Entertainment, Todd And Julie Chrisley İndicted On Tax Evasion Charges - Cnn

Entertainment, Todd And Julie Chrisley İndicted On Tax Evasion Charges - Cnn

Reality TV stars Todd and Julie Chrisley indicted on tax evasion charges

Todd and Julie Chrisley, stars of USA Network's 'Chrisley Knows Best,' have been indicted by a grand jury on tax evasion and other charges


Todd and Julie Chrisley, stars of USA Network's 'Chrisley Knows Best,' have been indicted by a grand jury on tax evasion and other charges

Reality TV stars Todd and Julie Chrisley were indicted on Tuesday by a grand jury on tax evasion charges by the Northern District of Georgia.

The 12-count indictment, obtained by CNN, also alleges the Chrisleys committed bank fraud and wire fraud conspiracy, among other offenses.The married couple are stars of the USA Network reality series"Chrisley Knows Best," which follows their family's over-the-top lifestyle and activities. Before the indictment was issued, Todd Chrisley took to Instagram to deny the claims, implying the charges are based on evidence presented to investigators by a disgruntled former employee. View this post on Instagram Thank you all for your love and support. Our family will forever be grateful ❤️ God bless you all!

A post shared by Todd Chrisley (@toddchrisley) on Aug 12, 2019 at 2:11pm PDT

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I love the Chrisley family hang in their and stay on TV. Can't say that I am surprised. Happy to hear they are being held accountable. wwefan2u I always liked that show and thought they were decent people, I guess time will tell There has to be some kind of misunderstanding. BREAKING NEWS Todd Chrisley indicted on improperly occupying closet for way too long

Shocking but who really gives a fuck Good. Jail time. Free Kashmir goodbyegirljen It would appear that Chrisley did not know best. 😎 Guess he doesn’t really know best...

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Todd will be a huge hit in prison... Do anything for clout Why isn’t revalsharpton been indicted ? Two tier justice system POTUS WH You don't say.. Rich people screwing the system and failing! Love it! Rich does not equal smart. Remember that people. Fake tv to go with fake news Don't watch any of it. It's for sheep

He will do well in prison. Love you guys I'm praying for you and your family cuz you make me feel happy when I watch your family on TV. Love you Busted!!!! And yet realDonaldTrump walks around free. welldoneamerica

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They not gonna do a lick of jail time Damn ya mean there won’t be a podcast this week They do exist Ladies and Gentlemen: Mr. Mark Blankfield in Jekyll and Hyde, Together Again (1982) Oops — ROFLMAO They look like the types. viewers I think we showed the wrong story 😂 Rob Estes sittin here like bagladyG Tyler Henry didnt see that coming. 😅😅

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Brainy Quotes: When you go to jail, there's so much simple stuff missing. You just want some good toilet paper or a real toothbrush, a real blanket and a real bed to lay in. You know you're big when you sit in the bathtub and the water in the toilet rises. When is IRS going to Indict Donald J Trump. Well he hired the IRS Commissioner to protect him. I sincerely hope that when the other party comes to power they will investigate the IRS commissioner, Attorney General and their boss.

Chrisley has a history of $ troubles. Seems he might have some more... If they’ve been set up, as he claims, I hope he is vindicated. If he’s using a former employee as the fall guy, it WILL come out eventually. This is gonna be interesting. This news doesn't surprise me. geisha59 I love the Chrisleys! Taxes?! Come on! Who do you think you are, Blade

Used to see this show on commercials for something random I watched and I never knew who he was but he seemed to be pretty wealthy.

