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WSJ News Exclusive | NYC Dead Stay in Freezer Trucks Set Up During Spring Covid-19 Surge

About 650 bodies are still in storage at a disaster morgue set up on the Brooklyn waterfront during the spring Covid-19 surge.

11/22/2020 8:15:00 PM

The bodies of hundreds of people who died in New York City during the Covid-19 surge in the spring are still in storage in freezer trucks on the Brooklyn waterfront

About 650 bodies are still in storage at a disaster morgue set up on the Brooklyn waterfront during the spring Covid-19 surge.

Nov. 22, 2020 8:00 am ETThe bodies of hundreds of people who died in New York City during the Covid-19 surge in the spring are still in storage in freezer trucks on the Brooklyn waterfront.Many of the bodies are of people whose families can’t be located or can’t afford a proper burial, according to the city’s Office of Chief Medical Examiner. About 650 bodies are being stored in the trucks at a disaster morgue that was set up in April on the 39th Street Pier in Sunset Park.

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😓 Maybe the should have read the Governor’s book More CUOMO-19 Epidemic victims. siro914 LifetimeUSCN Oh America I cry for thee. What have we become? Take care of one another The bodies should apply for CA unemployment; the Golden State has issued millions recurring payments to tens of thousands of recipients, including “Poopy Pants” and the infamous Scott Peterson.

Khalsa_Aid RaviSinghKA SriSri can something be done to help arrange for a proper burial for these folks? Thank andy Cuomo So sad Great job gov Como.... Was this mentioned in your award OMFG.... HEXXX760 Cuomo got an Emmy for this mess? This doesn't make sense. It would be like giving the NobelPeacePrize to Obama. Lol...Wait, that did happen. 😬 Guess these awards are being given out like candy now.

Maybe the Governor should figure out where he can bury these poor people. With his Pandemic Emmy and all!!! This is democracy. Nice I wonder if Cuomo will bring this up if he wins that Emmy Where are the celebrities, politicians, marcorubio Christians on this issue? Put your money to work! Hey, Maga people, when was the last time the flu forced cities to bring in refrigerated trucks to hold the dead? When was the last time they had to set up temporary hospitals for people who had the flu?

So sad. Also, having been in trucking my whole career, and I know this is pointless- but those are trailers. Not trucks. Sorry all, it bothers my OCD. BillGates melindagates PERFECT OP for you guys to step in and give these ppl DIGNITY. PLEASE CONSIDER. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Disgusting. This is so heart-breaking That is awful. The state should pay to bury these people. WSJ, proud of your newspaper? This is the President and Republican Party you so wholeheartedly supported! How many had to die before you woke up to this incompetent administration? Disgusting! Thanks to Cuomo If you can have small gatherings, bury them. Sorry everyone can't come but.. hello!

DBChirpy Charge Donald J. Trump. None had to die on his watch. He should be charged in a World Court for Genocide! ap Reuters onlineathens gpbmacon SavannahNow AUG_Chronicle FOX5Atlanta GAFollowers Great city & state ny This is happening in the USA Take them to Cuomo's house. He should pay for their burial.

Amazing. And Biden will come in and solve this on his first day. OMG REST IN PEACE WearAMask Fake AF Did this make your book, NYGovCuomo ? theAliciaTyler this is what we were telling you. CuomoEmmy I do not want to pay to read the article. Why arent the remains going Hart Island (Potters Field)? When next of kin are located, the remains can be disinterred/moved.

Have trump sorry ass dig the graves since he is the main issue with all the deaths in this country HighTechAztec Don't fall for this bullshit narrative people. This story was only brought out now to scare people due to Thanksgiving. Live your lives. This story is just a statement of something from the spring. This isn't new information.

Fear born bullshit. Covid is the flu. Wake up How can you take death people from homes but not know if they have family? Or people in hospitals? Were there no emergency phonenumbers? Are all this people without ANY human contact Wouldnt a friend ask in the hospital? This sounds weird Cuomo and De Blasio are acting like they are the only ones doing things right and completely ignore this.

满地无主的手机啊,真难过 Believe, and OBEY the fear merchants! i don’t know what procedure is for covid but i know if this was the plague they would of burned those bodies Give him another peace prize Relief/NeuroRx's RLF-100 results in 72% survival of COVID-19 patients under EAP All patients had severe comorbidities (such as organ transplant, recent heart attack, and cancer) that rendered them ineligible for the ongoing Phase 2b/3 trial for COVID-19.

Folks on here pretending they wouldn't want to know if their family member was deceased & someone just sent you some ashes of them is astonishing. Some family members relocate and contact info changes, calm down. This is respectful to not burn these bodies until contact is made. How heavy is that Emmy statue?

