Live Updates: Minneapolis Protests Over The Death Of George Floyd

Live Updates: Minneapolis Protests Over The Death Of George Floyd

Minneapolis mayor declares local emergency due to civil disturbance

The Minneapolis mayor has declared a local emergency due to civil disturbances in the city

5/29/2020 2:54:00 AM

The Minneapolis mayor has declared a local emergency due to civil disturbances in the city

Four Minneapolis police officers have been fired for their involvement in the death of a black man who was held down with a knee as he protested that he couldn't breathe. Follow here for the latest updates.

Hennepin County attorney says he does "not condone" what happened to FloydCNNHennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman called the force used against George Floyd"excessive and wrong" at a news briefing Thursday afternoon."I assure you that if the person who had committed the act — and I do not condone or respect the act done by the police officer to Mr. Floyd — that was excessive and wrong. The question in my business is criminal. That's what I have to prove. There are cases you can quickly, easily evaluate," Freeman said.

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Erica MacDonald, the US Attorney of the district of Minnesota, said her department is investigating if there was any federal and criminal violations."Police officers, by the nature of their job, have the authority to use a certain amount of force when they are executing their duties faithfully and honestly and in accordance with their policies. So a police officer, a law enforcement officer, has the ability to use the right amount of force, but not excessive force, not excessive force as defined by the law. That is what we are looking at with respect to any federal, criminal violation, is that use of excessive force," MacDonald said.

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Always the same, burn and loot. 美丽的风景线 don't you think that what is going in USA on should be put into the right words ? I feel it is ethnic cleansing. Watch listen and learn the truth These aren't thugz Mr President! These are Freedom Fighterz! Five Demands, not one less. Stand with Black America. 1. The protests must not to be characterized as a 'riot' 2. Amnesty for arrested protesters 3. An independent inquiry into alleged police brutality 4. Implementation of complete universal healthcare 5. Abolition

I CAN'T BREATHE USA,USA,USA,USA Dismantling the Police Force! TRUMP threatens more people will be SHOT as he says he will take control. Today HIS Admin takes economic sanctions against China for 'Introducing' new Laws while at the same time threatens to SHOT Americans. This as HE prepares to declare November Presidential Election NULL&VOID

There's a George Floyd in every state. Every state should protest against this virus.... racism forgot about COVID-19 racism is more deadly. We regret the incident of arresting peaceful protesters in the United States; we call on the United States to respect everyone ’s freedom of belief and their human rights. We are worried about the living conditions of Americans.

You’d think America would have learned something about civil rights by now. There are “FOREIGN” and “DOMESTIC” ENEMIES... There are Rallies, There are Protest and there are RIOTS!!! Report accurately. When you LOOT (Terrorize Communities, Destroy Federal Buildings, etc..) You’re no longer an American “Citizen“ YOURE AN ENEMY!!! AMERICA WILL SHOOT!!! 🇺🇸

Maybe the Authorities deserves this kind of protests. I think we all understand. I mean most of us watched on TV how these Policeman maybe killed a man for nothing ? When all the business are gone they won't have any place to get their Newports or 40s Stop trying to add people in the foreground arguing with your camera crew with shoddy greenscreen footage CNN!

NEW: Police have arrested a man for allegedly beating an elderly man in a nursing home in Detroit, Michigan, after videos of the incident surfaced online. ***Warning: Graphic Content*** What does Greta think. Make her the new mayor. Anything is better than the current one. What a POS. Stop calling them protestors...they are delinquents. This behavior is not about Floyd. It's selfish, degenerate kids taking advantage of a moment of chaos.

If they dont put DEREK CHAUVINE MURDERER POLICE Officer in jail till he is tried and gets life in prison or death sentence people should continue their non destructive protest. Dont give up people. CNN... Elevating and celebrating America’s Boobs, buffoons, thugs, criminals, degenerates and hoodlums since 1981...

This is what i'm afraid of. You guys can be arrested by several charges that you don't even doing it, your gov maybe wanted this to happens so they can shoot you bcs of this 'civil disturbances' shit. Stay safe you guys!!! Lawless dictator like president, health care being out of the reach of the average uninsured American, college education being unaffordable, falling flat on its face during a pandemic and now race riots. Sounds like 3rd world country to me. Pray for America.

You can kill innocent civilians but you can not disturb the peace... freedom Minneapolis = Hong Kong - civilians do no longer take totalitarian regimes. This needs to happen EVERYWHERE! Police Are above the law! They kill, lie, make things up, plant evidence on ppl middle class-poor and blacks x2! They even have other establishments involved with them! If your not in that economic group u have no idea what we go thru!

Let the terrorists burn the whole F$&king place down and steal every flat screen and pair of tennis shoes in the entire town. Screw these people. and Oh, Yes...CNN SUX! It’s a riot the blacks are at it again Hey CNN! There are a bunch of tweets out there saying the gaslines to the precinct have been cut -- might want to ask to the fire chief about it while you've got him on the phone?

So, how do we know that the police didn’t cause this fire too? Y’all are showing all the burning but not the looting CNN (Let’s not show people stealing during this horrible time but let’s show all the fire) on it all.. not just what is in your narrative.. Thanks... Trump:what a beautiful view ~😌

Good all donlemon escalating the riots with his show tonight very sad!!! No coverage of the riots cnn? jaketapper how do you work for a news organization that ignores major national news stories that don't the liberal narrative? Arrest Chauvin and little cop let it burn to the ground. ONLY members of the worthless, violent, Democrat party loot, pillage, riot and burn cities to the ground!

