Coronavirus economic updates: 3.2 million people filed for unemployment

Pandemic, U.S. Department Of Labor, Stock Market

The health crisis has increasingly become an economic one.

Pandemic, U.S. Department Of Labor


BREAKING: A record 3,283,000 people filed for unemployment claims in week ending March 21, according to U.S. Department of Labor data.

The health crisis has increasingly become an economic one.

By March 26, 2020, 12:34 PM 2 min read News headlines today: Mar. 25, 2020 Catch up on the developing stories making headlines. The coronavirus pandemic has quickly evolved from a health crisis to a financial one, shuttering businesses, upending entire industries and sending financial markets reeling. Here's the latest news on how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting the economy. For more on financial resources available during the pandemic, click Read more: ABC News

Winning MAGAvirus style I'm sure it's probably upwards of 10 million. We have alot of 1099 workers and part time service industry workers accounted for. 💔💔💔😥 I'm tested positive for unemployment. And this doesn't include all of us unable to file because of website glitches and backed up phones! I've been waiting a week for technical support to respond as you can't get through phones. Every state needs more workers & IT support. The states can't handle the volume!

Happy now? I’m sure Georgie S had a martini I don’t know why this is so surprising we literally did it on purpose Breaking News: HATES AMERICA. [They] are partisan propaganda hacks for the radical globalists. The ToxicMedia continues to push PanicPropaganda Don't watch ABC news. The stock market was coming down Coronavirus or not. It was a matter of time, because nothing but debt and stock buybacks fueled its rise & inflated assets. Now instead of blaming Wall Street people can blame the virus.

The motive behind the Coronavirus... This is what they don’t want you to hear. • *THEY KEEP DELETING THIS VIDEO* *SHARE, Everyone STAYWOKE DontBeFooled ThisWasInTheirPlan and if skilled nursing doesn’t start talking $$ that labor force will be applying for unemployment soon too...

Honduran government delivers food to 3.2 million people amid coronavirus lockdownArmed Honduran soldiers began delivering food to some 3.2 million people on lock...

Wait until next week, and the following weeks! I hope everyone is prepared for trump to deny these figures. He will blame everyone but himself and won’t take responsibility for it like a good leader would. Thank you, media and Democrats, for your breathless panic and fearmongering just to 'own Trump' bc 'orange man bad'

Majority are laid off till this thing passes. Most will be able to have they're job back. Alot wont take they're job back once they realize how well unemployment pays.... PA construction could reduce that number if Governor Wolf declared water and sewer construction to be essential. After repeated requests, no changes!

Democrats cheer. Well we are in a pandemic ... WuhanCoronaVirus ICEINTERN But our goofy looking treasury secretary doesn’t seem to think it’s that big of a deal. Ha ha ha. He is so pathetic just like his boss realDonaldTrump It Is Obvious why Unemployment went up you have got to be A Retard not understand that . Full Dining Restaurants/Bars/Gatherings of more than ten people are not allowed Etc. So Companies that have lots of employees cannot be working together

1 million Californians have filed for unemployment due to coronavirus pandemic, governor says'We just passed the one million mark, in terms of the number of claims, just since March 13,' Governor Newsom said Wednesday. Shut it down! Isis Wow open them borders😂

ChineseVirus19 ChineseVirus19 ChineseVirus19 ChineseVirus19 ChineseVirus19 ChineseVirus19 ChineseVirus19 ChineseVirus19 ChineseVirus19 That number isn’t accurate that’s the people that can get on the site many can’t it crashes gtconway3d And Dems are still holding back money to those who NEED IT NOW!! Because they want money for every GREEN initiative and liberal arts museum , and giving all illegals immunity.....🤦‍♂️I was a leaning Dem. Not anymore!!

Renowned epidemiologist Neil Ferguson suggested we would have to continue to shut down for as many as 18 months to avoid a million + deaths now predicts 20,000+- (less than the flu) & expects the country to be able to flatten the curve within 2-3 weeks. Thanks china WHO!! Yeah and the bankster thieves of the elite showed you what they thought of it didnt they?

