Cassidy Hutchinson Went From Trump Loyalist to Testifying Against Him

6/30/2022 3:10:00 AM

The former aide rose quickly at the White House, putting her in place to witness events around the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol.

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Cassidy Hutchinson has faced a wave of online attacks from Trump’s supporters following her testimony before the Jan. 6 committee, and is said to have security for her own protection, people close to her said: “She is waking up to a different life.'

The former aide rose quickly at the White House, putting her in place to witness events around the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Mark Meadowstook over as Mr. Trump’s chief of staff in the spring of 2020, Ms. Hutchinson became an omnipresent figure in the West Wing.

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Lol. What a little Princess Liar Amazing to me how willing a person is to not just “tell” a lie, but to become a liar! Now a lie is not “what” they told, rather “who” they are. And she still can't tell the truth. She has already been outed about everything she said by the people actually involved. Ms. Hutchinson is nothing more than a gold digger working for the hater Liz Chaney.

Just another democrat narrative that is beginning to go south. Why would a person submit herself to this committee with rumors that she heard from someone else that can be easily investigated and verified? Democrats are not to be Trusted-Another Russia Russia Committee One Sided Committee What did she expect? That no one would call her on her bullshit? That they're would be no witnesses to activities around a President? How she ever got hired in the first place is a testament to Trump's charity towards the weak minded. Used by Schiff and discarded.

That’s because she lied. Well she lied so there is that. Still on track for the million dollar book deal, which was the whole point. The lier is not the victim, ever. Anyone who supports Trump is bright and shiny until the moment they cross the Orange God King. Everyone else is lying but Trump‘s veracity is unimpeachable! Pun intended.

Her choice! Perjury! Wellll now you 🪳🪳🪳 know how the Justices feel..she's a liar.

Top Trump White House aide to testify before Jan. 6 committee Cassidy Hutchinson , a top aide to Mark Meadows, has been sworn in to testify at the Jan. 6 committee's hearing today. Here's what to know:

Well? Her 3rd hand claims, are at best, laughable. If she was 'afraid' of him? Why would she ever agree to go WITH him, post potus? & only wait to testify, when it was televised? Another Michael Cohen, in testimony? & Why are the people she claimed said,demanding to refute her? How much is a wave. 101

“I overheard a convo between people that were in general vicinity of a conversation that took place between people that were within 10 miles of Washington on that day. They overheard a story from a passerby that Trump got into a car & didn’t know were he was going. Trumpers can't handle the TRUTH. To all trumper deniers of the insurrection, trumper administration, and trumper republicans testify under oath. Tell us under oath your version of the truth like many brave republicans. Don't take the 5th like the cowards. Trump has to testify.

Now do the threats to the Supreme Court Justices. She'll be irrelevant in 15 minutes. Because she lied. Don’t lie. The most culpable in this farce are the members of the J6 committee who exposed her knowing full well that her testimony is pure hearsay. Shame on these desperate power-hungry people. LaurenWern I hope she takes Trump and his cronies down!

Jan. 6 hearings: Ex-Trump White House aide to testify on Day 6Michael Schmidt discusses significance of Jan. 6 Cmte.'s last-minute hearing to its investigation: 'When you have someone cooperating with need to get everything you can from them in that moment you cannot wait.' Republicans brought down democracy in a violent attack on the capitol! 🤣 Worse than the Holocaust they said, Worse than Pearl Harbor they said, Worse than 9/11 they said, Worse than WWII they said 😅 And BLM terrorist riots for 5 months with dozens of murders was peaceful. . WTH msnbc - you missed a huge opportunity bypassing AliVelshi for the Prime spot - I hope to god you don't lose him, or if you do we get to see him more on a different network. JDBalartMSNBC And can you imagine the amount of threats she is no doubt receiving

It's called intimidation not only for her but for any others who would go against the wannabe king. Well, maybe she shouldn’t have lied. She clearly was a plant job . Hearsay is not factual evidence. This is a witch hunt She was a gossip girl who created BS. It was laughable. What was she hoping for? Even her security is hearsay.

She lied. What do you expect RpsAgainstTrump kmeeo A hero in my home. I watched every minute of the rally that day and doubt not a word. I also saw the speakers. Traitors every one. Make them face a jury. Thank you Ms. Hutchinson. realTimIshmael Then don’t lie in front of the world in order to secure a ticket into the swamp.

