Jan. 6 hearing live updates: Former Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson expected to testify at surprise hearing

6/28/2022 1:43:00 PM

Jan. 6 hearing live updates: Former Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson expected to testify at surprise hearing

Jan. 6 hearing live updates: Former Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson expected to testify at surprise hearing

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol announced an unexpected hearing to review recently obtained evidence related to former President Donald Trump and the insurrection.

June 28, 2022 at 6:51 a.Cassidy Hutchinson, who served as a senior aide to onetime White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, will testify in the public event and is expected to be accompanied by a suite of lawyers and other guests, according to Punchbowl News.(CNN)Cassidy Hutchinson, an aide to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and a witness to many critical events and conversations, is expected to testify publicly on Tuesday before the select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, US Capitol attack, according to two sources familiar with the matter.07:09 Short, however, said Aguilar"should not expect" Pence to speak with the committee.

m.EDT | June 28, 2022 at 6:33 a.6 COMMITTEE TO HOLD UNEXPECTED HEARING TUESDAY AFTER ANNOUNCING TWO-WEEK BREAK Hutchinson was with Meadows during the events that surrounded the Capitol riot and had been considering publicly testifying before the Jan.m.But her live testimony would mark a significant moment in the committee's series of hearings as Hutchinson has long been considered one of its most consequential witnesses due to her proximity to former President Donald Trump's then-White House chief of staff.EDT Placeholder while article actions load Cassidy Hutchinson, a top aide to Mark Meadows when he was White House chief of staff in the Trump administration, is expected to testify Tuesday at the latest hearing by the House select committee investigating the Jan.She has already given private testimony to the committee, some footage of which was played during the hearing last Thursday.6, 2021, insurrection." The select committee has held five public hearings across June to present the findings of their investigation thus far, with more expected in July as lawmakers continue to receive more information.

Hutchinson had frequent access to Meadows and President Donald Trump in the days before and after the attack on the U.During the fifth public hearing on Thursday, the committee displayed a clip of Hutchinson's testimony in which she testified that six members of Congress pursued a pardon from Trump, claims that the named members mostly denied or diminished.Hutchinson has answered the panel's questions during three separate sessions and went over"new ground" with the committee last month, though it was not immediately clear what was discussed during that deposition.S.Capitol and previously provided hours of closed-door testimony to the panel.S.Tuesday’s hearing, scheduled to start at 1 p.Scott Perry, a Pennsylvania Republican, wanted then-Justice Department lawyer Jeffrey Clark to take over the department -- connecting another key part of Trump's effort to upend Joe Biden's election win.m.Jan."But there was no shortage of conspiracy theorists in his ear each and every time, the text messages to Mark Meadows lay that out, theory after theory, individuals bringing things up that had no basis in fact, and that his own Department of Justice refuted.

Eastern time, will be the committee’s sixth this month.Publicly, the committee has only said it will “present recently obtained evidence and receive witness testimony.Brooks (AL), Biggs (AZ), Gaetz (FL), Gohmert (TX), Greene (GA) and Perry (PA) sought pardons.Jeff Clark -- to take over the Department of Justice," she said of Perry in a clip of her deposition that was played at a hearing last week.” Hutchinson’s planned appearance was confirmed by a person involved with the investigation who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a development not yet publicly announced.Show more." pic.

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Former Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson expected to be witness for surprise Jan. 6 hearingThe identity of a witness who is expected to appear for the House Jan. 6 committee's hastily scheduled public hearing Tuesday has been revealed. MarkMeadows January6thCmte Will there be anybody from the opposing side questioning her or is this a continuation of the inquisition? MarkMeadows January6thCmte Hastily scheduled = they finally were able to bully a witness into saying what they wanted to hear. MarkMeadows January6thCmte No one cares their charade is over now get on to handling stuff that really matters to us.

Former Meadows aide will testify before January 6 committee on Tuesday, sources sayCassidy Hutchinson, aide to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, is expected to testify before the January 6 committee Tuesday, sources say Did she already talk to the DOJ or FBI ? Wow! It seems that tomorrow might be the most dangerous information for Trump we have heard. I will begin m The hearing listening in my car, to my regret. Appointment at 12:45, an hour or so away. I thought it would be a safe day to go. Nothing is certain anymore,

Former Pence chief of staff says Meadows was 'telling different audiences all sorts of stories' after 2020 election'I believe the president was very poorly served by the team he had around him,' Marc Short, former chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, said. No inflation, low gas price, no war. You would trade them for the bunch in power now?

No Reruns: Jan. 6 Committee Tries New Approach to Break ThroughAs television programming goes, expectations were widespread that the Jan. 6 committee hearings would essentially be reruns. Instead, they have been much more. No one cares! Imagine thinking anyone cares about this over our disastrous economy Total farce.

DeSantis 'sharpening his knives' as Jan. 6 hearings dent Trump: GOP donorDan Eberhart said that Trump 'is facing an important onslaught of negative facts with these hearings and there is no real defense.' Dems have been eating their own for decades. It’s turned out to be a terrible strategy.

This is how Trump supporters reacted to seeing parts of Jan. 6 hearing - CNN VideoCNN's Jim Acosta talks to 'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah' contributor Jordan Klepper about the MAGA rally he attended in Mississippi where Klepper talked to Trump supporters about Jan. 6 and the Congressional hearing. Acosta jordanklepper Laughable and lamentable interview with Jordan Klepper. “Ivanka clone.” Cognitive dissonance. Trump supporters refusing to believe January 6 Committee findings. Acosta jordanklepper jordanklepper Acosta