Corporation-free zone: Progressives press Biden to lock out big business

A coalition of groups on the left are planning to flood the transition with tweets, emails and calls.

11/22/2020 8:01:00 PM

Progressives are ramping up their public pressure on President-elect Biden to appoint progressives to key jobs in his incoming administration and keep out corporate executives, lobbyists and consultants.

A coalition of groups on the left are planning to flood the transition with tweets, emails and calls.

naming and shaming"some of the most concerning corporate insiders trying to get into the Biden administration," which includes former Obama administration officials and Biden allies who have worked as lobbyists in the past or espoused policies they view as anathema to the modern Democratic Party.

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Thepetition effort, meanwhile, is led by Daily Kos, the blog that helped raise millions for Democratic candidates in the Trump era, along with the think tank Data for Progress, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and about a dozen other groups."We have spent the last four years watching the Trump administration repeatedly put the interests of big businesses and corporate lobbyists over the well-being of everyday people, causing untold suffering — especially during the COVID-19 pandemic," said Daily Kos communications director Carolyn Fiddler."That's why it is imperative that the Biden administration appoint a Cabinet that puts the American people's interests over corporate agendas."

In 2008, the progressive movement largely demobilized after helping Barack Obama get elected. In the interest of party unity, they mostlyas he passed over their suggestions for his Cabinet and hired some others they found unacceptable, a move many on the left came to later regret.

And they see executive branch personnel choices as critical to their policy agenda."Even if Democrats take back the Senate narrowly, executive-branch powers will be one of Biden's most powerful ways of tangibly improving Americans' lives," said Jeff Hauser, the founder of the Revolving Door Project."He cannot defer to corporate America if he hopes to do that."

At a press conference outside the Democratic National Committee Thursday, progressive lawmakers said activists would have allies on the inside in confronting the new president."We have worked with the Biden administration to secure a $2 trillion climate plan," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., told a group young climate activists with the Sunrise Movement,"but we're not going to stop there."

“We’re going to organize and demand that this administration — which I believe is decent and kind and honorable — keep their promise,” she continued."Keeps its promise to young people. Keeps its promise to the movement for black lives. Keeps its promise to working-class people across the United States."

Standing by a sign that read"Biden: Be brave," the lawmakers included the four members of the"The Squad," bolstered by"reinforcements" including Reps.-elect Cori Bush, D-Mo., Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., and Mondaire Jones, D-N.Y. All three of the incoming lawmakers are young and black.

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The group also included 74-year-old Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., who has become an unexpected favorite of the young left after defeating a member of the Kennedy family in a primary challenge this year with a stridently progressive message."Young people rose up and young people voted in unprecedentedly high numbers and their number one issue was the climate crisis," Markey said."We're just here to say that we want and we ask Joe Biden to be brave, to be big, to be bold."

They’re calling for Biden to create a new high-level position in the White House akin to a national security adviser to coordinate the government’s response to climate change and transition to a greener economy. Read more: NBC News »

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bidenaintblack BidenCrimeFamilly Corporate free zone? That's too funny. Corporate America spent tons on Uncle Joe along with wall street,the big banks,pharma and billionaires. Taxpayers will be the ones footing the bill for all those donations. Joe is a swamp creature and knows how to play the game.

Never give in👊, never give up.👍 Thank you Sidney Powell Defending The Republic and President Trump. The US government belongs to the people, and cheating is equivalent to subverting the state power and is a crime! Watchdogsniffer As they should, but when he doesn’t are they going to act like a bunch of crybabies and sit out midterms?

Who is calling those morons as progressives. Socialism already showed own ugly face, Only idiots can believe in failed ideology. What administration lol They’re talking about the same Joe “Big Guy” Biden that’s been in the swamp for almost 5 decades, right? 🤣🤣 good luck For the first time in history, all the swing states Trump was winning in a historic landslide STOPPED COUNTING VOTES! Then, in the middle of the night - they magically found millions of 100% Biden votes. No way in hell 75 million patriots are ever going to accept this bullshit!

REMINDER: Ropes that were found on or around Jesse Smollett and Bubba Wallace.. received more FBI and media scrutiny.. than a national election.. with unexplained voter turnout. Lol. In fighting. Love it Nah, he'll just send his son Hunter to meet with them. How's that laptop investigation going btw? Yes.

Good luck since his last administration was all corporate executives, lobbyists and consultants The Earth's disaster is a sign of the future chaos. JESUS is coming. We must return to repentance and holiness. SundayGrandWord People in government, not money machines. In many ways Joe is business as usual. The difference between he and others is he'll listen to whats being said to him, while they will tune you out. Having an intelligent conversation with the rittenhouse mentality is a waste of time.

Never let Sin to REIGN over you. 죄가 당신을 지배하게 하지 마십시오. ------------회개와거룩함사역회 SundayGrandWord I hope that Alcatraz will re-open with a life sentence for political thugs, especially pedophiles. Corporations did not pay all that money for nothing.... Come on man... Progressive policies lost in the primary election. They may have a voice on their good ideas, but shouldn’t think that they can demand Biden to do as they say.

Too late! Keep out Joe’s masters of billionaire globalists and Wall Street whom spent billions dollars for joe Biden election for nothing? you are too simple too naive THe progressives running were NOT chosen as the nominee.