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Box Office: ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Hits Wrong Notes as ‘Shang-Chi’ Stays No. 1

#DearEvanHansen didn't strike a chord with moviegoers, allowing 'Shang-Chi' to claim the top spot at the domestic box office again

9/27/2021 4:30:00 AM

DearEvanHansen didn't strike a chord with moviegoers, allowing 'Shang-Chi' to claim the top spot at the domestic box office again

“Dear Evan Hansen,” the Universal Pictures adaptation of the smash Broadway musical, didn’t strike a chord with moviegoers. Marred by negative reviews and COVID-19 concerns, the f…

,” the Universal Pictures adaptation of the smash Broadway musical, didn’t strike a chord with moviegoers.Marred by negative reviews and COVID-19 concerns, the film fell short of expectations and collected a muted $7.5 million from 3,365 North American theaters in its debut. Industry experts predicted the movie musical would make at least $10 million between Friday and Sunday.

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Even though the film seems unlikely to turn a profit in theaters, the losses won’t be catastrophic. “Dear Evan Hansen” cost $28 million to produce, a modest budget for a musical. That puts Universal in a much better position compared to its last movie musical, “Cats,” which opened to $6.5 million in late 2019 and

ultimately lost the studio nearly all of its $100 millionbudget.The critical response to “Dear Evan Hansen” has been vastly different than the glowing reactions that greeted the 2016 stage version, which netted six Tony Awards and cemented Ben Platt as a star. It underscores the struggle to bring

even commercially popular musicalsto the big screen. Earlier in the summer, the well-reviewed Warner Bros. adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit show “In the Heights” struggled to draw crowds while debuting simultaneously on HBO Max. The splashy song-and-dance spectacle cost $55 million, almost double the amount that Universal spent on “Dear Evan Hansen,” and opened to $11.5 million. It ended its box office run with $29 million in the U.S. and Canada and $43 million globally, losing millions for the studio.

Platt reprised his role as Evan Hansen, an anxious high school student who finds himself tangled in a lie that spirals out of control. Manycriticized the casting choicebecause Platt is 27 years old and doesn’t look like a teenager. Audiences, at least the few who bought a ticket on opening weekend, appeared to be less distracted by a high schooler with 5 o’clock shadow. Moviegoers awarded the film an “A-” CinemaScore, which is exponentially better than its 33% on Rotten Tomatoes. Around 62% of patrons were female, while 53% were, like Platt, over the age of 25.

“Dear Evan Hansen” is playing only in theaters, which could help ticket sales. Since Universal last yearhammered out a rare agreementwith movie theater chains to put its films online sooner than usual, the coming-of-age story will land on premium video-on-demand platforms on Oct. 14.

“We have very good audience reactions, especially with younger females,” says Jim Orr, Universal’s president of domestic distribution. “We hope it points to a good run from here.”Given the underwhelming turnout for “Dear Evan Hansen,” reigning box office champion “

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” had no trouble staying atop domestic charts, even in its fourth weekend of release. The Disney and Marvel superhero adventure added a solid $13.3 million in ticket sales, bringing its domestic tally to $196.5 million, a pandemic record.

After this weekend’s haul, “Shang-Chi” surpassed its fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe installment “Black Widow” ($183 million) as the highest-grossing movie of the year. Unlike “Shang-Chi,” Scarlett Johansson’s “Black Widow” wasn’t available exclusively in theaters. The film premiered simultaneously on Disney Plus (for a premium $30 fee), where it has generated at least $125 million. Weeks ago, Johansson sued Disney and alleged the movie’s hybrid release depressed box office ticket sales and cut into her compensation.

At the international box office, “Shang-Chi” has brought in $166.9 million and the studio hopes to secure a release date in China to boost revenues even higher. Globally, the film has made $363 million.In third place, Disney’s sci-fi comedy “Free Guy” nabbed $4.1 million from 3,175 venues. After nearly two months in theaters, the Ryan Reynolds-led film has made $114 million at the domestic box office and $317.4 million globally. That’s an especially promising result because it’s an original property and not part of an existing film franchise. The studio has already

hinted at plansfor a sequel.Universal’s slasher film “Candyman” landed at the No. 4 spot with $2.5 million from 2,556 locations in North America. So far, the movie has amassed $56.8 million in the U.S. and Canada and $73 million worldwide.Clint Eastwood’s Western “Cry Macho” rounded out the top five. The Warner Bros. film, which premiered simultaneously on HBO Max, declined 52% from its opening and brought in $2.1 million from 4,022 venues. It has grossed an anemic $8.3 million since debuting last weekend.

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A wakeup call for the nepotistic Platts Next time, cast high school actors! Only marketing I've seen for it has been on Twitter and by marketing I mean puff piece articles for the actors. Didn't even know it was a musical till I saw this tweet... With the Tonys this weekend and the BroadwaysBack special, they should have made this available OnDemand at Home. Probably would have had a much better opening had they done that. The reviews probably didn’t help either.

Maybe they shouldn’t rush a production for a dude 10 years too old. It wasn't even playing at the theater near me and a friend of mine was saying the same thing. So it probably could've done better? we just don't want to see 30 year-olds in high school. gross. Well I don't expect this movie to break records because it's not a Marvel movie or a blockbuster film. But I hope the movie surpasses its 28 million dollar budget before Venom Let There Be Carnage grabs every once attention.🥺🙏

If the studio cast actual actors in their high school years, then it might’ve been a solid hit. I seen it on Friday and my god is really a cringeworthy moments of 2021 and I love musical movie but DearEvanHansen is not the best movie. I think Ben Platt would have been fine without all the makeup if all the actors were also as old as he is. In Raimi’s Spider-Man, sure they all look older than high schoolers but it sort of fades away as you watch because at least it’s consistent.

‘Shang-Chi’ becomes year’s highest-grossing movie as ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ flopsThe superhero pic has topped the charts for four consecutive weekends and this weekend surpassed “Black Widow” to become the highest domestic earner of the...

Dude is almost 30 and looks like he is 30. They should have recast the role. Just wasn't believable watching a 30 year old playing a teenager. DearEvanHansen Well yeah he looks like a weirdo trying to blend in with kids nobody wants to see that How many people are going to the movies now? Would you risk it?

'Dear Evan Hansen' opens with lackluster $7.5 million haul at domestic box office'Dear Evan Hansen' failed to lure audiences, hauling in an estimated $7.5 million during its domestic opening weekend.

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ & Broadway’s Dilemma On The Big Screen: Should The Movie Have Gone To Streaming?The failure of Universal’s Dear Evan Hansen at the domestic box office with a $7.5M opening didn’t really surprise anyone after the movie was torn apart by critics post its TIFF world p… they should probably just stop making bad movies It already leaked online like a week ago,so why not Musicals can make lots of money. This was a bad movie, it is that simple.

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Box Office: ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Sings Off-Key With $7.5M Debut; ‘Shang-Chi’ Stays No. 1Marvel's 'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings' stayed atop the box office chart in its fourth weekend as it became the top-grossing pic of the pandemic era in North America. We need a lot of help.We need money to fight for our return. To fight for our safety. This Go Fund Me is to ask for help.For the help we need to secure our safety and help fight to secure the future of my son.I ask for justice for my son.He is only a baby and doesn’t deserve this

‘Shang-Chi’ becomes year’s highest-grossing movie as ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ flopsThe superhero pic has topped the charts for four consecutive weekends and this weekend surpassed “Black Widow” to become the highest domestic earner of the...