Business, Charles Schwab Plans To Layoff 1, 000 Employees Following Td Ameritrade Merger - Cnn

Business, Charles Schwab Plans To Layoff 1

Charles Schwab plans to lay off 1,000 employees following TD Ameritrade merger

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10/27/2020 2:07:00 AM

Charles Schwab is laying off 1,000 employees just weeks after acquiring TD Ameritrade, the company says

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Harus nya aneh si so what ... ? just only 1.000 - it is not like 10.000 or more ... But, you know, something something economy. What side of Charles Schwab getting layoff? Government sector side or Private Sector side. Yo GovRicketts And right before the holidays. Classy Maybe they can learn to be productive

Maybe it will matter now that white men with ties are losing their jobs. hope they invested well Makes no sense. Stocks, 401s and economy is booming. Why would they fire people? Can’t they pay them more to attract more customers? Isn’t this how trickle down economics work? This can’t be a surprise. If old man Joe gets in my 401 will go down the drain but most people that vote for Joe Biden aren’t too bright and don’t realize what’s going to happen because they’re morons

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You would think with all the money brokerages are making off retail investors that they might be retained.

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