Vol 56 Issue 39, Lincoln, Cars, Commercials

Vol 56 Issue 39, Lincoln

Car Commercial Implying Some Sort of Link Between Owning Lincoln Corsair And Daughter Becoming An Astronaut

Car Commercial Implying Some Sort of Link Between Owning Lincoln Corsair And Daughter Becoming An Astronaut

10/1/2020 9:54:00 PM

Car Commercial Implying Some Sort of Link Between Owning Lincoln Corsair And Daughter Becoming An Astronaut

KANSAS CITY, MO—As it cuts from a young girl in the car with her father to a grown woman pulling on a NASA helmet as her old man proudly looks on, a TV commercial is implying some sort of link between owning a Lincoln Corsair and having a daughter who becomes an astronaut, sources confirmed Thursday. “Gotta admit I’m not too sure what this guy’s kid going on a space mission has to do with him buying that car,” said local man Kurt Buckley, 41, adding that it was also “a pretty big stretch” to show the daughter pointing to the night sky from the luxury crossover’s backseat and then show a woman in her 20s attending a quantum physics lecture. “I have a daughter myself, but I’m still struggling to connect the dots between a teen girl jumping out of an SUV to run through a field with her friends and a rocket on the Kennedy Space Center launchpad counting down to blastoff. Sure, it tugs at the heartstrings a bit to see a father and daughter lying on the hood of a car and smiling as airplanes fly overhead—how could it not? I just don’t get how the hell his decision to lease a Lincoln Corsair for $337 a month factors into any of this.” Buckley went on to state that he wasn’t even sure he wanted his daughter to pursue a career as an astronaut, observing that it’s a long-shot job at best and, in any case, his 9-year-old loves animals and wants to be a marine biologist.

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Bill Hicks on marketing elonmusk they have a lot to do with each other. My favorite thing to do to keep from feeling 'Lincoln Envy' is to think to myself 'it's really just a Ford!' Then I smirk as I drive past in my Honda minivan🙄 The Ford Pubic, the world’s first recycled car. It’s made from old coarse ‘airs.

CC michaeljknowles. Somehow Matthew McConaughey is involved. “It’s easy to reach for the stars when you drive a car promoted by one. Alright? Alright. Alright!” Mcconaughey in the lincoln lawyer, interstellar part 2. Nice Oh yes. Probably that's where my first daughter came to be. The leather's quite soft at the back if you ask me.

Something to do with being a stowaway. And why is Matthew McConaughey the voice of Mission Control? Better than a Corvair. Nothing makes you want to leave the planet faster than owning a Lincoln. To be fair, if you can afford a Lincoln, you can probably afford a good enough school for your daughter to become an astronaut

Be rich Afford Lincoln Send Daughter to private High School Daughter goes to Purdue ? Astronaut This looks like Interstellar to me with space and a Lincoln Well, it won't NOT turn your daughter into an astronaut. Well she's always pissing on the fake grass making her.... astro naughty I'll buy it

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