Saudi-led coalition targets separatists in Yemen - Reuters TVA Saudi-led coalition attacked UAE-backed southern separatists on Sunday, fracturing the alliance that had been focused on battling the Iran-aligned Houthi movement. TV 'Seperatists' in Yemen? Do you sickos even find Yemen on a map? TV So they’ve moved from a Saudi-Yemen conflict to Civil War? Is someone making money off this and has to keep it going? TV Separatists deserve their country

They pretty much look like the real life versions of these dudes HA HA LMAO A big surprise Thank god they're legal american citizens. clearly they don’t know best! The episode where he goes to federal prison should have extremely good ratings Remember Wesley Snipers! Hmmm,makes you wonder just how many other 'celebs' we see on TV every day are guilty of the same thing? Hmmm, politicians too for that matter.

Freaks! groovatron2000 Lmao, lock all of them up, including Naggy!

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When congressional law makers don't pay their taxes how can you charge citizens for not paying their taxes? Law makers need to clean there own houses first! hypocrisyOfTheLeft They look like Ken and Barbie, and not in a natural way either.......... God damn they look annoying... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Musta went to DT Rump College CRIMINALFINANCE DEGREE

His greatest crime is pretending to be straight! ROTFL 😞 I hope things work out for them. Is this guy really married to a woman? This is an open invitation for you to become part of the world's biggest conglomerate and reach the peak of your career. As we begin this year's recruitment programme and our annual feast of harvest is almost at hand. For more information contact us on Whattsapp +1 203-293-2571

Wax Mannequins 🤣🤣 Oh oh

2020 Democrats demand action on guns - Reuters TVDemocratic presidential contenders urged Congress on Saturday to take action to curb gun violence in the wake of mass shootings last weekend in Texas and Ohio that left 31 dead. TV Leftists TV What about the guns That's already out . There are so many on the street that u won't be able to get TV It was nice to see Kamala break out her pandering voice again. 🤣

Shocking!!! New season 'Chrisley Avoids Best' coming soon Praying for your family and hoping it’s not what it seems. My wife and I like the show. His mom is the funniest part. Small fries 👍🏿 What about the king of tax evasion Trump Fake News and Fake Families. Trump 2020 At least they make crime look fashionable....

MartySarahPod I’m reporting this to you before nathanbeebsNWR does! There is no part of me that is shocked about this. These people creep me out. They're gonna love him in federal prison! DontDropTheSoap

I’ve seen this show and was wondering, is this marriage for real? Cuz he’s a little Was this a spin off from Jim and Tammy Faye Baker ? Indictments are based on evidence not just hear say . LOL, I hope they go down hard. I cant stand that closet queen and his fake wife, they are sickening. I saw about 15 min of one episode and said nope, and changed the channel to never watch them again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lock em up! Lock em up! Ellen Degeneres and Melissa Mccarthy are not doing that well lately huh Strange dude Oh Really. Criminals(irs)accusing someone of being a criminal.... What!!!! Actually nothing surprises me anymore 😐 Don't fight it toddchrisley just go to jail and enjoy all that man on man action. Jesus can't see what you do behind bars.

😮! Good. Can’t believe People even watch that Garbage. hernandezbarbie I don’t even know who these people are but I’m guessing (& this is based purely on looks) that they are both whiny, fake a-holes. I try not to judge based in appearances but holy fucknuggets, sometimes its right there in front of ya.

I liked them. I hope it isn’t true. Remember innocent until proven guilty. The show screams tax-evasion anyway Throw away the key! Wow. There’s a whole world of reality tv I am ignorant of.

I couldn’t be less surprised from what I’ve seen of this show in passing lol I never got what that show was about. Living down the street from them is paaaaaainful. They typify all that is wrong with this country. There plenty of those Walking around at the WH. YES YES YES SO MUCH THIS!!!!!!! Wow. One of the few instances where rich people who committed tax evasion actually get busted and charged. Now if only tax evading companies and for-profit preachers would get the same treatment.

Of course they were

Oh well you don't pay you go to jail and he always tried to tell people he knows best well that's a lie Above the law This is definitely the best news all day! Sick of these entitled people getting tv shows for doing what? And why do people watch this garbage? Thoughts and prayers! Makes sense, that is a creepy show.