How is this breaking news when we already know everyone is stuck at home! The only place of business that seems to be safe of this epic caution of health risks would be mail package services, grocery stores or utility stores with a limit of people to come inside, transport services and food businesses with methods Or in the airport and waste management

Lmfao Lazy niggas. Duh

How to file for unemployment during the coronavirus pandemicNBC senior business correspondent Stephanie Ruhle shares information about how to file for unemployment if you lost your job during the coronavirus outbreak. How degrading, you know you're screwed when you have to file for unemployment. It's one of the most embarrassing things you can do. It takes away your pride, confidence, hope, self worth, happiness, dignity, everything.

Donald finally has his crowds of millions of people lining up and now he's denying that it's because of him! I dropped an egg. It broke. Is that news? Governors thru out the country force businesses to close. And it’s news that people are out of work ? Meanwhile the mainstream media.... Happy now? Haven't seen democrats so happy in 8 years

And then in this Bill, Diplomatic Programs $324,000,000. How about cutting back on that? Trumps economy added almost 7,000,000 jobs. We are still ahead of the game Dosen't shock me we are shut down No surprise is it? Somehow Marshall law got enacted

More Than 3 Million in U.S. Filed for Unemployment Last Week: Live UpdatesBreaking News: More than 3 million U.S. workers filed unemployment claims last week, a record high, revealing the staggering extent of the coronavirus’s economic toll Thank you, Chinese Communist Party. 🤯 Trump likes to brag about numbers being the highest under his watch, here’s a new number 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment, highest ever. Trump will only play the blame game. Guessing he will start with China!! Put them to work making masks and PPE for our doctors and nurses. realDonaldTrump IngrahamAngle MASKSHORTAGE

What did you expect after sensationalizing an illness, causing panic and hysteria, and then having the media blurt it out like it is something new and unusual!! Somebody should be held responsible for this BS .. this is crazy!! No doubt this pleases you. All your constant attacks on realDonaldTrump proves that. Good news is, he never loses & this is temporary. We will prevail & he will serve 4 more years.

SoMuchWinning GOP be like: Look at these 3 million slackers Democrats will blame it on Our President!! Remember it's the China virus! Now the fake news media is making extra effort to bash Trump over the unemployment issues The fake news media said nothing about the millions of new jobs that Trump bought back to America I hope that the fake news media gets choked on their own foolishness.

No shit! Holy shit!!! TheView This must be Trump's Worst Nightmare. That’s all? There are 300 million people in the United States with approximately 75 million locked in prison. The rest are presumably workers or business owners and only 3 million have filed for unemployment with the country locked down?

Stock Markets in Asia Continue Global Surge: Live UpdatesFollowing Wall Street’s lead, markets across Asia were buoyant on Wednesday, as investors continued to cheer the prospect of a $2 trillion coronavirus package to shore up the American economy to shore up the economy? are you fcking crazy changerhegraphic

Thanks for doing your part media 🤬 Panicked ourselves right into a depression. Instacart is fully operational. It's a flexible way to earn money while shopping for groceries on your own schedule! You can make a lot of money right now if you are out of work. Apply to shop using my link: or promo code MATTL751B1 cash money

Unemployment doesn’t start right away. Country shutdown comes with statistics. Are we fighting WuhanVirus or not? Well no crap, they closed everything and small businesses can't sustain 0 income. In most cases it's best for the employee for the employer to terminate their employment so they can get unemployment benefits until things clear...