Mess with the bull, you get the horns

Jan. 6 hearings: Ex-Trump White House aide's explosive testimonyTrump angrily threw his lunch when he learned then-AG Barr said publicly that the Justice Dept. found no evidence of election fraud, Hutchinson says, adding, 'there were several times throughout my tenure...that I was aware of [Trump] throwing dishes.' I get mad and throw stuff sometimes like every one alive has done in their adult life time so what and I doubt he did. Every time a democrats opens their mouths a demon gets a host and a lie comes out. speechboy71 So we’re antifa2020 & BlackLivesMatter & people pretending & changing into trump clothes speechboy71 To hell with a piece of paper called the Constitution. His name is the Donald and he's King for life. Is this a democracy gone bad?

Do you think she lied? Sad when misguided Trump supporters have to revert to these attacks, but probably expected since this is direction their unhinged leader has taken them! MakeAmericaHonorableAgain BurnMAGAHats ChargeSeditionistTrump Testifying to what ? The only thing she is witness to, is a cover up to what actually happened. Now, if she gives testimony to who approached her to give false testimony on hearsay evidence. Tan we will listen.

The American people thank you Patriot Oh look McCarthyism but run by Marxists this time. There are people rotting in DC jails right now being denied due process, who's lives are destroyed because of what these jerks are doing. They've made me a firm believer in cancel culture. she lied on direct tv She did it to herself, lying like she did.

People that attack her are so far gone, they need to be saved more than Jesus can even save them

Mark Meadows 'Did Seek That Pardon, Yes Ma'am,' Hutchinson TestifiesMark Meadows, former President Donald Trump's chief of staff, 'did seek that pardon,' ex-aide Cassidy Hutchinson testifies during a January 6 committee hearing. LeftonMain Seeking pardons is an admission of guilt. It acknowledges knowledge of wrongdoing.

fr fr Committee used her knowing she lied. What did they/she expect. She had a reputation of not being trustworthy. She should not have lied, but she did. I stay safe by not offering false testimony in congressional hearings. Another media shill. One more corrupt actor for the to hrift on. A TRUE patriot!

Making testimony based on second even third parties saying is really crazy and foolish ! She destroyed j6 committee as well as herself Christine Blasey Ford lied like a rug under oath and claimed she needed personal security - Drama According to trump and his supporters he was never in the Beast, it was his double, so blame

Jan. 6 hearing live updates: Former Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson expected to testify at surprise hearingThe House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol announced an unexpected hearing to review recently obtained evidence related to former President Donald Trump and the insurrection.

She has moral courage. Unlike those thugs from the previous administration. Good thing she didn't choose the life of a SCOTUS judge. DEBUNKED... Nobody knew who she was and now she’s somebody - great life you have chosen - hero to the radical left RpsAgainstTrump This is not the America I know. 💔 She is welcome in Canada for awhile, would be honoured!

She shouldn’t testify to things she doesn’t know. Hope she enjoys her new life as a grifter SpiroAgnewGhost Kind of like testifying against the mob. Don’t know what the truth is. But sure know it isn’t a one sided msdnc charade from the 1-6 committee. She blatantly lied to congress to preclude a wildly popular politician fromrunning for re-election. Yeah, no duh this would happen.

Cassidy Hutchinson, top aide in Trump White House, testifies before January 6 panelThe January 6 House panel investigating the Capitol insurrection will hear testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson , a special assistant to Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows. no matter how much truth the trump and republicans show the lieing liberals will still lie, was liberal infada S-Hero The liberals at fox4news wouldn't tell you the truth. You need to go to their parent company and see that two agents said that this is a lie

The circus RpsAgainstTrump No good deed goes unpunished. The reason people don’t come forward is evident in her experience. And Supreme Court justices can't get protection from violent protesters at their own homes . Your point is … HockeyFanGirl12 And she was telling the truth Hey I heard someone say Pelosi is a real bitch, I know I am some kind of a hero for letting everyone know, but I bet most figured it out for them selves but since this committee supports hearsay evidence, there it is.