Tell donlemon that a precinct is not sacred. That war on black folk will bring war on the state. Has anyone at CNN asked anyone in those leftist-infested and leftist-controlled cities in Minnesota why the police are not taking action against the Democrat party's violent looters, rioters, pillagers and arsonists who are destroying more Democrat-infested cities block by block?

donlemon these are not protests, these are riots, call it like it is. Humans rights country on way. Isn’t that what don lemon wanted a riot well you got it Another fine example of what a democratic mayor does for the black community, someone has to see that all these major cities with dem leadership ARE NOT helping the community! cthagod realDonaldTrump GOP kanyewest Dem nominee said something racist last wk JoeBidenIsARacist

When the police did not arrest that killer cop then they deserve it. Burn it down Civil disturbances Is that the new way of saying rioting, looting? Don Lemon should be taken off. CNN shouldn't have this asshole on NAH!! They haven't destroyed enough of the city yet!! Got to get some more Fed dollars to build low cost housing, somewhere else!

'Civil disturbance' aka destroying property belonging to people who had nothing to do with the matter. Black & white business owners & employees. With family & kids No salaries will come in. Polluting the streets. Who's gonna clean it*? SachaLongCTV Call in the National Guard. Lock all the looters up.

JusticeForGeorgeFloyd After a few days of protests de mayor declared a local emergency?How about de coming 2 a year long riots in HK whereby there is bloodshed,destruction 2 public properties,transportation brought 2 a standstill,innocent HKers get beaten up n bloodied?Yet US stands up for de rioters.

Don’t touch Paisley Park! Civil disturbance? They’re BURNING DOWN BUILDINGS in Minneapolis AND St Paul!! They burned down their own housing!!! FakeNewsMedia 18 past complaints against this cop Starry locking them up CNN is responsible for the the riots . CNN CREATED the racial divide . CNN IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

USA is a freedom country.u can kill people.u can burn 🇺🇸 .make USA freedom again! destruction is fabulous and beautiful. Make USA freedom again. There is no leadership and discipline in the police hiarachy and down to those who are directly responsible. When officers need discipline, they have to be dealt with immediately and not be ignored.... 😠😭

Charge the cops with murder! Problem solved! Maybe if those murderers were behind bars, there wouldn't be a civil disturbance, you idiots! A state of emergency should have been declared when they murdered a black man What are they trying to the video you morons!!!! Death Penalty its interesting that I never see a single person protesting or rioting that i would even consider inviting to my home for a bbq... thugs

MAGA If you handed the murderer over to the crowd, that would put an end to it. All going to get the Corona Virus and die. Killing the black community 😞 How did so many of these people wind up in Minnesota? Arrest Derek Chauvin and the 3 other cops who killed George Floyd and the 'emergency' ends. Simple as that. NoJusticeNoPeace

“Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, everywhere is war. And until there are no longer first-class and second-class citizens of any nation, until the colour of a man's skin is of no more...”1 Hang the 4 racist cops outside a target

bring back GovJVentura If members of the far white right were being consistently murdered.I have no doubt they would show up with weapons,then it would get real and the murders would stop. Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, at a Trump rally in October 2019. Also kept pushing for warrior type trading to officers as dept refused it..

But atleast they are all wearing their Covid Masks Why weren't they prepared to uphold law and order last night? Duh Burn it down arrestDerekChauvin How embarrassing Orange Corona Apocalypse JUSTICE MUST BE THE FIRST CONCERN IN MINNEAPOLIS. Maybe they should do something about the police officers? “Civil disturbances” haha. Outright looting and out of control left, burning down building , destroying their own neighborhoods. Call it what it is - stupidity.

Bring in the national guard. The rioting idiots care nothing about any life other than their own, and should be arrested

Four Minneapolis police officers fired after death of black forgery suspect in custody“This is the right call,” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey tweeted after the officers involved in George Floyd's death were fired. Slap on the wrist for murdering someone. FIRED?!? That’s IT? These men should be charged with MURDER!! If that was my friend, brother, father or just a neighbor I would have most likely intervened!! This is MURDER! I am a WHITE man writing this!! Demand Justice for GEORGE FLOYD!!! realDonaldTrump cnnbrk The right call? It’s the bare minimum for a murder caught on tape... how are they not in custody

Four Minneapolis Cops Fired Over George Floyd's Death, Protests EruptAn African-American man has died after a white cop restricted his breathing while the man was yelling, 'please, I can't breathe.' y’all late The police have been watching too many movies. Is it so hard to write a correct headline? He was murdered bro

Four Minneapolis officers fired after death of black manSeveral hundred people marched in Minneapolis to protest the death of an unarmed black man in police custody. After some protesters became unruly, they were confronted by police in riot gear who fired tear gas. ACAB All lives matter! Its time.

Four Minneapolis officers fired after death of black manSeveral hundred people marched to protest the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody. Some protesters damaged windows, a squad car and sprayed graffiti. Police in riot gear fired tear gas and projectiles. This tweet replaces an earlier tweet that was deleted because it contained imprecise language about protesters’ behavior. That is problem I have with Black Lives Matter. It is a group that promotes violence and hatred toward law enforcement and civil authority. MLK would be so very ashamed of such an organization. AllLivesMatter Adamı resmen bile bile öldürmüşler.

George Floyd's family says four officers involved in his death should be charged with murder'Not one of them tried to do anything to help him.' The family of George Floyd -- who died after pleading that he couldn't breathe while a police officer held him down with a knee on his neck -- say they want the four police officers charged with murder. Murder 100% When will this ever stop Apparently racism is all over the world but America is worse!! justiceforfloyd donwinslow If it's not a brutal murder then define it. Which era are we living in when our minds are so tiny and inhumane?

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