And you and your media cohorts are largely responsible. No shit ! Open back up US Cases Only : CoVid19 - 69,684 cases 1049 deaths Flu - 54,000,000 cases 710,000 hospitalizations 59,000 death Auto deaths 2019 - 38,800 Gun Homicides 2019 - 15,292 Swine Flu 2009 - 60,800,000 cases 274,304 hospitalizations 12,469 deaths

This isn't news no shit everyone filed for being out of work But is your GREATEST PRESIDENT even is saying to open the economy ABC CRAP NEWS NETWORK FAKE NEWS start calling him uncaring .he want to kill AMERICANS etc YOU ARE SCUMS

Stocks Rally on Hopes of a U.S. Economic Deal: Live UpdatesU.S. stocks rallied, with the S&P 500 up more than 5%, as lawmakers signaled they were nearing a deal for a $1.8 trillion economic stimulus package Democrats blackmailing the country to rescue the economy. Every person recommending economic suicide is still employed and collecting a paycheck. 4pm eastern just called; you're not going to like the message... 'After Democrats in the Senate had blocked progress on a $1.8 trillion economic stimulus package' because Republicans offered unconditional corporate bailout while limiting small business funding. Include the full context.

OmarKelly How is this surprising? Shockingly all of a sudden we're concerned this has become a financial crisis? NicoleCarrWSB Yea you better check out the authenticity of those claims to..people always lie and want something for nothing Why work? Breaking...Once this Pandemic is over, EVERYONE will go back to work and Trump's AMAZING economy will take off like never before. Why does the MSM keep pushing that so many are out of work, when the vast majority will go back after their forced closures?

That's because the State Governmentd told Americans to stay home What you think would happen when you shut down the economy. And the landlords are telling us to sign up like it’s deposited right there LMFAO Ahhh man that’s America for ya 🥴🥺🙃 This is why We need Medicare for all. People have insurance until they don’t have a job anymore.

Yet, you idiots don’t want the government opened back up Democrats shouldn't have been non partisan. Should have worked with the President early in January instead of Fake Impeachment.

Unleash the American Economy NOW! OpenAmericaToday realDonaldTrump you are the boss not deep state Fauci and the corrupt HouseDemocrats !! MR. DONALD TRUMP, THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNTIL IN SUCH DIFFICULT TIMES!!!! Thanks FAKE NEWS....YOU CAUSED ALL OF THIS 😞😞😞 The GLEE with which you report this is palpable... You DEGENERATES in the MAINSTREAM MEDIA have no shame... Are you PROUD of the SOCIETAL CARNAGE you’ve created? You sure sound like it... 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

I wonder why with all those businesses being closed TheView My God! Wow. No shit. Are you happy fake news this makes you happy.right

I always knew I was going to be part of history vivi0821 Pamelagarayy 0nederland You tout shutting down the economy to save lives then print shocking news people are out of work. EnemyOfThePeople Old boo hoo who cares fake news this is what you wanted right now fake news are you happy fake news Well, it is a good thing the Senate passed the corona virus stimulus bill. 98-unanimous Now, Pelosi needs to step up to the plate with the Democrats and ratify it. No more game playing.

You can take all the credit for this. As the president has said you are the true enemy of the people. MSMviruspanic ReopenAmerica Did the dems have a bill from 2017 that adds more for unemployment? Help us get rid of this virus so we can go back to our normal life What did you think would happen you morons

Duh. When society is forced to shut down to protect lives and to try and keep medical facilities from crashing what do you think would happen?

Of course! They can't go to work due to this stay at home order, but they still need money for food, lights, water etc. Media is to thank! GOP leadership is killing US. TrumpCOVIDCoverUp VOTE THEM ALL OUT ! Wow yep, why do you think Trump wants us back at work by Easter... After all fakes, twists new . Maybe this what you fakes news love

And this is surprising...why?! Plenty of jobs at the hospitals. Anyone wanna step up? I can’t get through to file! 2 weeks now. ABC- Always Be Conning the American people. No 1 listens 2 your total B.S. The hate that consumes you is astounding. Perhaps you're all allergic to logic, reason & truth! Trump is the BestPresidentEver45 The more u hate on him, the more I KNOW he's the right man 4 the job

And the academy award goes to.... The media! One step closer to socialism—government forced shutdown of private business— and we all applauded. Thanks media for scare tactics and if you ask why we are not like South Korea is because you nut jobs making all this fear you keep putting on us. It’s no wonder nobody trust media anymore.

