DC's Dan DiDio Out as Co-Publisher

The industry veteran had served in the role since 2010.


Dan DiDio, who served as publisher of DC alongside Jim Lee since 2010, is no longer with company

The industry veteran had served in the role since 2010.

DiDio had served as publisher of DC alongside Jim Lee since 2010, following a six-year stint as VP executive editor, and, prior to that, VP editorial.As publisher, DiDio was one of the main figures behind DC’s 2011 line-wide relaunch “The New 52,” which saw the company provide a contemporary make-over to its entire superhero back catalog. Initially a sales success, both sales and buzz faded to the point where 2016’s subsequent line-wide relaunch, under the banner “DC Universe Rebirth,” restored many elements dropped in the reboot.

. It’s unclear at this point if plans for this relaunch will be delayed or cancelled in the wake of this news.

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DC IS BACK What happen to him Now DCComics please fire TomKingTK , abandon 5G, adopt Marvel time and STOP the constant reboots and continuity stories I won't miss him. He damaged so many characters, alienating so many modern fans, esp from 90s. He also damaged CassandraCain, StephanieBrown, BarbaraGordon, Batgirl, Oracle, WallyWest, Nightwing, DickGreyson, among countless others. Bye Felicia!

MasalaNoodles hope this makes your day better. 😃 YES! I dropped so many comics after they got ruined under his direction. Here's hoping I can start collecting them again Nice Somewhere, Wally, Dick, and Roy are all breathing a huge sigh of relief. Their torture may finally be at an end.

Here are all the DC Comics projects in development for HBO MaxHBO Max is scheduled to debut in May 2020, and will square off against Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, and Hulu in the streaming wars.

Whaaaaooo THANK GOD! now get rid of Bendis. How about some attention for robertliefeld, who right now is loving this news all while the Kickstarter he was paid for, almost seven years late, remains unfulfilled. If the comics industry wants to bury those that hurt it the most, start with viruses like Liefeld.

CapedJoel SalSaysWhat Comicstorian can we get a video on this please. Really interested on your insights on present and future for DC direction/ new editorial Thank you sweet comic book Jesus! Thank fuck for that!! DrPopCultureBG To celebrate, DC should just scrap the Generations and the other stuff Bendis and his cronies have cooked up, because everyone knows they are just going to flop, and flop hard.

This means DC and Marvel will definitely be doing crossovers

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Yes!!! This is wonderful news I misread his last name as Dildo 5 years too late! ByeDidio So 5G cancelled and Jon Kent can become the kid we all love again? 😭❤ I haven't really liked any comics after new 52 DanielRPK So....... is Batman still gonna be Bruce Wayne after the next crisis?

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I hesitate to celebrate because whoever replaces Dan DiDio might be even worse. But I sure as hell was not a fan of his decisions. I was especially frustrated by the obvious grudge against Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown. SalSaysWhat FIIIINALLY!!!! He created the horribly planned New 52 (Which did help get me into comics, but still), Ruined the amazing streak of Rebirth, and in general just seems to hate real character growth and good stories. Hopefully DC can finally get it together for good this time...

SalSaysWhat SalSaysWhat Truly a sad day for DC and comics in general. Didn't always agree with his decisions, but the man bled for DC and we got some truly amazing, once in a generation comics under his reign. I'm terrified we'll get some corporate suit as his replacement. Hope WallyWest will be okay ;)

good riddance

DC Unveils 'Strange Adventures' TrailerAhead of next month’s debut of 'Strange Adventures,' DC has released a trailer to tease the latest incarnation of space hero Adam Strange and the troubled world he now finds himself in TomKingTK Let me guess: Its about a super hero that appears tough and strong and perfect on the outside, but is broken and troubled on the inside. Mix it up a bit Tom King... MWKronenberg Can’t wait!

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