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Chris Matthews, Elizabeth Warren

Chris Matthews Is Allegedly a Creep Both On and Off Camera

Chris Matthews is allegedly a creep both on and off camera

2/29/2020 3:56:00 AM

Chris Matthews is allegedly a creep both on and off camera

MSNBC host Chris Matthews made headlines this week for defending creepy shit presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg has said for seemingly no reason save for the fact that Matthews also has a history of being a creep.\n

presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg has said for seemingly no reason save for the fact that Matthews also has a history of being a creep.In the past, Matthews has been called out for commenting on women’s appearances on-air while they are just trying to do their jobs. He also allegedly joked that he wanted to roofie Hillary Clinton rather than interview her. Now, journalist Laura Bassett says that a 2017 essay she

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for HuffPost detailing gross comments made by an older, married cable news host was about Matthews.AdvertisementIn the original essay, she says that he instructed a makeup artist to “Keep putting makeup on her,” until “I’ll fall in love with her.” Weeks later, he told the makeup artist “Make sure you wipe this off her face after the show. We don’t make her up so some guy at a bar can look at her like this” after eyeing the red dress she was wearing and asking if she was going out later.

Bassett was prompted to name Matthews as the mystery creep in the essay after an exchange with Elizabeth Warren at this week’s debates in which Matthews insinuated a former Bloomberg employee was lying when she claimed the presidential candidate once asked her if she was going to “Kill it” upon learning of her pregnancy even though a third party has also admitted to hearing the exchange.

“And why would [Bloomberg] lie?” Matthews asked Warren. “Just to protect himself?” Read more: Jezebel »

Chris Matthews: Trump sees coronavirus as opportunity to divide the countryPresident Trump blamed the stock market drops of Monday and Tuesday on Tuesday night's Democratic debate, not market concerns about the coronavirus. Chris says “There are times and events, like the threat of the coronavirus, when we need to trust what government health officials are saying. That includes the person at the top. This isn't about the crowd size at his inauguration.” HardballChris Rest assured, we have Pence, Kudlow and Mnunchin on the coronavirus team now.. CoronaVirusUpdates HardballChris The hypocrisy here is rich. 6 was ago, Trump closed borders to Chinese Nationals & began quarantining Americans that visited China. MSNBC call this racist. HardballChris It's not very reassuring that Trump cares more about his reelection and stock market performance than he does about saving American lives. 😐

MSNBC urged to fire Chris Matthews for 'refusal to believe women' over Bloomberg during Warren interviewHost asked 2020 hopeful 'why would he lie?' while discusisng claims Bloomberg pressured female employee into having an abortion with the line 'kill it.' They need to send in into retirement because he is grossly out of touch with today's society. He is still quoting movies and books from 40 years ago. Put a black woman on for the 7pm hour but not Joy Reid, I like her weekend shows. Oh please Warren is s proven liar. PROVEN. Like in video in her own words.

Chris Matthews on Bernie Sanders: I don’t know who can beat him right now Chris Matthews says that it’s becoming harder for another candidate to catch Bernie Sanders in the battle for the Democratic nomination. HardballChris Trump. HardballChris What a dum bass. HardballChris Is that his homage to Bernie after having to apologize yesterday? Sad.

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Chris Hayes Nails Trump's Selfish Concern About The CoronavirusIt's not about the safety of Americans, argued the MSNBC host. Hayes said the spread of the virus is just something that Trump thinks he “needs to manage” to ensure his reelection in November. This Fucking guy The old and sick are particularly threatened by the coronovirus. This is going to hit Trump voters, addicts and Red States that did not expand medicare VERY hard.