This is ABC. Yes. It's called people are not allowed to go to work unemployment. How many people were laid off so they could get unemployment but go right back to work when the shutdown is over..... waiting for your reply. all that shows me is that a lot of people are not staying home. Almost one year unemployed sweet reality :(

Late q3 we will be back bigger and stronger for our economy! Why is Natalie Portman on the stimulus packet for the disabled retired they should be getting money to why is the media reporting on that WTF do you expect? If Obama was still in office the headline(if it was even covered) would read. WITH PEOPLE DYING IN THE STREETS THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IS STILL ONLY UNDER 10%

Well it’s a pandemic. The world is on hold what did you expect TheView We're talking pre-depression numbers. (Look at credible historical data) It's going to get much worse in a VERY short period of time. Fully expected, shame Demorats delayed the bill that would help these folks blunt the interim period!

I'm curious if those who demanded we shut down realize what they did Is this really a surprise to anyone? COVID2019 coronavirus unemployment ChineseVirus19 Which is why we must work and practice cleanliness and distancing at the same time Screw China. It’s almost as if people were forced not work...🙄

Funny how you all said he was over reacting when he stopped flights from China. Even called him racist. Now he did not respond quickly enough. Pay attention to the hypocrisy.

Im out of work.. Florida is built off the hospitality industry.. Yay us Hmmmm, I wonder why. I know everyone at ABC is thrilled to death about this! Well yeah,when you work for a 'nonessential' business that tends to happen G. L. O. B. A. L. P. A. N. D. E. M. I. C. D. U. H. This is all because Trumps slow response to the Coronavirus crisis he owns these figures.

Trump economy The country needs to get back working now. There are evil forces that want the shutdown to continue indefinitely, and will gain power in the ensuing chaos. We’d get tired of winning, he said That's not a bad figure. It was expected to be over 4 million people without work. And now the stock is souring . We will come out of this better than before the covid-19 virus. Count on it!

I'm one. Unemployment pays less than half of what I made weekly. Tennessee is also notorious for glitches that lead to non-payments. It hasn't started paying at all for the 3 of us here. There's no recourse. Lengthening the payout period will be almost worthless. Must all be in liberal cites. We’re all up and working here.

This is why I have made it my mission to raise $10k for single moms out of work. I am donating my income to achieve this. Having been a single mom, I know the impact this would have made on me. This is a time to giveback and come together! Not everyone is getting it though. You are happy now, you we’re talking about this economy crashing last 2.5 yrs!

If america had universal health care it wouldn’t be this way. The leftist MSM and Democrats today... If you received unemployment last year but you are out of work because of the virus can you still apply But that’s ok? Because we have to close down the whole country when the COVID gas a mortality rate close to the flu that we’ve never clised the country down for?

We are mostly on lockdown - these numbers are surprising?

Class action lawsuits against MSM coming.... Well that is kind of what happens when you shut the economy down. Maybe pass out champagne 🍾 balloons 🎈 in celebration 🍾 Well no shit. Wow, way to break a story. Because no one expected those numbers right? Bunch of morons. Its a pandemic you dips$$ts. Of course the unemployment rate is high. Push your liberal agenda elsewhere

Trump gonna call this fake Congrats 🎊 FakeNewsMedia Your fear mongering & mass hysteria about coronavirus created this. The EnemyOfThePeople are directly responsible for so many household products not being available to the public. COVID19 I bet I can find 3.2 million people that agree with POTUS about opening the country up.

Thanks to Fake News NO SHIT. Thanks to the liberal media and their comrades in arms the democrat party.

No one but DumbfuckDonald to blame LiberalUtopia But let's not go back to work..... Thank God Trump is President Postpone your election and utilise those funds to overcome these pendemic But we have money for Cruise lines that don’t pay taxes. Screw Money save lives Media got their wish. Whose fault is that? You created this hysteria.