Is this still USA? More like China Same energy. CassidyHearsay When you lie under oath what do you expect. She has Adam Schiff, the biggest liar in congressional history, to thank. Oh well. Maybe she should exercise her second amendment right

Courage and decency have a price in trumpworld. If you’re not scum your life is danger. When someone leaves the cult..... Lol it's not just Trump supporters. Anyone that watched her BS testimony could plainly see through her lies. I mean, who is actually taking hearsay as credible information. Top it off with the fact the accused isn't able to defend themselves or call witnesses. It's a showtrial

Someone told me she tried to get a job at Marlago (not sure of the spelling) and was turned down, then decided to go in front of the committee. RpsAgainstTrump This says a lot about Trumpers. An awful lot. None of it good. Then again, is there anything good about Trumpers? Lol!!!! No wait… LMAO! She’s the one that attacked us and liberty with her lies.

RpsAgainstTrump What a BS projection to Trump. When you lie on a national stage, things will change.

Trace every threat. 'Testimony,' lol. Fabrication would be the more accurate term. I hope she gets all the security she needs. A true patriot! Good. She deserves it She lied under oath and is assisting with one of the most corrupt and disgraceful acts of Congress in our nation’s history. And here’s the WSJ acting like she’s a victim. Par for the course from the garbage media.

More like Trump loyalist to committing one of the most brazen acts of perjury to gain notoriety and MSM love. Not sure how the can publish an article like this knowing that everything she said was a complete and total lie. Cassidy Hutchinson a national hero When you lie under oath.... too bad The 25 year old 'first generation college graduate' somehow has the means to hire lawyers and security guards.

She will never top Blasey Fords baby voice.

Don’t perjure yourself in front of congress maybe? 🤣 StandWithCassidy ThankYouCassidyHutchinson That’s what happens when you tell stories you weren’t directly involved in. Neoavatara That's called hearsay. Duh. In a big statkes game you probably shouldn't lie while 'testifying'. She begged trump for a job after all this happened and wasn't selected. HA HA When is her trial for lying to congress? We have 5 years to charge her.

Neoavatara Neoavatara I misread this. I thought it said she was waking up to a different lie. It seems wsj is trying g to create a narrative around her testimony to give her credibility where none exists. Ms.peloski at work .2/n Her entire testimony is based on hearsay from others or opinion of others on some actions of Mr Trump. All the narrative about her having a front row seat of afairavseems fabricated if she only has to rely on third party uttering while giving her statements. 1/n

Well when you allow yourself to be a pawn… the shoe must fit

Did anyone else notice when Cassidy Hutchinson 'testified', every time Liz Cheney spoke Cassidy repeated Liz Cheney's words back word for exact word. That just sounded so strange, I have never heard that in any court. Donald should have paid her off with a million to keep quiet like he did Stormy She’s lying!

She seems to be a most accomplished and very impressive young women. I feel sorry for her having to go through the gauntlet of politics and hate. I wish Monica Lewinsky could talk to her and help her get through this. The Dems destroyed this woman’s life . Lol they get security quicker then a supreme justice does.

That's what happens when you tell obvious lies in the age of information.

’s orbit knew who Cassidy Hutchinson was when she served as a junior aide in the White House’s legislative-affairs office.Axios on linkedin Axios on email An image of Cassidy Hutchinson is shown during the fifth hearing held by the U.Cassidy Hutchison may not be a household name , but her role as a top staffer for Meadows has already allowed her to fill in some of the gaps in the committee’s timeline.1h ago / 6:53 PM UTC We’ve heard before that Trump did not necessarily disapprove of the rioters chanting “hang Mike Pence” during the attack on the Capitol.

But soon after Mark Meadows took over as Mr. Trump’s chief of staff in the spring of 2020, Ms. House of Representatives' Jan. Hutchinson became an omnipresent figure in the West Wing. Louie Gohmert of Texas, Matt Gaetz of Florida and Andy Biggs of Arizona — asked for presidential pardons in the waning days of the Trump administration. Mr. Photo: Mandel Ngan-Pool/Getty Images Cassidy Hutchinson, a top aide to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, is expected to testify in person at the , according to a source with direct knowledge of the plans. Meadows promoted Ms. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, on the line.

Hutchinson—a former White House intern who got to know the former North Carolina lawmaker during Mr. 6 Capitol attack. Trump’s first impeachment—to a senior position in the chief of staff’s office: special assistant to the president and coordinator for legislative affairs. . 6, possibly including closed-door conversations and paper trails most staff were unaware of.