Big surprise? Is this a prerequisite for being in a reality show Tee-her Mister8984 !!!! Did he know best if he didn't pay his taxes? ChrisleyKnowsBest I don't think so Pay

Guilty So, what you’re saying is the IRS knows best? I guess Chrisley does know best I mean....wtf?!? Of course they are!🤦🏼‍♂️ God I hope this is enough to get this moronic show off the air once and for good! Sad!I love their show or I DID love it. IamStacyJ ebruce_almighty USA_Network are you going to stop the series? The Psych boys want to know.

Trump U grads? I read all the comments and I have concluded that NOBODY CARES! I guess he didn’t know best. Didn’t something like this happen to them before - or bankruptcy?! Guess she didnt know best huh? Rich people don’t like paying taxes. A fact! They will do well in prison. 😁 They won’t do well in prison.

lleuer8 I have never heard of these people in my life.

No way.... KMJNOW D’oh! KMJNOW What about Al Sharpton? Oh my God. Of course they have. Lol Jim and Tammy Faye? Hahahhaha! TV show family is over🤣🤣🤣 Not them!! Perhaps everyone in this country making over $10 million should be audited, see what percentage has committed tax crimes

So sad! I hate to hear this... Ruh roh! I don’t believe this...... Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids. bAsh10_09 noooooooo undomiiell doesn’t your dad watch this Seize everything and use it to fund schools on the south side of town. I pay my taxes so you should pay yours

'Breaking news' Wow Well, you are innocent until proven guilty. He says he has a ton of evidence to prove his innocence, so maybe we should wait to see how this plays out in court before we make any judgments. Wow Surprising ! Lol Sounds like Chrisley doesn’t really know what’s best Now get them off of USA Network

When will reality tv couples figure out that if you wish to lie, cheat or steal, you should probably keep a low profile. The Chrisleys can all the Housewives from BravoTV to get a referral for a good lawyer (tip: Except theresaGiudice lawyers she got prison time) chrisleys

JRAMTHAGOAT24 Not a fan of the show, but what ever happened with innocent until proven guilty? What type of scumbag do you have to be to wish bad things on someone like in these comments? And why because they are white family? If you dont like them then at least wait to see if they are guilty. More phony Christians. The worst kind of American!!!

Allie34848392 Can't wait to read their prison commissary reviews. Is he married to her? Because he is gay, right? Super But.. but.. he’s quoting scripture so they couldn’t possibly have done anything wrong...😳 Seriously pathetic, / increase punishment for this blatant behavior let me gather my shocked face!

Chrisley apparently doesn’t know taxes Shocking. 🤨 Those teeth must have been dang expensive. I think they burned out my retinas. Should have gotten legal advice from crooked trump and his tax attorney 😒 Noooooo not Todd Only watch usa for wwe She looks like a Disney villain. More Modern Family reruns Duh Shocker.

This is more interesting. Noooooo way We don't care. Should make for a good episode 🤣🤣🤣 When will it be revalsharpton turn? He won’t mind dropping the soap. These are real people? I thought he was NickSwardson this whole time... Probably not quite as smiley now. Pay up! With the way things are going these days, this kind of stuff is just becoming the usual with celebrities.

Figures. He's always spending obscene amounts of money but doesn't seem to work. Luckily a sitting president can't be indicted. 😢 Does this mean the show will finally be off the air?!?! The show will be no longer known as “Chrisley Knows Best”. It will be now known as “Chrisley Knows Anal”. How about Donald Tru..... you know what 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

Look at those big smiles. This pic must’ve been taken before they were indicted Bless their hearts Stars? Really? They look so creepy 👀. Who watches this garbage anyway? Not suprised southern Trump supporting c suckers

Who? I don’t understand it. When you’re wealthy you can afford to pay your taxes. Oh so shocking 🙄 And yet they show off their mansion and cars...momma got loot too Ruh Roh! maybe this will finally get these grifters off the air Get Harvey Spectre to defend you. Never heard of them...

The new Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker he is very flamboyant

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