Hell yeah, feels good being part of a historic statistic like that! unemployedduetorona (cash app is $ArthurHarder if anyone wants to help me pay rent, I'll get you back in 90 days!) Duh, it's part of the shut down and not news.

Stop the stupid lockdown. Dont forget the 25M salary increase for the house of representatives.. oh sorry that doesnt fit your narrative Are all you TDS'ers happy now? While Pelosi stacks the aid package with a raises for Congress. ABC is DNC's FakeNews Trump and his team have been and are doing everything possible to help us.

Due to a virus. Started in China. But some will still try to blame POTUS for it- media included. It will come back up just like the stock market. Good thing it was so high they both had some place to drop. Where were you when the unemployment was at all time low! You love spreading gloom and doom. Pathetic and disgusting

this is why i dont get US media, theres reports nearly 18% country population lost their job, 2019 US population is 329.450 millins which comes down = 59,301,000 yet only 3,283,000 millions applied for unenmployment? im not saying everybody should apply but 3 mil is kind of low Let's hope that a few class action law suits are heading in the direction of irresponsible media outlets.

Now you see why corporations getting 500 billion is questionable when they’re laying off. This happened before where public monies were used to give out bonuses and buy back stocks all because the workforce was trimmed to the bone. Fake News and doom and gloom news Your tuned out . Keep trading with China and buying Chinese crap 👍🏻

Are you jumping up and down with glass hoping America will fail? Wonder how many deaths will be caused by poverty? No shit The best news the Democrats have heard in almost four years. I can see Bill Maher and the rest of the Media dancing in front of a mirror with glee. The bad news is, this was a natural event, not a result of Trump’s policies. They will still lose in November.

Connection keeps timing out at myflorida What do you expect with this crisis, an economic bonanza? Wtf... And the onslaught of bad news from the our news agencies has begun. Round 2. And while millions had been finding themselves unemployed, SpeakerPelosi was fighting for a pay raise for herself, diversity quotas, environmental things, etc... Instead of trying to help people.


Isn’t this about the time trump tweets about setting a new record It so Sad that so many people doesn’t have a good Word or the understanding how things work in the world. wsoctv Making a big deal now during pandemic crisis, what about all the many weeks of low unemployment, didn't hear much credit then!

So how many more people unemployed than killed by virus? By what order of magnitude? What will be the human cost and death that comes from such high unemployment? All on the basis of projections and predictions. I don’t know what right answer is but this is nuts. TheView Help us help teachers & students today! ad Homeschooling COVID19 COVID2019 coronavirus

This is going to destroy our great country, not the virus Americans need to get back to work, w are adults and take risks everyday walking out of our homes. Give us facts and we will decide on our own whether to go to work or not. A bunch of taxpayer funded Dem politicians and media have been hoping for unemployment numbers like these

Why is this news. Nobody saw this coming? Shocking My husband and daughter have both lost their jobs and my hours just got cut! We have moved in with my parents. I’m so grateful for them. We have beans, rice, a roof over our head, we are together, we are blessed! I wish y’all many blessings!

Short term loss You love it too, don’t ya? Sick phucks. An economy is only as durable as the citizens who make up that economy. We’ve known for years that most Americans can’t handle a 400$ emergency, while we gave tax breaks to corporations. The emperor has no clothes. Welfare and ebt for illegals continues non stop.

