Boss Moves: Rick Ross' New Book Debuts on Multiple Bestsellers Lists

Topics covered in Rick Ross' advice book include tips for investing money, how to make it in the music industry and how to turn a passion into a business.

9/21/2021 1:36:00 AM

Topics covered in Rick Ross' advice book include tips for investing money, how to make it in the music industry and how to turn a passion into a business.

Topics covered in the rapper's advice book include tips for investing money, how to make it in the music industry and how to turn a passion into a business.

The Perfect Day to Boss Upis more of an advice and"how-to" guide rather than a traditional memoir. The non-fiction book is dubbed as a"captivating and inspiring guide to building an untouchable empire from mud to marble, no matter what obstacles stand in the way."

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Ross does shed light on personal struggles he's had over the years though, from bad business decisions, to keeping an eye on the crew of people you surround yourself with. As the publishers' notes say,"[Ross'] path to success was not always easy. Despite adversity and setbacks, Ross held tight to his vision and never settled for anything less than greatness. Now, for the first time, he shares his secrets to success, offering his own life as a road map to readers looking to build their own empire.

Topics covered in the 256-page hardcover book include tips for managing and investing your money, how to make it in the music industry, how to turn a passion project into a business, and how to build the perfect team.Ross' trademark affirmations and one-liners are on full display in the book, with quotes like""There's no job that's beneath a boss;""You're never too rich to hustle hard;" and"Fear is good. It's an indication that you're onto something."

Ross has often spoken -- and rapped about -- his unwavering hustle and ambition. As the artist explains in a release, “It doesn’t matter what’s going on. Even the most dire situation is just another opportunity to boss up.”PurchaseThe Perfect Day to Boss Up: A Hustler's Guide to Building Your Empire

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