World, Coronavirus Update: India's Worsening Crisis And Latest World News

World, Coronavirus Update: India's Worsening Crisis And Latest World News

Coronavirus update: India's worsening crisis and latest world news

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. Meanwhile, vaccinations have already started in some countries as cases continue to rise. Follow here for the latest.

5/5/2021 3:07:00 PM

”We are in a critical period,” says WHO Covid-19 technical lead on how the world has seen more coronavirus cases reported in the last two weeks than during the entire first six months of the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. Meanwhile, vaccinations have already started in some countries as cases continue to rise. Follow here for the latest.

From CNN Health’s Naomi ThomasMaria van Kerkhove, the World Health Organization's technical lead on the coronavirus pandemic, is pictured during an interview in Geneva, Switzerland, on October 13, 2020. Richard Juilliart/AFP/Getty ImagesMaria van Kerkhove, the World Health Organization’s technical lead for Covid-19, said that while it’s hard to say whether the state of the pandemic has improved, the world has a shot at controlling Covid-19 if it uses all the tools as available.

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“We can do this,” she said. “We just have to collectively come together from the political level all the way to the individual level to do that.”Speaking on CNN’s New Day onWednesday, van Kerkhove said:We really are in a critical period. It’s hard to say, you know, if we’ve improved or not. In some parts of the world we’ve really improved, some countries have shown us that they can control Covid, they can control the spread, they can keep transmission low, they can keep vulnerable populations safe. And in other part of the world, the virus is spreading rapidly.

Van Kerkhove said that while there are virus hotspots in all WHO regions, there have also been positive signs in all of them.She said that there are several reasons for the increased transmission in some parts of the world, including virus variants, an uneven and unequitable global rollout of vaccines and a lot of fatigue, with governments wanting to open societies.

She said that 17 months into a pandemic, having the"highest number of cases reported each week is not the situation that we need to be in.""But we do need to learn where we can, we need to course correct where we can and we need to have the hope that with all the tools, the public health tools plus the vaccines, we really have a shot at controlling Covid,” she said.

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Thousands join Budapest Pride march against anti-LGBTQ law

Thousands of Hungarians joined the annual Budapest Pride march on Saturday to support LGBTQ people and protest against a law that limits teaching about homosexuality and transgender issues in schools.

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Beyond India, a growing number of Asian countries are engulfed by fresh coronavirus wavesAs India's coronavirus catastrophe worsens, new waves of infections are fast engulfing a growing number of nations across South and Southeast Asia -- with some grappling with their worst outbreaks since the pandemic began. Still you get the doubters and deniers on here spouting the usual rubbish. Just have a word with yourselves and have a little empathy and sympathy with those in India and the rest of Asia who are feeling the full force of covid and what it can do. You just can't deny this. This virus will never go away. It's so horrific, so tragic! Every rich country must help India to overcome this tragedy!

India coronavirus death toll passes 250,000, variant spreadsMany experts believe the official numbers of people dying in India, which has one of the world's most poorly funded health care systems, are an underestimate. 'Even three to four times would be an underestimate.' What is happening in Mauritania is considered one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world according to United Nations. One out of ten children die from starvation. Will you sit back and watch? Or will you do something?

Coronavirus Strain Found in India Is a ‘Variant of Concern,’ WHO SaysA coronavirus variant first identified in India will be classified as a “variant of concern” by the World Health Organization, which said preliminary studies showed it may be more transmissive than some other variants Put that on my gravestone, “variant of concern!” As in, “Here lies Yukon Hiker, he was a variant of Concern!” Why is WSJ afraid of calling coronavirus as Chinese virus or wuhan virus.? They can easily name a variant on India but can't name the originating country? And these cartoons call themselves true journalists. 🤣

Nepal could be the next India -- except worseLast weekend, 44% of Nepal's Covid tests came back positive, according to government figures quoted by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), as it warned of an impending crisis. Sure don't see the communists lining up to help. It will be the US, like always 🙄 This just breaks my heart. India now Nepal. These are good people who need help desperately. The world's leaders must rush aid to them immediately. Our purpose on this earth is to take care of each other. I will keep saying it. We are our brother's keeper. Prove it's true!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

India 1-mth dlr forward premium at highest in two decades on large dlr flowsNear-term forward premiums in India surged on Tuesday with the one-month dollar/rupee premium trading at its highest level in more than two decades as massive dollar inflows towards an initial public offering skewed prices.

IPL Cricket Tournament Halted as COVID-19 Wreaks Havoc in IndiaThe high profile Indian Premier League has been indefinitely suspended after players and officials from several teams tested positive for COVID-19. The tournament is the world’s richest crick… Sad