Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis calls for 'love, peace and nonviolence'

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'I say to all Americans not to give up, not to get lost in the seas of despair, but to keep the faith, and it's going to work out' says Rep. Lewis. 'We must help it in working out by doing good and being true to the calls of love, peace, and nonviolence.'

Share this -Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis calls for "love, peace and nonviolence" from all Americans amid widespread demonstrations across the nation after the death of George Floyd.

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Hey, instead of defending Antifa, get rid of their influence by condemning them by name. That is a start. If you truly want peace, root out the violence by identifying its source.

Too late for that you fight racist killings with a strong message 💪

Peaceful protesters intercept a white saboteur. Who is he? What he want to do? GeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMatter

Amen. 🙏🏻

Vote realDonaldTrump


See that message is really working out. You listening Antifa, another message for you. HHHEEEELLLOOO? Great!

The problematic & evil😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Misty__Bella And in the same breath, let’s blame Trump. Hypocrites.

Tell that to the business owner who was stomped to death last night... in public ... by thugs and cowards. Where is his justice? What did he do to deserve a draconian, filthy sentence? Oh... sorry... he isn't a colored man.

REGISTER TO VOTE Check registration address VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE the GOP the hell out They have FAILED If Democrats failed the Country this disastrously, would be screaming the same thing

And those who riot deserve to have law enforcement open fire to protect the public!

Too late have created Frankenstein and he has returned to the laboratory.

Martin Luther King's words still seem to be in ears, America is still that one, I have a dream.....

no leadership?talk with who?don't think it would work as the violence goes on.


JoeNBC It is going to be worse than ‘68 because of the Orange man. No leadership. Only hate. No empathy. Only hate.


JoeNBC I love you Mr. Lewis.

chrislongview SantaCruzPolice ChiefAndyMills

Nonviolence has not worked, obviously.

I love all peoples regardless of their race, religion, sexuality, they residence etc. As long as you respect peoples,” and have a great character, I wouldn’t care a fuck, if you were purple, as long as you respect society. Trump era this racism shit done flew through the roof!

JoeNBC Why are we not shaming these protesters like we are with people gathering during a pandemic?

JoeNBC how long it's been 50 plus years not enough change!

Very well said! God Bless America

Representative John Lewis is an American HERO💙🇺🇸💙

In The WORDS Of Martin Luther King jr. 'An Eye For an Eye Only Leaves Everybody Blind' GeorgeFloydprotest HonorGeorgeFloyd BLACK_LIVES_MATTER

Everyone involved in organizing, financing and supporting this anarchy and chaos needs to be rounded up, their finances and connections probed and charges brought. This includes the political and media class


You ain’t black.

Hard Pass. Real change can only come from the barrel of a gun. We tried peaceful protest and white ppl said that was divisive. We tried legislation and it got shut down in senate. Only thing left is for people to rise up demand change by any means necessary.

To everyone peacefully protesting, stay safe!

Lots of white supremacist here Msm will ALWAYS produce bad RACIST information Msm is the true virus and the true enemy of law abiding 🇺🇸 Citizens

One bad apple won’t represent the whole basket 🧺, he was acting as how ISIS doing , both are devils

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