitics TheDemocrats POTUS

Twitter right now be like Obviously, no one read the policies to be a member of this site.🤣🤣 If you are going to spout hate, then stop being ignorant and read the fine lines. Deep state conspiracy now the silicon valley billionaires are making decisions on who has a account and who won’t on social platforms , what does that tell you?people of usa wont be silenced there will be alternative platforms popping up will talk and express their views

Abramjee But genuine terrorists are ok. Once again taking away the freedom of speech Abramjee Hypocrisy exposed. In Nigeria, Twitter promote and made donations to those that incite and promote October 2020 EndSARS uprising that results to killing of many security officers and destruction of critical properties. Africans are the only ones to love and protect their land.

Where is America' s freedom? I'm glad they took him off of Twitter Facebook Instagram that guy is a narcissist he is no more than a terrorist himself YES BUT WHO CARES! READ THE FOLLOWING EXCERPTS FROM TRUMP: 'Silence me — and YOU, the 75,000,00 We have been negotiating...with other sites...while we also look at the possibilities of building out our own platform! We will not be SILENCED! STAY TUNED!”

Oh baby you’ve seen nothing yet 🕹🧨💥 Good! 👍🏿 1984. 1984. 1984. Censorship is outside democracy but he is far outside democracy too!! Shameful ... be careful if you are content with censorship... who knows when it will be your turn !! Abramjee Twitter hypocrisy exposed. , In Nigeria, Twitter verified and made donations to those that incite and promote the October 2020 uprising. What an Irony of Life.

Impeachment !!!! Good news thank you 😊 Twitter 👍 I see Jack finally woke up. 4 years too late! sahaL_AS rip He'll just make another one. Haha that monster 👹 should of had all yall on his ass from the start and none of this would of happen. Truly sad. 😥 5ppl dead lost their lives. The poor Capital police officer just doing his job. Sickening 🤬🤬

Can someone send the original screenshots of Trump’s initial inciting tweets? I know they have to exist somewhere, and I never saw the originals. It should remain that way until after the handover I look forward to never seeing one more post, broadcast, news reports, WH News unless it involves his arrest for the many crimes that he got away with, GOP Senate cover ups and fake Impeachment 'Trial' Circus.

Trump hasn’t called for any of this violence! Everyone seems to forget how Kamla incited violence by offering to bail out liberal rioters ?!? This is bull shit Twitter! I’m done with you. Love Good! Shld have done this a long time ago. Still, good job, Twitter OH BARF! CNN is so full of pollution . Do it to his whole fucking family. They are all crooks..

Thank you Twitter Cowards. Softest generation ever! Grow balls and get a life Perfect! I wonder what took them this long. Fuck twitter SOFTTTT Crazy! 18 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer d...

Might have removed him from Twitter but Don Jr found a way for BIG DADDY DONALD to get to his followers .... Super smart big tech bosses with Aspergers and Chinese are taking over. Trumpers walked into the trap. Oh well. Philippine Time 10:45am , Saturday / US Time 10:45pm Friday . Donald Trump should never have any social media accounts to spread his poison.

For all of you talking about freedom of speech, give your heads a shake. This is a business platform. They can shut anyone down at anytime if people don’t abide by their corporate rules. It’s not the constitution, it’s social media. Cnn and Twitter should be banned and boycotted What ever happened to hunter's laptop

YES! Thank you for allowing the TRUTH to be heard so bluntly. They need to hear it in the same manner that they spew their nonsense. BRAVO CNN! Took forever but hey, its better than nothing, Twitter will be a much better place without him spreading hate on here. Too little too late smh Too little too late he had already fucked with it and almost destroyed over 200years of history.

rupagulab I hope they will implement the same standards for India. Good job! Bout time they shut him down It will happen us... Freedom of speech I'm not amused of what's going on in the USA. The world is Watching. But everyone is the same in the Democracy today. Now maybe Twitter should be silenced permanently too.

Where is the freedom? Good for you Twitter Twitter Now us media looks like ussr All Twitter Facebook turns into a judge to determine and ban harmful speeches. When they ban chna falsely propaganda of Uyghurs? shame andersoncooper ChrisCuomo CNNPolitics How about revoking the broadcast licence for FOX and other sleazy radio and TV media channels? All those who have been responsible for sedition and propagating poisonous lies for a long-time must be buried. BuryTrumplicans

About time! Inaguration day Wednesday, January 20, 2021 NO TWEETING what so ever for 48 hours Spread the word!!! BFree Supportfreespech realDonaldTrump But he twitted from POTUS account CNN will have zero information to pass across when Trump is gone. It’s obvious all they talk about is Trump!!! Democrats partnership with CNN is great 😂. This headline is crazy 😂.

Pour fuel over fire to put out wildfire, it will surely work well Unsuitable decision by Jack Dorsey: on what pretext do you block the accounts of Republican representatives as well as that of President Trump ? There were no wrongdoing in their twitts ... This is called media dictatorship !!! Unacceptable and scandalous.

ProfOzev What do I do now when I can follow Trump... I guess I will find another comedian Está censura ao Presidente Trump é inaceitável. WRONG! Fake news.. some bad hombres Trump may have said some stupid shit, He did not incite or make anyone do anything. Twitter, you’re re-fucking-diculous. You banned the most prominent person in this planet over politics playing your little game. To limit risk of inciting more violence, that’s insane!

Twitter is a moronic platform that won't be around for much longer. Looks like Apple and Facebook will go the same way. Great, we need a shakeup just like the news media has been shaken up with that terrible CNN all but disappearing. Who the HELL is twitter to silence a person's right to speak? Are we infants who need Twitter to shield us from opinion? Or statements? This is outrageous. Agree disagree...LET US DECIDE.

