Rachel Riley

Rachel Riley

Countdown's Rachel Riley reveals epic baby bump in ombre mini dress

Countdown's Rachel Riley reveals epic baby bump in ombre mini dress

6/15/2021 10:30:00 PM

Countdown's Rachel Riley reveals epic baby bump in ombre mini dress

Pregnant Rachel Riley looks incredible in pictures ahead of the new Countdown show, wearing a pink ombre mini dress and high heels.

READ: Rachel Riley shows a hint of her blossoming baby bump in stunning new pictureWe adore Rachel's stunning outfit in the promotional shots. Despite being pregnant with her second child, the blonde beauty looked as glam as ever in an eye-catching cream dress with a pink ombre hem. She teamed the mini number with coordinating pink high heels and we are all for this modern look.

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Reflecting on filming with journalist and broadcaster Anne, Rachel said:"It’s been really fun watching Anne very quickly find her feet in the Countdown studio and seeing the contestants in the new groove with her."MORE: Rachel Riley highlights baby bump in gorgeous black dress for romantic date night headtopics.com

The TV star added:"She’s not shy of asking them funny questions and the responses have ranged from going into their own comedy routines to not looking directly at her and hoping she doesn’t see them - it’s been very lively!"Rachel looked incredible in her ombre dress

Throughout Rachel's pregnancy, she has looked super chic. At the start of the month, she enjoyed a sunny day out with her daughter Maven and looked lovely in a pair of polka-dot trousers and a fitted black top, as she celebrated having her COVID vaccine.

Get the look! Matte Satin Ombre Backless Dress, £25, BoohooSHOP NOW "Obligatory 'I got my Covid jab' celebration post," she wrote."Was a Pfizer 3 for 1 as my wriggly toddler will benefit with the antibodies in my breast milk, as will the currently cooking little one!"

READ: Rachel Riley jokes about her real age – and fans reactRachel added a bug-eye sunglasses to her look, while one-year-old Maven looked adorable in a butterfly-print outfit from royal-favourite kidswear designer - and the Countdown presenter's namesake - Rachel Riley. headtopics.com

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