Coronavirus pandemic

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4/30/2021 2:01:00 PM

Virus Update: • India's COVID-19 human crisis spirals with record new cases; • As virus engulfs India, diaspora watches with despair; • Brazil backs away from the virus brink, but remains at risk.

News from The Associated Press, the definitive source for independent journalism from every corner of the globe.

April 29, 2021 GMTAbout a third of Mexicans show exposure to coronavirus Read more: The Associated Press »

Retired circus elephants get new home with plenty of room to roam

After years of entertaining fans under the big top -- and a few years in retirement -- in Central Florida, a herd of former circus elephants is settling into their new home at a wildlife refuge.

Dajjal is about 6 feet 1 or 2 inches, and has curly hair with black tanned skin. Muhammad Qasim has seen Dajjal will have unimaginable magical powers and will claim to be God. And only those with special mercy of Allah will be safe from him. Learn more at When BoJo can't even recall who INITIALLY paid for No. 10 flat renovations, it's not surprising we don't have the full range of Traffic Light risk management figures even though it's claimed Lock-down exit is data rather than date driven: red is 20+/100K population. Amber/green?

Those poor people

Coronavirus updates: Latest Covid-19 vaccine and world newsAs the coronavirus pandemic devastates India, the government has announced it will draft final year medical students to help tackle a shortage of medical staff, CNN's ClarissaWard reports. Graphic Warning: Some images may be disturbing. clarissaward 🇮🇳I pray God come through for y'all in India🙏🏽 clarissaward India makes 80% of the world's pharmaceuticals! They make AstraZeneca!They can't protect their residents but can make nuclear weapons?This is a morally-corrupt Gov't led by a 'war' criminal, narendramodi! clarissaward This is heartbreaking. Made me cry. This did not need to happen. The Indian government needs to get off their ass and help their people.

Coronavirus update: India's worsening crisis and latest world news”We are in a critical period,” says WHO Covid-19 technical lead on how the world has seen more coronavirus cases reported in the last two weeks than during the entire first six months of the pandemic. more and more RACIST ATTACKS ON ASIAN WOMEN! DIDN’T REPORT SHIT. 2 WOMEN ATTACKED WITH A HAMMER IN NYC 2 WOMEN STABBED IN SF 2 WOMEN ATTACKED WITH A BRICK IN BALTIMORE IF THOSE ATTACKERS WERE WHITE… WOULD HAVE COVERED IT… THE TRUTH MATTERS Anti-Vaxers are going to help us get to “Herd Immunity” by contracting Covid19 and developing Anti-bodies or diene. Either way they will help us get there. If they die, it will also rais the intelligence of “The Gene Pool”. Just saw the new day ratings are you still on the air CNN fake news media.

May 5, 2021 coronavirus newsThe coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. Meanwhile, vaccinations have already started in some countries as cases continue to rise. Follow here for the latest. Maybe it’s hurt! But I like your smile 😏👌 Bad cute boy!?😉😂😂😂😂😂😂 OMG! More FEAR! Shocker. CNN is a joke. Wake up from the MSM trance media people. If it wasn't for them you would be living normal happy lives. the flights and ships from India must be prohibited from entering South Africa that's the only solution.

Fox News Host Slams False News Stories Pushed On His Own Network“These stories are false, but the right-wing echo chamber starts going crazy because you can go after a Democrat,' said Juan Williams. When you can’t win on ideas as a party. You lie. Repeat the lie. Laugh when you get called on it and repeat the lie again Juan Williams has the patience of Job. Thank you Mr. Williams - you did good work with your statement. Maybe I’ll give the News one more day...

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