Us Capitol Police Officer Killed, Another İnjured After Suspect Rams Car İnto Police Barrier Outside Building - Cnnpolitics

Us Capitol Police Officer Killed, Another İnjured After Suspect Rams Car İnto Police Barrier Outside Building - Cnnpolitics

Capitol Police officer killed, another injured after suspect rams car into police barrier outside building

The US Capitol is on lockdown due to an external security threat

4/2/2021 8:32:00 PM

The US Capitol is on lockdown due to an external security threat

One US Capitol Police officer has died and another is injured after a suspect rammed a vehicle into a police barricade outside the Capitol building Friday afternoon, acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman told reporters.

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We may have rioting in the streets. An apparent 'Black Nationalist' kills a white Capitol police officer and the media has not mentioned 'hate crime' or 'racist' once! WTF! Suddenly all of the liberal commentators have diagnosed the attacker as mentally ill. No psychology degrees necessary. Double standard? Hmmm?

Boulder and now this, perpetrated by Muslims I think you people miss president Trump as much as you mention his name!🤔I do🙂 THE TALE OF 2 SIMILAR INCIDENTS! 1 WHITE....1 BLACK ....1 with no riots and obsessed media, the other changed America! SYSTEMATIC RACISM? Hello Folks done lost they money houses jobs and minds im not surprised at all all this mess going on.....

As if there is not enough shit going on 🙄 Takes place on GOOD FRIDAY. MEDIA can’t be this stupid can they? It was a TERRORIST ATTACK YOU FOOLS I guess cars are going to be outlawed in DC A house divided against itself cannot stand . The word of God is settled in heaven and on earth . Politicians in America who have sold their souls to the devil are ruining the system , it unfortunate

It’s time to outlaw cars and knives! Murica I’m sure if the assailant was white, CNN would’ve reported his skin color in the headline. Really sad this is why leaders have to set a positive atmosphere for the safety of everyone! Blessings of healing America! Trumpist! We need to fight for these people who die. They don't want us to feel sorry for ourself they want us to fight before it happens again all these people who die in gun violence they're not going to be happy till we fight

Are we going to sit back and feel sorry for these people who die and feel sorry for our self. What happened to this country we used to fight for our kids we used to fight for our family what happened to us. People people we got to stop feeling sorry for ourself we need to fight BLM? CNNPolitics Laws don't matter when there is no consequences!

Guess the national guard weren’t needed after all.... Loved how u said “American” when first identified the convicted piece of 💩, but who would expect more from trash like this station feel bad for the sheep who defend things they don’t understand or ask as your told move on 😂👀 CNNPolitics Just in case you missed this...

Was he mad at BIDEN also ? Biden should be BOOOOED everywhere he shows his Socialistic face. Radicalized in China , BIDEN said “ I want that much power , it’s a good idea government knows better than the individual citizens, which according to Kamal “are stupid” Must be them damn white supremacist posing as supporters of the Nation of Islam

Noah Green. Green was armed with a knife. On social media, he identified as a follower of the black nationalist Nation of Islam Hooooray! Democracy, free o kill in the US!! Do you want this kind of democracy? 🙏 Officer killed by a black man who was a follower of Louis Fahriquan, the anti Semite. A radical white hater too

👮‍♂️👮‍♀️🚨👍💪 You should be reporting the suspect is a black male who worshiped the Nation of Islam. Islamist We need to ban cars. carcontrol This is so sad 💯% RIP ⬇⬇⬇ ⬇⬇⬇ AND THE ONE TO BLAME IS 👉TRUMP👈✔❓ ❓❓❓❓❓⬆⬆⬆ he cant breath anymore kekleo hope police wont be charged for his death god damn This seems interesting... America is a developed nation

Another white supremacist im sure. Its pretty much the truth right? Uuuuummmmmmm right? not gonna discuss the race, and radical religion of this suspect? is it because he wasn't white... racist much CNN? Time to muscle up protect our Capitol! ANYONE who attempts to do harm needs to locked up and the KEY thrown away! So fed up with the Trump LUNACY!

Ban cars wokeanon attacks capital in violent insurrection. One capital police officer murdered. Well they will do it in some too. Have high tech check fire detectors for blue halo transport system, walls for wall plate teleport under drywall, floor for plates, etc. Use emf block materials, the teleport & dimension blockers. Check ground wire or water for frequency hijack.

FYI, that’s a Nissan (either Maxima or Altima). I own a 2018 Maxima and it looks just like my car from the back. But, it wasn’t me! I’m still alive and my car is grey lol. It’s fascinating that when it’s a black man shot by the cops (even if they have a knife or even a gun) it was a racist cop. But when it’s a white guy or Trump supporter (Ashli Abbot) their silence is deafening...

thanks Trump... another dead person that can be placed in your column. I hope this is mention on Trump's trial. After shock of Trump agitation. Domestic terrorist enabled by Trump & his Republican cheerleaders , more copycats will unfold. He ought to be indicted as co- defendant. Can’t wait to hear how I’m supposed to feel about this from Cuomo and Lemon .. I’m lost without them thinking for me

Trump's insurrectionists are within the walls of the Capitol and to think the Republicans wanted to remove security.... My condolences to his Sadness in our country again and again...America is still the most beautiful country in the world but this stuff is getting pretty old Marjorie Taylor Green want to change her NO VOTE about awarding the Capitol Police the Congressional Gold Medal?

Screech “Blue Lives Matter” some more, RepugliKkKan accomplices to another cop killing.... just the daily dose of domestic terrorism in the u.s. Hey fake news CNN why don’t why don’t you talk more about Governor Como and Bill Clinton what they did to the women🤮😱 Stop that loop. Bad form guys. Ur making viewers dizzy

keithboykin Anyone checking on transmissions from SqueakyBoebert? Maybe a self driving car who couldn't tolerate the bulshit 😃 🙏🙏 for those officers!! But are the 3 in the same hospital now? Q sent him. 🥴🥴 It's not because of the peaceful hugging kissing people that were in the Capitol building on January 6th

Trump has empowered wht pple to feel they R above the law, since Biden has taken off his he has been meek and weak on these white terrorists as well. these folks commit terroristic acts & both sides of the aisle cuddle thm!💯🇵🇷 More people needing to made examples of. They need to remain on high alert, this could be a distraction for something else.

Way to go republicans 🖕 tRump get your culters in check. Enough already!! Mental illness prevails amongst many Trump supporters ! They really do need help !! I hope someone turned off the engine before they kill the battery. That Donald open up one hell of a rabbit hole. They won’t stop Until the Country is in ruins

Biden paying someone to terrorize the Capitol again. Wake sleepy joe up he needs to address the Nation