China Rejects Us Navy Request For Hong Kong Port Visits Amid Protests - Cnnpolitics

China Rejects Us Navy Request For Hong Kong Port Visits Amid Protests - Cnnpolitics

China rejects US Navy request for Hong Kong port visits amid protests

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Chinese officials have rejected a US request to have two US Navy ships make port visits to Hong Kong in the coming weeks

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Let China handle the situation as they see fit. We do not belong there, PERIOD. Sovereignty needs to be respected, for ALL nations. US stay OUT when not invited. This is no more a 'humanitarian crisis' than those choosing to rush to our shores. A WANT from a group of citizens should not equate to the 'right' to destroy.

Let Trump go there China loves him and he will make the greatest deal ever. They know if we helped their protestors it would be over in a day

Cramer: Hong Kong protests 'more serious' than US-China trade war for global marketsThe White House issued a statement this morning about the protests in Hong Kong saying 'this is between Hong Kong and China.' What? Yeh right. They have people over there from the State Dept right in the big middle of it. The deep state is doing its thing like what they did in Ukraine. But they are no match to China soon it will back fire at the US

China warns of 'terrorism' in Hong Kong protests, says the U.S. is supporting itAfter Hong Kong police were attacked with firebombs, a Chinese official warned 'violent crimes must be resolutely cracked down in accordance with the law, without hesitation or mercy.' 🔥🔥🔥🔥☂️🔥🔥🔥🔥Stop China junk Yes....kick those US state dept. sponsored thugs...hard. Sentletse China is talking rubbish.

China tells U.S. to back off after lawmakers condemn Hong Kong violenceChina's foreign ministry on Tuesday told the United States to stay out of i... U.S. tells China 'SCREW YOU' WE have free speech in our Constitution. YOU don't get to tell us to 'back off' of our FREE SPEECH. The words of the Chinese government are just like disposable and worthless Chinese made Hypocrite Hua Chunying loves to make comments about other nations and their issues, but DARE speak anything about China and she calls you names.

Swarovski apologizes for implying Hong Kong is independent from ChinaCrystal jewelry maker Swarovski becomes latest foreign brand to apologize in China for implying Hong Kong was an independent country. Imagine being China’s bit*h like this That is disappointing swarovski. It appears no one has a spine these days any more. You come off my Christmas shopping list this year. It is though 😄

China Is Waging a Disinformation War Against Hong Kong ProtestersIn recent days, China has more aggressively stirred up nationalist and anti-Western sentiment using state and social media, and it has manipulated the context of images and videos to undermine protesters. Last time I checked, the social media are belong to you. Facebook, Twitter etc Oh now that the definitely- not- at- all- imperialist NYT is reporting anti- China sentiment i definitely believe it You just gotta bring the West into it. Not everything is about the West. Also, it’s not hard to be anti-western these days. Look at all the clowns in charge and how no one is protesting them even when it’s their right. ButHerEmails Old meme, I know, but I just can’t resist.

There's no one for China to negotiate with in Hong Kong, expert says'There's no one there with whom the [Chinese] government could negotiate, if it so wished,' says Jonathan Fenby, chairman of TS Lombard's China team, in discussion of the escalating unrest in Hong Kong. hk continues dip, NYSE recovery in motion, suggests that hk's influence to the US is limited and being pushed to the corner. Doesn’t the escalation come from the Tariffs? You seem as Demagogues to miss the reality of this war. Trumps not negotiating with China! He’s negotiating for the middle of this country against Wall Street and US MFG’ers who’ve raped the American consumers the last 40 years.

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