Americas, Brazil İs 'Not The Culprit' For The Amazon Fires, Says Country's Foreign Minister - Cnn

Americas, Brazil İs 'Not The Culprit' For The Amazon Fires

Brazil is 'not the culprit' for the Amazon fires, says country's foreign minister

Brazil's foreign minister addressed the Amazon fires and climate change on Wednesday -- but not in the way you might expect.

9/12/2019 12:21:00 PM

'It doesn't seem like a climate catastrophe to me.' Brazil's foreign minister denied that his country was responsible for the devastation of the rainforest:

Brazil's foreign minister addressed the Amazon fires and climate change on Wednesday -- but not in the way you might expect.

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In Brazil, by Brazil. Go study a bit about the cerrado and Amazon ecosystems. I live here. We are 100 days without a single drop o rain. All is dry and simply burn near expontaneously. Check the historical data to see how this happens every year WAY before the current government What our house is on fire ? This has zero to do with me like absolutely zero to do with me , or anything I've done

any comments on how US and EU dealt with their own forrests in the 19h century before talking about the responsibility of a 9-month government handling of the issue? I wonder if he has read expert's reports on Enviromental issues thoroughly? Isn't his remark strange? Last month ( August ) there was an increase in deforestation of 222% of Amazon rainforest , first they drop the forest then burn !!! The current Brazilian government believes that the conservation of environmental is a Marxist conspiracy.

It is embarrassing to us. We have a President thinking that everything is a enemie. Nothing bad happens here now but if someone mades a question front a camera that sonds bad for him, he just leaves the place and put some fakenews on whatsapp to explain a question. Wildfires are a natural purge. WE are in the way of nature. Period. End of discussion.

🙄🙄🙄👊🏼 Ther's no devatation in Brazil. Go there, or check your own satelities by NASA. Press invented a devatation where it does't exist. Amazon is size- like western Europe. Can you imagine Europe on fire? Absurd. Don't be stupid. The massive forest is umid enough to does't catch fire. 'All we did was allow business friendly policies and alliances, one of the basic tenets of fascism. We didn't burn it down. We just didn't care as long as our friend made money'

Watch the latest AmericanGreedTV regarding gold and the effects on the Amazon forest and her people. Inglês: Crazy Espanhol: loco Alemão: verrückt Arabe: مجنون Francês: fou Grego: τρελός Italiano: pazzo Russo: безумный No country immune to c/changes,human responsibility to take measures,face the truth of laws no one can intervene. Deny facts ,we all suffer.

Why is it in any country, when the right-wing party rules, they are blameless.

H&M Has Stopped Buying Brazilian Leather Over The Amazon FiresH&M has stopped buying Brazilian leather over the Amazon fires

The Amazon rainforest fires are pumping the CO2 trees normally absorb out into the atmosphere'The Amazon is a carbon sink, which slows the rate of carbon dioxide build up in the atmosphere, and thus climate warming,' said James Randerson from the University of California, Irvine. Been happening ever since there were trees. It's called nature. That Trump's tariff there, killing us. Tariff on China -China stopped to buy soy beans from US - China starts to buy soy beans from Brazil - Brazil burning forests to make more land to grow soy to sell to China... Yes. And scientists didn’t predict the CO2 being released from glaciers and polar ice caps melting either. So we are pretty fucked up.

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