China says its economy is growing and rebounding from coronavirus

This year, China made a rare decision not to set a GDP target due to uncertainties from the impact of the pandemic.

7/16/2020 3:59:00 PM

China says its GDP grew by 3.2% in the second quarter of this year, compared to a year ago — beating analysts' expectations and rebounding from the first quarter's contraction caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

This year, China made a rare decision not to set a GDP target due to uncertainties from the impact of the pandemic.

A man works at a construction site in the Central Business District in Beijing, China.Thomas Peter / ReutersStill, there are headwinds ahead as the outbreak that first emerged late last year in the Chinese city of Wuhan has spread globally, infecting more than 13.5 million people worldwide and killing more than 582,000 people, according to the latest data compiled by

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Johns Hopkins University.China's statistic bureau acknowledged the risks."Given the continuous spread of the epidemic globally, the evolving huge impact of the epidemic on the global economy and the noticeably mounting external risks and challenges, the national economic recovery was still under pressure," it said in the press release.

Data released on Thursday also showed weak consumption in China.Retail sales were down 1.8 percent in June from a year ago, bucking expectations for a 0.3 percent uptick economists polled by Reuters had predicted. Retail sales declined by 2.8 percent in May from a year ago.

Concerns over thejob market and the lagged impact of bankruptciescontinue to hang over the economy."We are seeing an uneven recovery in China. Return to work, especially factory production, seems to be doing relatively much better," said Johanna Chua, head of Asia economics and strategy at Citigroup.

Looking ahead, there is a question of how much China domestic demand can offset the accumulation in inventory due to weak external demand, Chua told CNBC's"Street Signs.""We're still seeing a lot of concerns of a lack of virus suppression in the major markets," she added.

The world economy is expected to fall into recession this year as many governments globally have implemented lockdowns and limited business activity and social gatherings. Slowing growth in global demand is expected to hurt Chinese exports.This year,due to uncertainties from the impact of the pandemic.

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