Trump is now on Parker since Twitter shut him down. This according to Fox news 5 years + too late . In addition , Twitter you have let yourselves down also.... as much as I depise him, he contributed to the popularity of your social media platform and as soon as he no longer had power to control you, you removed him. Hypocritical.

When you are a president of a most powerful country but act like thug who abuses the social media platform to incite violence, no surprise that yr account is suspended permanently. I hope soon accounts of corrupt leaders in my country would also be suspended. Now he’s a risk? Make it make sense. Should have done it 4 years ago. The damage to US has been DONE.

It could not happen to a nicer guy. What will poor Donald do with all of his free time , without tweeting?. Took you long enough Cnn do you ever have a guest who might be just a little objective ? Just keep piling up 💩 Twitter TwitterSafety ♥️♥️♥️ I think I've fallen in love with twitter finally 🤣 TwitterBanTrump twitterstepsup finallytwitter ByeDon ByeByeTrump ByeFelicia

Please start talking on air about how it’s the Republicans obligation to vote for impeachment to show respect for the Capital police officer’s life that was brutally taken, they owe him an impression for protecting them. They need to DO THE RIGHT THING!! Twitter says he is circumventing the ban by using the POTUS account!!!

Over due! It is about time. Only took a siege on our seat of government, and 5 deaths to do it. That is not counting all the ramifications from all his lies that lead to the death, and destruction of so many more Americans. Very big mistake and wrong. The more you suspend or silence the person the more you incite violence. The person has 75million followers. Meaning your pissing off those people who love and adore that person.

Time to ban CNN. Erasing him like MEN IN BLACK‼️😎 🤣🤣🤣👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 McClain_on_NFL GOD will punish those that betrayed our brothers & sisters 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 WHAAAAAAA.....?!!! PERMANENTLY?!!!! That probably won't shut him up. Thank you Twitter That is the best news I've heard in 4 yrs! THANK YOU TWITTER !!!!

Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok have banned him. Your turn Parler and Reddit Smug Thank thing I've read today!!!! 'freedom speech' saw something yesterday suggesting he has an account on parler, which is where all RW nuts seem to go. may be fake but I don't have the software to double check. Oh NOW you do it.

What took so long?!!!!! I Love Trump Joe Biden cheated How stupid... if we’re Trump supporters, we’ll always be Trump supporters. We love Trump 💜💜💜 Twitter FLOTUS GOP He will just make a new account I’m sure. This wont end well for all media companies... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 When Twitter displays more courage and conviction than the US congress!!

He is not my president Probably not the best strategy for the long term... but hey we play for the cheap applauds I never believed Bitcoin and binary options trading is real until I was introduced to I started with $500 now am making $6000 every week investing in Bitcoin and binary is the best thing that has happened to me interested Send a direct message +1 (917) 725-4713

And media should prescreen any videos he puts out..if even a bit of lie..we dont want to see or hear it! TrumpTreason TwitterDump andthewholeworldsings ImpeachandRemove Good idea because we really cannot trust Trump's words at all. FINALLY ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ Fantastic news here you have a wallpaper The beat way to rebuke Trump is to strip him of the title President of the United States of America

4 years to late This is part of the coup. Don’t you see it? Whats going on here, President Trump is taken off Twitter? Ditatur Chine beginn. Help GOOD SHIT JACK Good shit Twitter !!! Oh please like he did before 😡 Infringing on his rights way to go Twitter just another💩show from social media. Whatever benefits the Dems is all any of you outlets care about

Like he won’t create another one. Sick!!! I don't agree with trying to muzzle his right to free speech. By allowing him to rant & rave is the best way to keep him in check. Let him keep being a blowhard. Mussolini said, 'the best way to pluck a chicken is one feather at a time. Trump takes a hatchet to the chicken.

Good job now in his final hours he’s going to declass the dems into oblivion. He May ask his friend if he can use their Twitter account or create a fake one Twitter and Facebook both bankroll and support antifa. Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg need to be put in Jeffrey Epsteins jail cell. Maybe they will disappear and finally meet their maker.

We send our condolences to the lose of life at our Nations Capital. They won’t lower the flag at the White House. Because they have no honor. Secret Service really? You have lost a law enforcement brother in arms. Lower the flag. Or take down old glory and run up the white flag! Dude likes to eat Why him 😞

Thank you so much Twitter About time!!! Best news in a long time! TrumpBanned Thank you Twitter! Bay wags!! 74 Mill could care less about twitter. Four years too late. Just think of the tantrum he must be throwing It is about time !!! He should of never been reinstated. Look what he does as soon as he is reinstated.

Fabulous Great Job How soon before he takes over jr's? 🤣🖕 thank 🙏 God...our prayers have been heard 👂 twitter for that SICK MAN Vankie, the coke head, and dumb as rocks next What a fucking joke. So twitter has also banned all the Iranian, Iraqi, Chinese, Russian leaders, officials, and religious leaders who constantly spout hate and encourage violence as well? Or is it just Trump?

Twitter pitiful conduct. Where is freedom of expression? Great precedent the free speech media is setting... don’t like what someone says? Boom. Censored. Finally kindly bann ImranKhanPTI pm of Pakistan as well 😂 Broke the rules Well what about that ! 😇😄 🎉🎉🎉 ANTIFA and BLM can post all kinds of bullshit, yet Twitter decides to ban the account of the greatest President this country has ever seen

Yayyyy FINALLY HAPPY DANCE TIME!!! Good Very good news Lock him up along with IvankaTrump jaredkushner DonaldJTrumpJr EricTrump MELANIATRUMP! They are all co-conspirators in an attempted coup of the USA! The left sure as hell won the culture war! Good Riddance! It's the silenced majority 🤣 Good.