Man. if this isn’t how zombies start. 😳 TheView ChrisCuomo NicolleDWallace I feel like the local and state governments deserve an Emmy award✨✨for best acting and false claims. Are those part of the thousands that Cuomo sent back to Nursing Homes while he patted himself on the back on how well he did? Florida didn’t do that! Now a book, Emmy while saying don’t get together with your loved ones while he says he is spending Thanksgiving with his mom & fam

What a show StefannieHall What Give Cuomo an Emmy theQueenieShow NYGovCuomo for once do what’s right bury these bodies I bet they all somehow managed to vote for Biden. De Blasio and Cuomo did a heck of a job on New York. Biggest mass murderers in US history. “Hundreds of bodies”....OMG!!! That’s SO sad! Actually not sad and not really a big deal. This isn’t really as bad as the media portrays it to be. Life is good.

Where is the compassion and integrity? Are they there because: no one claimed the body; or no one can afford to pay for burial or cremation? Or because they were donated to science for study or extraction? .cnn Why not do a go fund me account for this CNN and MSNBC should help raise funds to get these Americans a proper burial COVID19

I understand some next of kin can't be located, but could ppl donate to give them a proper burial? Or cremation? It just feels wrong that someone (let alone 650+) can't receive the last bit of decency they deserve That’s not creepy at all I mean didn’t New York’s governer write a book on his leadership during covid and received a Emmy for it whole time 650 bodies have been in a freezer trucks for six months .. Demorats always trying to make themselves look good

drkatraphael My God 😔 Stop with the BS lies. Those are freezer trucks that were used and ready for people who died, in the spring, for Covid-19. But hey it’s the News. The news doesn’t lie. 🙄🙄 Where would they be 100 years ago? 200 years ago? 1000 years ago? 10,000 years ago. Put it in perspective.

Awwwwww God....... The next wave's already on us!!! Awwwwww God....... Next wave's already on us!!! We should all be very embarrassed as to what we've created and allowed in America. Where is our humanity? TimeForAChange Very sad Rest In Peace to these people Shame on New York for not giving these people a decent burial.

Now that's really sad. Sad for these people that the US government failed them and let them die without trying to protect them. Might be time to fund another cemetery for the nameless A picture showing top of truck in yard is hardly proof they are full of bodies.... MORE FAKE NEWS & PROPAGANDA SCARE MONGERING!! Only smell is that of billshit!! 💩💩💩

Well what do you know? Even pfizer chief science officer questions the second wave. This is just shameful. We're the richest city in America and we treat our dead citizens like forgotten trash. Bury the bodies DeBlasio. Damn. Imagine I was there or you? That's why I can't stop saying Earth Tea save me from COVID19 and it can save you too..

I'm guessing mostly senior citizens? Considering the media refuses to speak the truth. Truth is 45% of all covid deaths occurred at nursing homes and long term care facilities. Majority of that number occurred in the Northeast Corridor. PA, NJ, NY of importance here (continue) This is what happens when the federal government lays down its proverbial arms and surrenders to the virus. No federal aid to help states and families deal with burial and other things. Our president realDonaldTrump has checked out.

Yet, NYGovCuomo got a book deal AND an Emmy for actions related to his handling of the COVID19 pandemic...benshapiro cnnbrk maddow FoxNews TuckerCarlson TheEmmys nypost Sad 😢 How about that Emmy and book deal, tho? We could use Spider-Man... Paint Joker faces on them and dump them on the White House lawn !!

Praying for all the families. Stay safe everyone 🙏🏽 Another Emmy for the great Governor BULLSHIT Fake news This is really bad news. I'm so happy. It's better to die. I hope Biden and trump can also be diagnosed dead. The whole country is dead. I don't want to live any more. There is no measure. Can this country be able to? I really dare not go home. I still have my grandmother

Talk about hell freezing over🤦‍♀️please somebody give the OK for a mass cremation! Free these souls! Set up a memorial!⚱⚱⚱⚰⚰⚰ isgoodrum And Trump is reasonable for every one. ask yourself why a media company would want to sew so much fear and division between the masses. they're paid to deliver a narrative. the people are waking the fuck up.

Totally unbelievable really Terrible this happen in the USA totally unacceptable behavior . Again,NY. Last time Giuliani forced sick people in elderly people’s homes and reports of patients put in respirators that killed them. What now? 1000 black children are aborted daily.. isgoodrum NYGovCuomo seriously the state should be providing assistance! This is terrible.. you should be ashamed of yourself as a Governor allowing this disrespect.