You must be so proud. EnemyOfThePeople So less than 1%, out of a population of 326 million, thats not bad. Why do I see the newsroom jumping for joy & celebrating when they were writing and sending this tweet? Is anyone shocked by this? The numbers will probably be twice that this week. Trump did not call the virus a hoax. He called the media's hysteria a hoax!! He shut down travel to China in January and Media called him racist for doing so. I'm just not seeing how you can blame Trump. I can blame the Media for their bad reporting & Pelosi

So will it be called the trump economy He loves to say the economy is good the employment records r high like you have never seen before etc Who will he blame for this

They expected it to be a lot higher. What did u think was going to happen? Why act shocked? this was expected. Stop sensationalizing everything. OMG 3.3 million ppl applied 4 unemployment. No s*** Sherlock they shut down the country. What did u think we'd b home singing Kumbaya BREAKING: Man drowns in pool. (Unrelated: One ton weight chained to man did not belong to him.)

jameelkhawaja3 OMG People called AndrewYang crazy. Its time to quarantine those susceptible to the worst of the virus. So we can keep the country rolling do not work for a company so no unemployment I own a LLC but looking at SBA loan it seems 100% geared to larger businesses prioritizing to keep employees on payroll. I am small without employees but support other small businesses owners like handyman

What do you expect when the DeepState Cabal works with CCP to release a bioweapon on its own people to tank World Economies, take down Trump and stay in power? F U CNN NBC MSNBC KDVR FoxNews MakeChinaPay MainstreamMedia COVIDー19 WuhanChineseVirus TheView How's that jobs report working now realDonaldTrump going to take responsibility for your lack of action? You could have done something sooner

Why is news to you. We shut the country down. That means most of the country are unemployed. Common sense SpeakerPelosi is laughing somewhere. And that is not the fault of this great job producing President Trump. It was a silent enemy that did this. And once the silent enemy is defeated President Trump will continue to do the great things he has done for Americans! TRUMP2020🇺🇸 sorry dems: epic fail, last hoorah!

This is the REASON he WANTED the wall SOOO DAMN BAD! TO KEEP AMERICANS IN! Stat infested America because our great leader said so! TO BE EXPECTED, TRUMP ECONOMY WILL REBOUND TRUMP ROCKS!! Winning! Entire country shut down and still not even close to Obama numbers.🤷‍♂️ WTH did you think was going to happen We should all still be working!!!

Geeee I wonder why. 😂😂😂😂 What else do u expect when u shut down the entire economy

ENEMY. OF. AMERICA. A. B. C. So what ? Everybody knows what’s going on, Lame Reporter Yes. We all told you this would happen with the complete overreaction to this 'pandemic' USA is rich enough and should immediately take serious actions to support those ordinary Americans who are paying with their jobs to protect all of us. Not only companies need Government support.

Yet the market is up. How disappointing this must be! Now people care about the unemployment numbers when it's inflated due to a temporary virus, lol Recession I am one of the 3.2 million TrumpLiesPeopleDie ABC is surprised to learn people are unemployed after demanding the country shut down Large scale unemployment was expected. No surprise here.

Are you surprised? You caused it. Trump was right about the media hoaxing the country again. When you shut the country down, shit hits the fan, quickly. All the Leftist Socialists got their biggest wish... GetBackToWork And will get worse Do you want to people to die?! We have been told these numbers are irrelevant and crashing the economy is worth it if it saves just one life!!

What better way to stop realDonaldTrump China tariffs and unbelievable job & stock market gains than to release a contagion that makes it all disappear overnight? ABC loves this. HBO host Bill Maher said Friday that he is 'hoping for' an economic collapse because that is the only way the president's opponents can 'get rid of Trump.'

OmarKelly trump2020 So 3 million plus people recognize the direct need for social programs at this moment in time. Will they go out and vote like their lives depend on it. I say this as a business owner with multiple employees who are not laid off. Congress put themselves a 25 million dollar raise in this bill.

Rather than putting everybody out of work, destroying the economy, businesses, people’s credit ratings & whatever-if it’s mostly the elderly & people with compromised immune systems at greatest risk, why not just isolate them? Something damn suspicious about this whole thing. Bill Maher and Democrats Approve...

Because the government told everyone to stay home. This is not a surprise. Plus, the jobs didn't leave, the employees did. That’s not even going to be the final number. I’ve been unemployed for two weeks and haven’t been able to file yet and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Mitchell Grocery in Albertville Alabama is hiring but it’s real work

Those unemployed due to this pandemic should be compensated. But, what about us senior citizens who have tried to get jobs and no one will hire us due to age discrimination. We need the extra money too!!! Should of been vegan Capitalism is statistical wrong Join the scientocracy Yeah, I’m one of them and still waiting to hear back!

