Dayton Gunman Was Very Familiar With The Mass Shooting Site And Visited The Night Before - Cnn

Dayton Gunman Was Very Familiar With The Mass Shooting Site And Visited The Night Before - Cnn

Dayton gunman was very familiar with the mass shooting site and visited the night before

The man who opened fire at a busy nightlife neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio, last weekend was very familiar with the area and had even visited the night before, police said Tuesday.


A new timeline of the Dayton shooting reveals the gunman knew his sister and friend were in the area before opening fire, but police are divided over whether he intentionally killed his sister

The man who opened fire at a busy nightlife neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio, last weekend was very familiar with the area and had even visited the night before, police said Tuesday.

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And a registered democrat and SenSanders SenWarren supporter... I feel that a mass shooters and accomplices are on a suicide mission. How do you detour that kind of thinking. MassShooting A mentally sick person intent on killing people would care least of his sister. I’m sorry, but did he intentionally kill the other individuals or was that a mistake ? Come on son!

My Lord, we must at the very least have background checks. When you get a driver's license or a passport you have background checks. Why can't we know where some of the guns are. Shooters don't care about age, race, ethnic background, or party. We all bleed red. Uhhh signs point to he deliberately killed his sister

I understand that the sibling was transgendered, but I’m confused whether they were male-to-female or female-to-make. What is the appropriate pronoun? Brother... It isn't that hard to give him the respect as not only a victim of a brutal murder, but as person. He was a trans man and lived life as that. Have the decency to respect that.

He rode there with him. It was his sister and her boyfriend. Y’all play too many manipulative word games. You mean his brother. For god's sake use his preferred pronouns/gender. He was likely marginalized and disrespected when he was alive. Please respect him in death. CNN is just a JOKE it's no longer a news source. When CNN does stories about GAY penguins you may as well just watch Infowars. Omg! CNN Sucks. CNN. Fake News!!

John Legend surprises victims' families in Dayton, Ohio after mass shooting - CNN Video'It was just kind of the light at the end of a really hard week here.' Tailor Curtis attended the johnlegend pop-up concert in Dayton, OH, describing meeting the music icon as a 'very special moment' and adding 'he was very genuine, he was very nice.' johnlegend John Legend is a corn ball. johnlegend johnlegend John Legend is a good man!speaks the TRUTH!

DO NOT SHOW HIS FACE! DO NOT SAY HIS NAME! *brother So the cops are divided over whether he wanted to brutally murder 20, that two more makes his crime worse? Why not say half the cops are racist and the other half are cowards. Is she dead, okay there’s your answer The way people freely use guns recently is becoming so disgusting.

If you took his gun away and handed him a knife instead how many do you think he would have the balls to kill? Maybe the killer called his sister and said I'll go get the car wait on the street corner then he would know where she was at. Koray avcı The bottom line is-nine dead in 32 seconds-No civilian needs a weapon that can do that-

John Legend comforts Dayton survivors, slams NRA and preaches gun reform at news conference in Ohio'We see the images of grieving families. We meet them. We feel like there's nothing that we can do,' said Legend. 'But giving up is really not an option. We have to be able to live without the fear Uncle Tom exploiting racial & violent fears. This imbecile forgets the high, daily crime rate by his own culture, not race. Time to slam down the bigotry, crush the poverty and crime by a few sluggards, and end the myth about police brutality. Assimilate-or perish by own hand. The NRA is awful Michael Jackson Prince And Aretha Franklin never pushed any political views on their fans So regardless of your political views you were able to enjoy their music So called entertainers today can learn a lot from them

When you point and shoot it usually means you're not trying to kill someone? Where’s Fredo? Why is much of the media still calling the Dayton gunman’s trans brother his “sister”? Are they divided by political views or facts? He killed his sister for dating a black man I mean, they could leave it up to prosecutors, like they should.

Brother* At the very least, he was willing to traumatize her knowing she was so close to his attack zone. At the very worst, he knew even if she lived, her life would have been ruined as the sister of a mass shooter. Elizabeth Warren supporter, that guy? *brother

Friend of Dayton shooter charged with buying body armor, gun accessories used in deadly attackEthan Kollie is alleged to have purchased items that Connor Betts used in the mass shooting last week that left nine people dead. So what crime are they charging him with? Pretty BS charges and not worthy of a separate press conference since it had nothing to do with the actual shooting. Might as well have press conferences for the thousands of times people 'forget' that they have a gun when going through airport security. Any reporting by nbc of Dayton shooters motivations?

antifa sympathizer. You extensively covered the political thoughts of the el Paso shooter. Why wont you discuss the far left politics in this case? brother* Brother* You don't unintentionally kill your sister... Firing as man rounds as he did in as short a period of time as he did... it's obvious that he was shooting indiscriminately.

Friend Bought Body Armor and Ammunition for Dayton Gunman, Authorities SayA friend of the Dayton gunman told investigators that he bought the body armor and ammunition the gunman used in the attack, the authorities said Monday. There was no evidence that he intentionally helped in the planning of the attack, authorities added. S h Why you refuse to mention the Dayton terrorist was a Leftist Antifa Bernie Sanders supporter? FakeNews Bias 'What do you even need this for?' 'Uh... hunting?' 'Dude you're legally blind though!' 'Uh... second amendment... rights...uh...' '... you make a very compelling case, friend! Here you go: have fun expressing your second amendment rights!'

John Legend visits Dayton to 'bring comfort to' survivors week after mass shooting'I love how everyone rallies around one another during their time of grief. But our nation should not keep putting ourselves through these preventable traumas.' “Preventable” And yet, US voters choose to keep the gop as a majority.... Right? Whats sad is the reality: we come together only in time of tragedy and grief. In between we ignore each other, beat and rob, etc. But thats life...

Federal prosecutors: Dayton shooter’s friend bought body armor, magazine roundFederal prosecutors have charged a 24-year-old Ohio man, Ethan Kollie, with lying on the federal ATF form when he bought a handgun in May. He's charged with falsely denying that he used illegal drugs. NBC News’ Pete Williams reports on the charge as well as other information from court documents. We are fuct because all over the country young men buy sell and trade guns as a hobby, as a currency. Unless they were duped at purchase the guns don't drop in value and often go up. They can unload their inventory if they need cash or buy more when they have extra

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