This is horrible... Heartbreaking. New York State should pay for the funerals and put them to rest so families can move on. Lies Tell that to the EMMY WINNING GOVENOR The article said 250 of the deceased have no family contacts. So what about the other 400 why are they still unclaimed⁉️ Why can't they just be buried at Hart's⁉️ Why would you create a mass grave only to exhume them again later⁉️ Also are those Maytag or Kenmoore freezers⁉️

Omg WHY? Is journalism dead . . . . You know that 'Not place in hell' saying? I hope it's true. That’s is a disgrace 😓🙏🏼😓 Why has t NYGovCuomo and BilldeBlasio done something about this? Covid19 freezerTrucks It goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway. W. T. F. God Knows Your Name❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Thanks Obama Why haven’t they been taken to Hart Island? Just wow. I call bullshit. This is so wrong! Trump should have paid for some of them. He's the one that ignored the virus for months. They always have bodies there 😢 Thank you NYGovCuomo Potters Field And Cuomo won that award smh I guess when you mayor and governors are complete fuck-ups, shit like this happen.

The hospitals killed them all. They were healthy. Wasn’t Covid. They’re injecting large doses of potassium so the hospitals get WHO funds from pandemic insurance. 然后有一天停电了。。。 650个冤死的僵尸打开卡车门,开启了美国的resident evil... 脑补一下画面 NYGovCuomo care to address? NYGovCuomo what are you doing you FUCK? Can’t afford to bury them how sad and the government decides to leave them in freezers for months. America can’t afford to bury their own people

While Deblasio and Cuomo take bows!!!!! Call these ppl out, hard!!! All these bodies being stored smh...zombie apocalypse anyone? If I was rich, I'd give them a burial. This is so sad. People won't give up a meal for one day while these people don't even have a final resting place. Why? Then bury them in fucking potters field. Why is this so hard

Wow really why. He has no idea!! He is a joke and a hypocrite It doesn’t matter. USA has democracy and freedom. New York is the best city.iingwen Victims of poor leadership. Such a shame that their bodies lay in freezer trucks while the person who made the decisions that led to their demise is on stage accepting a Emmy award. Can’t get any more ridiculous than that.

Ewww that's GROSS at least gimme the warriors funeral Cremated !!!! BetoCrypto Oh my lord! This is terrible!😭 This is horrific. and the emmy goes to Cuomo You can tell who’s not from New York in these replies - everyone in New York thinks the governor and mayor are idiots. That is disgusting Make realDonaldTrump MilionMagaMarch pay for a proper burial since Trump and his administration killed them... COVID19 coronavirus

They’ll be home for Christmas Good job NY This is Trump's legacy. Never Forget. And who gets an Emmy? meanwhile trump golfing 🏌🏼‍♂️ Why? 😢😢😢😢😡 trumpcovid is this America This is news why? How great America is ? You have no money so you have no right even to be buried properly after death. System Must change

I feel like sending them my condolences anytime I may pass by that site in a car or train. Send Cuomo the bill Those people had families. Gov. Cuomo: can he spring for some coffins and a burial site dedicated to COVID19 unclaimed people. Give them a nice headstone: MR X........ Victim of 2020 Pandemic Died mo/day/yr

Prove it then This is fucking horrible. Democraps registered them to vote Good thing they still all got to vote for Biden. Thank you governor...all the folks you purportedly care about you have neglected to even name. 😂 The Trump virus has definitely taken its toll. History taught us nothing. New York Sucks Dick

😔😔😔 Ask your owner to chip in. This is ridiculous & sad, they should at least be cremated & the remains held somewhere if someone claims them. Just gruesome. 😞 😖 The COVIDiots should go to the trucks and try to tell them it’s “just a flu” So I know chicken stays good in the freezer for up to 6 months.......

elonmusk BillGates or any one out in the world that can help with this Can't they be cremated and tagged? Only in n.y. this is happening! I guess we found a cure for cancer, the flu,leukemia,etc.,but yet all listed as covid!🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Jesus Lol ya ok Why haven't they all been cremated for health and safety reasons? That should outweigh all other things

Yeah but at least they got to vote! Oh and interesting you’re just now hearing about it since spring six months really wonder how much fake news this is iPad not one of them died of COVID-19 they probably died and that’s where they store them you know you can’t even believe any news on Covid today because the flight so damn much

This is a lie to fear monger. They have to provide some kind of proof. They just write what they want and expect you to believe it. I don't..WSJ is not a credible source of information. 🤭 Spring 2020? Someone must be missing there friend or family member by now If it’s about money they obviously don’t care

Really? Do your job as journalists and investigate what’s really going on. Bodies? Whose bodies? How did they really die? We all know it wasn’t from corona. That’s what you get for having Cuomo in charge... Wtf is wrong with this country This is heartbreaking. And Cuomo is getting an Emmy. Give me a break.

