Family Focused

Family Focused

Catherine Zeta-Jones' family enjoy breathtaking trip to the beach during Spanish vacation

Catherine Zeta-Jones' family enjoy breathtaking trip to the beach during Spanish vacation

6/15/2021 10:50:00 PM

Catherine Zeta-Jones' family enjoy breathtaking trip to the beach during Spanish vacation

Catherine Zeta-Jones' family enjoyed a trip to the beach during their Spanish vacation. The Chicago star is married to husband Michael Douglas and the celebrity couple have two children

MORE: Catherine Zeta-Jones commands attention in a robe in kitchen photoThe Chicago star and her family have been in Mallorca for the past few weeks and are making the most of every moment.Most recently, Michael shared a breathtaking selfie of himself during a family trip to the beach – which is conveniently accessible from their luxury holiday home.

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VIDEO: Catherine Zeta-Jones shares glimpse inside impressive walk-in wardrobe In the image, the actor was dressed in a T-shirt and sunglasses as he stood in front of the clear blue ocean."Happy Saturday! What’s everyone up to this weekend? Wishing you all a great weekend! MD," the dad-of-three captioned the post.

MORE: Catherine Zeta-Jones shares glimpse inside huge gardenMORE: Catherine Zeta-Jones' incredible Spanish home has breathtaking sea views - take a lookThe celebrity couple have shared several glimpses inside their Mallorca mansion while in Spain, with Catherine posting footage from their garden over the weekend to reveal her impressive vegetable patch.

          View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Michael Douglas (@michaelkirkdouglas) Catherine Zeta-Jones' family enjoyed a trip to the beach

The incredible house boasts ten bedrooms and 11,000 square feet of space, and is set on the outskirts of the village of Valldemossa.MORE: Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas mark emotional family milestoneMORE: Catherine Zeta-Jones' family celebrate exciting news from Mallorca

Inside, there is a home cinema and a gym for leisure activities and outside there is an idyllic swimming pool, a vineyard and direct access to the sea through the small village of S'Estaca.Catherine and Michael have been staying at their holiday home with their children, Dylan and Carys.

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Catherine recently shared a glimpse inside the family's Mallorca mansionThe family went to Spain shortly after Carys celebrated her 18th birthday, followed by her high school graduation.The celebrity couple's children have largely stayed out of the spotlight, but now that they are older they have plans to follow in their famous parents' footsteps in the entertainment industry.

SEE: Catherine Zeta-Jones unveils glam transformation - fans reactREAD: Catherine Zeta-Jones causes a stir with super short hairCatherine recently appeared on Today where she opened up about her children.Catherine and Michael with their children

She said:"Michael and I would be the first parents to say, 'You know, maybe you should think of another career,' but we've seen how passionate they are about the craft. They know what celebritydom is. They know the good, the bad, warts and all that."

MORE: Inside Catherine Zeta-Jones' dream home in New YorkREAD: Catherine Zeta-Jones' daughter Carys looks breathtaking in beautiful beach snapThe star continued:"But their passion is about acting as a craft and they've done every theatre camp - my kids went off to summer camp every year, to theatre camp with the Broadway kids, and held their own very, very well, I have to say."

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