Europe, Russia Explosion: Village Evacuation Cancelled After Suspected Missile Accident - Cnn

Europe, Russia Explosion: Village Evacuation Cancelled After Suspected Missile Accident - Cnn

Russian officials cancel village evacuation after suspected missile accident

Russian authorities have called off the evacuation of a village in northern Russia near the site of a suspected failed missile test, Russian state news agency TASS reports


Russian authorities have called off the evacuation of a village in northern Russia near the site of a suspected failed missile test, Russian state news agency TASS reports

Russian authorities have called off the evacuation of a village in northern Russia near the site of a suspected failed missile test, Russian state news agency TASS reported on Tuesday. The incident last week killed at least five nuclear specialists and caused radiation levels to spike.

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Those poor people. Donald Trump I would really like for you to have a look at my plans and everything goes with them plans and in your own words what the h do you have to lose The village of NASOV will be seeking new residents soon.. NEED ANOTHER SET OF VILLAGERS Donald Trump I'm working in power plants almost died from the poisons but there is a lot of other uses for coal murder something about that Cole I'd really think you should know so give Scooby-Doo on call he will tell you what you need to know about that call

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Russia says radiation levels rose by 4-16 times in city after accident: TASSRadiation levels in the Russian city of Severodvinsk rose by up to 16 times on Aug. 8 after an accident that authorities said involved a rocket test on a sea platform, Russia&39;s state weather agency said on Tuesday, the TASS news agency reported. The defense ministry initially said background radiation Literally playing Russian Roulette with nuclear weapons. Dumb children are in charge. Time for the grown ups to step up.

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Russian nuclear-powered cruise missile 'likely' cause of fatal explosion in RussiaThe explosion in northern Russia last week that killed 7 people “likely” involved Russia’s new nuclear-powered cruise missile, U.S. official says. The U.S. official also said that increased levels of radiation had been detected in areas near the site of last week’s explosion. UFOCRASH OF COURSE

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Moscow court allows opposition candidate to run after protest: TASSThe Moscow city court cancelled a decision by an election commission to bar a Ru... Get some body guards,food tasters, vehicle starter,mountain top retreat,..if your up against Vlad Protests work. Here's proof. Isn’t this interesting...

Everything seems to be trial and error in Russia, space, energy, government, weapons, submarines... pennyparker0523 They're going to repackage the town as a health spa where you can restore a healthy 'glow'. I can’t be asked with Russia anymore, them lot ain’t serious about life This is bullshit Radiation in Russia nowadays will appear and disappear just like that. I love how nuclear radiation has different behaviour based on Countries Government.

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Russia Protests Present New Challenge to Putin’s DominanceA surge in Moscow’s protest movement has presented the biggest challenge in nearly a decade to President Vladimir Putin’s heavy-handed political system, giving Russians the chance to air an array of grievances over economic stagnation, lack of political choice and the Kremlin’s geopolitical isolation. What’s new? Somebody tell me what’s new about what they are complaining about. Festivuski.... lol.... fake news ... there were people for different things there.... some fo mayoral elections, some for a musical concert but none for economic stagnation and the rest of crap claimed by this fake story... some were shocked to hear political slogans and felt they were tricked

Translation of this sign: Our phallic nuclear chest puffing device has kept us in conflict since 1954. They checked. There is no graphite on the ground. 3.5... BrianToddCNN Don’t worry I have no doubt Trump is getting his intelligence briefing about it and is fully up to speed. Surveillance video and Drone intervention shows that it appears no movement in the town.

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Who would want to be the next ambassador to Russia?Here are the stories our panel of top political reporters will be watching for in the week ahead, in this week's 'Inside Politics' forecast In the upcoming week, I will wager that there will be chaos after chaos. Nothing will come, but hate-filled speeches, more induced pain, and discomfort to all who oppose him. And when all is said and done, nothing meaningful will come of anything of importance. Isn’t Trump the ambassador to Russia 🇷🇺 already? MRGA Paul Manafort would be good and he needs money!

Just like the Moscow protests aren't significant according to Putin. Lies Just like Chernobyl. Except, we have an idiot in office, who doesn't know shit from shinola. But, it's the same old murdering Russia, trump's good buddy, puto. Not lovers, that would be Kim Jong un. For sure!!

Russia tells Google not to advertise 'illegal' events after election protestsRussia's state communications watchdog has asked Google to stop advertising... troll mafia hacking me. dear russia; it's called 'news'. deal with it. Payback is a Bitch.😂🤣😂

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