Typical stupid NY Mayor, store the bodies for months rather then cremate for $6500 and be done with it. But media says he increased burial compensation oh how generous 👎 ⓘ 𝗢𝗳𝗳𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹 𝘀𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗰𝗲𝘀 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗶𝘀 𝗳𝗮𝗹𝘀𝗲 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗺𝗶𝘀𝗹𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 I can’t............... This is absolutely horrible!

Tragic. Heartbreaking Bullshit lies Jesus. How much is needed to properly bury someone? damn, this is still fucked up😔😔. NYGovCuomo Omg use emergency funds to bury or cremate for the families that can't afford it. Please do not let this continue. If more can be done to locate family of others please do that too.

This is tragic. We have to do better. Texas too. How are we so I’ll prepared? Thanks Donald 😭😱 Cuomo and Deblasio should pay out of their pockets for the funerals for these lost souls. They need to be held responsible. Let me guess, these are the people that nominated Cuomo for an Emmy? They still had to vote!!

That’s screwed up. Wow this is so sad that is like Germany 1939 all over no one care for the dead and their bodies Unbelievable How sad. In New York city alone, on an average day, about 160 people die. Just in the city. Every 24 hours. The bodies pile up there regularly. There are 67,000 people per square mile in Manhattan alone.

Fake. Heres why.👉Last year they showed video throwing bodies on top of each other into trucks. Then said they cremated them without family seeing them.Had that really happened people's families and uncontrollable outrage would have occurred.Yet not one mention of public outrage. The governor in charge of this state just won an award for his handling of Covid by the way. Also how’s the city mayor doing? Lol jokes

FakeNews Absolutely morbid and sad. This is America? And yet, still crowds of Covidiots all over the country claiming it's overblown. What a sht shw. Cant afford to live , cant afford to die. America the beautiful is very brok3n. This is something out of a horror movie. Welcome to New York. DonaldJTrumpJr ....ENOUGH BODIES FOR YA JR!!!!

🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😢😢😢😢 So sad . The poor families. Everyone needs a decent burial .God Bless the victims So they are dead Omg pianotinkler Madness This is one of those times when I wish I were rich, because I would bury all these people and give them a nice grave marker. This is so sad. Nu Yawk always on some major league boolshxt!

pattirod55 A nightmare I guess this leadership oversight wasn’t taken into consideration for that Emmy award. No way is the NYT trying to link these deaths to Covid? Now Trumps is gone, journos (lol) are getting desperate. That’s what dead bodies do in a major city during a global pandemic. How sad my prayers that these victims get a proper burial even cremation is good at this point. Hopefully their families can be notified. May their souls rest in peace. 💖🙏🏼 🇺🇸

And cuomo won an Emmy NYGovCuomo are you kidding ? OMG. Seriously? That must have been fun during the summer. Time to mass grave these poor people. Anything is better than sitting, rotting above ground. What’s the point of this article ? Can’t afford burial imagine that. Why does it cost a small fortune to bury someone anyhow?

Bullshit propaganda. There is no good reason to be storing bodies for that amount of time except to be used for propaganda. Those families are waiting for closure!! DO THE RIGHT THING NEW YORK! 🤬 m_brennan_edit Omg no. What? Wouldn’t it be cheaper for New York to bury these people rather than keep the trucks running? Also give people some closure?

This is America, the Country of Freedom and Love. Rly, Murica dissapoints the World so many times in such a short time... could you just once do something good and bury them? Thx. Two words: Steam Furnaces We can generate electricity with this wonderful asset. ChinaVirus COVID19 why havent they been cremated

They had to vote. In a city of 14 million you wanna scary me with few hundred of homeless dead bodies? Same situation in New Orleans after Katrina. It’s very sad. Aren’t those NYGovCuomo ‘s bodies? Maybe the protesters can burn them they seem to like fire Man that's morbid ... Wonder if they voted🤷🏻‍♂️ Dear Lord let this never happen to me or anyone I know 🙏🏾

Charge Donald Trump for the funerals!!! His negligence & lack of response, ignoring the pending disaster for 3 months should PAY! Financially & criminally! No fucking shit!!! Prove it... Hopefully now through the work of journalism to bring attention to issues we, as a people, would miss otherwise, these people's bodies will be properly disposed of.