Shocking. We tell the entire country to shut down and unemployment goes up. 🤣🤣 Don’t worry!!! SpeakerPelosi and SenSchumer fought hard to ignore YOU and secure money for the Kennedy Center!!! That will fix it!!!! (Don’t look at the witch behind the curtain!) EndTheDems2020

the number is higher. you can’t get throu to NY state Labor dept! 💔💔💔💔💔💔 Welcome to 2 Americas where rank and file citizens stand on lines to beg for a virus test and are forced to use old newspapers as toilet paper while Trump and his fat cat billionaire cronies scarf down filet mignon and Melania takes champagne baths and feeds caviar to her canary.

I’ve personally known 53 people who’ve lost their jobs in the past 7 days. This is nothing like 2008 or 2000. If the government forces businesses to shutdown and people to hide in their homes this will cause dire consequences to our economy. These folks are filling because they have been told they can't work not that they dont want to work. These jobs will come back but you won't report that.

Watch as liberals use this as a political jab at trump. Party in the Conference Room at 3:00, right? Are we great again yet?

I filed two weeks ago when my position was let go. I miscarried from an ectopic, and was placed in quartine. By myself. My check has been held for a week from my last place of employment. And I've spent a total of 65 hours on the phone trying to reach unemployment in Alabama.fukd File under DUH. Duh Not surprised with all of the Stay at Home orders, closed businesses, and layoffs. Actually surprised it is not higher. Thanks for the uplifting breaking news.

Duh. You can’t just shut the country down and expect there to not be consequences. Did everyone not realize it would be their parents, brothers, sisters, neighbors and selves? And most have absolutely no safety net to catch this free fall. Seems to be pretty bad now!! funny china was wearing masks 😷 for last 2 years we suffering because of there population control🤔

Unemployment/a recession will hurt more than the virus itself... America is great again I guess. I’m blessed to have a job through Walmart . They take great care of me. And as they will keep doing so, I promise to make sure the shelves are completely stocked for our customers. Everything in my power to help. Thanks Walmart

Well Trump can't brag 'bout this one, can he felipem_jose . 🤔

You were complicit in causing this to happen. MSM is a clear and present danger. Let's hope those in low risk categories can get back to work soon,.as in a 2 to 3 weeks. Thanks China. And it’s just going to keep going up. This Depression is going to make The Great Depression look like a day at the beach. And Trump still trying to bail out huge Corporations.

States need to Reopen. We will crumble at this Point. Tanking the economy to own Trump. anarchy really the only answer y’all When you shut down an economy this large, unemployment will increase. NotRocketScience How is this surprising? Little people expected this after GOV shut down the country. Thank you for highlighting that we need to get back to work!

In case you didn't notice HE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A WORLD CRISIS TRUMP2020.

No wayyyy?!?!?!? How did we not see this coming?!?!?!?! Oh wait, we did. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone paying attention to the world around them. This is us, and I’m a freelancer so I can’t even receive unemployment benefits 😔 I’ve lost all of my clients, I’m the sole earner in my family, a kid on a free lunch program and now I can’t even get my mental health meds bc I have no money. I’m literally drowning in all of this.

I can't even get through on the phone to even do this 🙃 Way to go Trump! You finally have a real record tied to your presidency instead of the other ones you like to make up. This whole unleashed China Wuhan virus sure does benefit the Left & its MSM T-witch-hunt, China & Iran. Think about it! Stopped the protesters; hit Trump’s stk mkts hard; hit his jobs; reduces population/economic drain to poorest underdeveloped nations; disrupts elections; etc.

Send the bill to the ABC News and the other MSM media who enjoy spreading panic.🙄 This was for just last week!!!?!? We are going to double that for this week. And amazon has said they were hiring along with other retail businesses. Meanwhile, the Kennedy museum is getting 30 MILLION dollars. The workers money? Yep, they’ve got to pay it back!

