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By The Mid-2030s Even The Moon Won’t Save Us From Regular Floods As Sea Levels Rise, Says NASA

By the mid-2030s even the moon won't save us from regular floods as sea levels rise, says NASA

7/25/2021 3:30:00 PM

By the mid-2030s even the moon won't save us from regular floods as sea levels rise, says NASA

Rising sea levels caused by climate change , aligned and amplified by the lunar cycle , will cause rapidly increasing high-tide floods in the mid-2030.s

Why flooding will worsen in the mid-2030sWhen we get to a similar point in the Moon’s cycle in the mid-2030s, climate change will have worsened and sea levels will have risen. That’s because rising sea levels will suddenly be in alignment with the lunar cycle and cause a decade of dramatic increases in flood numbers. 

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It’s pretty bad already in many cities on the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf coasts, says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which reported over 600 high-tide floods in 2019. The coming ‘cluster’ problem of high-tide floodsIn the mid-2030s there will be high tides that exceed known flooding thresholds around the country more often—and for weeks on end.

This first study to take into account all known oceanic and astronomical causes for floods predict that the floods will sometimes occur in seasonal clusters lasting a month or longer. “Understanding that all your events are clustered in a particular month, or you might have more severe flooding in the second half of a year than the first—that’s useful information,” said Ben Hamlington of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, co-author of the paper and the leader of NASA’s Sea Level Change Team.

The researchers studied 89 tide gauge locations in every coastal U.S. state and territory but Alaska, projecting results to 2080. MIAMI BEACH, FL - SEPTEMBER 29: Yana Kibyakova walks through a flooded street that was caused by the... [+]combination of the lunar orbit which caused seasonal high tides and what many believe is the rising sea levels due to climate change on September 29, 2015 in Miami Beach, Florida. The City of Miami Beach is in the middle of a five-year, $400 million storm water pump program and other projects that city officials hope will keep the ocean waters from inundating the city as the oceans rise even more in the future. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Getty ImagesWhy we should be worried about high-tide floodsAfter all, we’re not talking here about hurricane storm surges and physical damage of property and infrastructure. It’s the accumulated effect over time of things like road and business closures that could be devastating.

“If it floods 10 or 15 times a month, a business can’t keep operating with its parking lot under water,” said Phil Thompson, an assistant professor at the University of Hawaii and the lead author of the study. “People lose their jobs because they can’t get to work [and] seeping cesspools become a public health issue.”

How fast are sea levels rising?Meltwater from glaciers and ice sheets as well as the thermal expansion of seawater as it warms has caused global mean sea level to rise about 8–9 inches/21–24 centimeters since 1880, with about a third of that coming in just the last 25 years,

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according to NOAA. “The combination of the Moon’s gravitational pull, rising sea levels and climate change will continue to exacerbate coastal flooding on our coastlines and across the world,” said Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator. “NASA’s Sea Level Change Team is providing crucial information so that we can plan, protect and prevent damage to the environment—and people’s livelihoods affected by flooding.” 

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By The Mid-2030s Even The Moon Won’t Save Us From Regular Floods As Sea Levels Rise, Says NASARising sea levels caused by climate change , aligned and amplified by the lunar cycle , will cause rapidly increasing high-tide floods in the mid-2030.s PASPusat faham tak? NASA says a lot of things that are wrong, just saying 😂😂 that's crazy the world will never have such calamity,we got one God who loves us,He won't let that happen

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