And the culprit recieves an emmy......... clearly gonna just stop paying my life insurance if I'm gonna end up here like this Sorry to hear about this. RIP. R there enough generators if there's power outage? Can thy b cremated and at sea? Less expensive than burial...? Better than being in storage trucks :(

😷 So heartbreaking 💔🙏🏾🕊 Is it possible a lot of these people are not legal US citizens therefore no one has claimed them? Freezer, you say? Something is strange in the neighborhood. This is not a pleasant thought. Their poor family members! This is so heartbreaking Can a fund be set up w the city so ppl can donate to help families bury their loved ones and bury individuals who are not claimed?

Unbelievable !! Blame deBlasio cuomo NewYorkCity newyork so the governor has an answer for everything else. how about paying the extra to have the bodies cremated vs storing and paying for that and allowing closure. Does anyone use a brain in his administration? This has answers and no one can make an emergency decision?

Maybe Donald Trump, the self professed millionaire who ignored the pandemic should pay for them to be properly buried. The people, as in human beings, as in mothers, fathers, sons and daughters!!! Using the word bodies is just, so dehumanising to me 😓 Omg! Maybe Cuomo can acknowledge them in his Emmy acceptance speech for best supporting Covid governor. Killed 10s of thousands with his decisions

Fact Check During Sandy my friend’s uncle was hospitalized. Phones were down, house flooded, no power. Two days after they went, they were told he died. No phone call. Luckily he was still in the morgue. When they can’t find next of kin, you are John Doe deceased. Jesus Christ Lord have mercy.😢 Wait so it’s homeless people?

Absolute Rubbish! BoulderLeah20 Thanks, Cuomo Lie Don't forget andrewcuomo won an Emmy. But he got a EMMY This is sad and disgusting man! but by all means give that man an emmy lol They were using Hart Island. That was rough. How is this better? In some cases is this what happens if they reach someone and that person says “I want to claim the body.” But they never do because they don’t have $.

How do you sleep NYGovCuomo They need to move the freezer trucks and trailers to the White House or to Mar a Lago to get Trump*s attention and empathy. why are new yorkers acting like its over? never gonna learn Yeah, but guess who won an Emmy? Won't royalties from Cuomo's book sales cover this? Will NYGovCuomo every take responsibility for putting sick people in nursing home? Probably not.

This is America ? Cuomo wasn't briefed on this issue? How surprising.. Thought he said he had everything in control NYGovCuomo The state can find the money. They need to bury these people. Let’s stay on them!!! Out of a budget of 177 billion, FIND 4m dollars to bury your citizens! ny COVID19 nationalguard Cuomo

I wouldn’t go to a steakhouse anytime soon. How does NYC not have a city-owned crematorium like LA? Cremate the bodies, and deliver the ashes to next of kin. Then bury the unclaimed ashes. LA does this every year, and holds a ceremony. But let's all get together for Thanksgiving dinner. this is sad. Cuomo writing another book on his success?

Are they going to Hart Island?😞😞 WHY?!! These poor people, and their families as well BS !! Blame the great mayor and governor Didn't the families claim their loved ones? Is this 'really true'? Is there more too this story? Like are these people homeless, or just no family members? Incredible! 😞 Wait, what?

Trumps fault? And the Emmy goes to.......... Why? If we globly announce that everyone inhale eucalyptus vapours, in their homes for only 7 days.We can control COVID-19 disease because the covid is basically starts from respiratory system and if we control on it from the start of its spread in all over the body we save lives.

Mmm the wonderful fruits of a city ran by democr🐀ts . Did Cuomo have a chapter in his book about this? More good news please((( Well the grand opening is in 60 days I heard there will be huge lines miles long They should at least be cremated... Time to give Cuomo another award Soylent is people OMG! Deblasio and Cuomo are to blame. Must go.

I like to see evidence because it smells like bullshit That’s reprehensible. Another example of the absolute incompetence of the City Mayor and State Governor. Two dopes. NYCMayor this was what u wanted when u rejected Hart Island ? Don't worry they all got to stretch their legs on November 3rd. I'm sure.

You -Eat junk -Watch news -Watch porn -Live in debt -Don't exercise -Play video games -Smoke&Drink regularly -Have a single source income -Spend time with negative people And then you wonder why your life isn't changing? Follow me to change your life And Cuomo is getting an award? the best way to not get sick is to not wear a mask or put swabs into your nose... no test... no flu-shot... no vaccine... no needles... believe it or not... fighting sickness by injecting it into healthy bodies... is stupid beyond belief... don't do any of it... stay healthy(:~:)

What?! Another Emmy award for the commie Cuomo. What the actual F? Jesus Christ NY is incompetent Part of the Green New Deal? FREDO sr is a loser and is responsible for thousands of deaths. Hey another reason to give Cuomo an Emmy...