Wait until tomorrow. And Trump will say that he’s not. responsible! Damn and I'm one of them SHM🤦🏽‍♂️ Ewwwww, does this excite you what a surprise after media fuelled hysteria led our so called 'leaders' to tell us to shut down and stay home by penalty of law Well golly when u send the country in a tizzy with this Democratic hoax what would you expect.

They should be the first to get a relief check. How sad 😢 Are you better off now than you were four years ago? Yeah I blame trump!!! He was told the risk in early January but suppressed testing as to not upset the economy. If We would have had mass testing we wouldn’t be looking like a 3 rd world country. It’s going to get worse!!

3 million in a country of 300 million is 1%. That's far from disaster. Driven entirely by the fear mongering media.

so what? we all knew that. Pat yourself on the back ABC you helped. No way,,, really? You’re kidding right 🙄 Like we wouldn’t know that as we all sit in our homes! BREAKING? This is EXPECTED!!!!.....It will go higher because the Communist Democrats in Congress want to give $1100/week for 4 months!!! Does that make you giddy, ABC enemy of the people

They reported...gleefully Easter It is temporary! Once we are done with lock down, businesses will open and workers will get back to work. Stop the FAKE NEWS!!! I’ve been unemployed before this was even a thing. Finding a job is even harder now though

Can't blame the government for this number A lot of these are short term I hope. No one should permanently lose their job because of covid19. Or their business NancyChokesWhilePeopleGoBroke This doesn’t even include many religious organization employees (schools included) who are out of work and can’t apply for unemployment. They can’t collect benefits.

While Trump shut down direct flights from China in January...Chinese Virus...Bozo Bill (3 weeks ago) was encouraging New Yorkers to 'go on with your lives!' Why not, you get more money not working than if you worked,just how the socialist want it This is all on trump! Had he not wasted a couple months time, saying the coronavirus was a hoax & just a cold, to keep the stock market high, we might still have people working & a functioning economy? We could have nipped the coronavirus in the bud!

Dow immediately for up 2% Congratulations media. This could not have happened without all your hard work. Because of Bill and melinda Gates playing God!! Event 201 is here, way to go!

.....ABC reports, gleefully. I just get termination this Tuesday. Thanks to those company won’t follow rule and said there is no stay home policy. Now I have to worry both of my healthy and money for the future 3 months if this situation still not getting better. And don’t know how long will I get any money

Trump is the best president tho Thanks China Fuck China Enough of the fear porn. We've all been played for political purposes. breaking?what did ya think would happen?get behind Trump,that would be breaking news story Good thing that cruise ship didn’t “double his numbers.” TrumpVirus LATEST LIVE TWEETING HERE: NewLondonTimes

The hilltop fortress town that cut itself off from the world -- and coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is making Earth shake less

April 2 coronavirus news - CNN

The whole country should be under stay-at-home orders, Fauci says

How to sanitize your groceries

New York governor says virus is spreading like 'slow-moving hurricane' across US. More than 6,000 are dead

Coronavirus live updates: Cases top 1 million globally - CNN

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The hilltop fortress town that cut itself off from the world -- and coronavirus The coronavirus pandemic is making Earth shake less April 2 coronavirus news - CNN The whole country should be under stay-at-home orders, Fauci says How to sanitize your groceries New York governor says virus is spreading like 'slow-moving hurricane' across US. More than 6,000 are dead Coronavirus live updates: Cases top 1 million globally - CNN In one month, coronavirus has gone from a China epidemic to a global crisis Trump's 'Chinese Virus' rhetoric part of a long U.S. tradition of scapegoating The owner of the New England Patriots used the team's plane to bring hundreds of thousands of masks from China China's early coronavirus victory lap, misleading data hurting global response Kang Daniel Had To Step Away From The Stage To Remember Why He Loved It