Asia, Landmark Paternity Case Challenges Japan's Work Culture - Cnn

Asia, Landmark Paternity Case Challenges Japan's Work Culture - Cnn

Landmark paternity case challenges Japan's work culture

Japanese law grants both men and women up to one year of leave from work after having a child. But only 5% of eligible fathers take it.


Japanese law grants both men and women up to one year of leave from work after having a child. But only 5% of eligible fathers take it.

A 38-year-old Japanese national has filed a lawsuit against his employer for alleged harassment after taking paternity leave, in a landmark case that looks set to challenge Japan's often highly-gendered corporate culture.

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Because they only take the time they need. If you want to understand the culture, then go visit Japan before you run an ignorant article trying to make something controversial, when you clearly don't understand anything. If only Americans took that approach. Boy has it changed since “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” Now it’s ... “tax the millionaires and billionaires for my needs” (Bernie voice)

Is it probably cause Japan Population is shrinking and the government tryna increase the population 👀😂 Affirmation of productive society where abundance matters in the midst of Love&care for one another.Africans should learn from the Japanese trait for good living. In Japan, it is very difficult for men to take childcare leave.

He who has the boobs, feeds the baby. Because they are not genetically programmed to. Men are programmed to hunt and kill animals. Welcome to Earth. I'm new here. I am guessing you are as well. We will get through this together. Lol one year of leave you will miss out on raises and promotions I wouldn't take it either

Japan may have to dump radioactive Fukushima water into the PacificEight years after Japan's worst nuclear disaster, the government is not sure what to do with the contaminated water that remains -- but its environment minister says dumping it into the ocean might be the only choice. elonmusk can you shoot it at the sun and see what happens? Fake news WTF..... Crazy ass WORLD

Japan may have to dump radioactive water into the sea, minister saysJapan's Tokyo Electric Power will have to dump radioactive water f... TepcoMaki *may* godzilla.gif

Japan regulator to launch new investigation into Fukushima nuclear disasterJapan's nuclear regulator said in Wednesday it would launch a new investiga... Humans don’t deserve this great planet. We don’t know how to take care of it. ...and,of course,the question of contaminated water! ... where to put it? ... This is about tritium. Tritium is released all over the world.

Japan new trade chief rejects Seoul's claim to WTO over export curbsJapan's new trade minister, Isshu Sugawara, dismissed on Wednesday South Ko... This so called fight was bound to happen... was matter of time really!!! Accusers who “won” at Supreme Court of South Korean were not “forced labor”. They came to Japan in 1943. National Requisition Ordinance was applied to Korean Peninsula in September 1944.

'Protecting rapists': Protesters accuse Japan of failing to protect womenMany activists say Japan's criminal code is outdated, underscoring gender inequality in the country, despite relatively high rates of female education and workplace participation.

Yahoo Japan to launch bid for online retailer Zozo: NHKYahoo Japan Corp, will launch a takeover bid for online clothing retailer Zozo I... うぇっ!Yahooは無いわー。上澄みの吸い上げをペイメントの連携で加速しようとしている程度ならマジで終わりの始まりとしか。

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