Bodycam footage appears to show police in Florida celebrate after shooting rubber bullets at protesters

Fort Lauderdale police released bodycamera footage that showed officers laughing and celebrating as they fired rubber bullets into Black Lives Matter protesters.

7/2/2020 11:47:00 PM

Officers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, are being investigated for their actions during a May 31 protest after body camera footage surfaced that appears to show them laughing and celebrating after shooting rubber bullets at protesters.

Fort Lauderdale police released bodycamera footage that showed officers laughing and celebrating as they fired rubber bullets into Black Lives Matter protesters.

Protesters explain why they march, in their own wordsProtester Olga Hall joined the demonstrations in Washington, D.C., for one simple reason: “We’re sick of it."Ft Lauderdale PDOfficers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, are being investigated for their actions during a May 31 protest after body camera footage surfaced that appears to show them laughing and celebrating after shooting rubber bullets at protesters.

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The footage, first obtained and reported on bythe Miami Herald, showed members of a SWAT team shooting tear gas and then firing non-lethal projectiles into a group of protesters who threw bottles, a tear gas canister and other objects at the officers.

After dispersing the crowd, two of the officers are seen in the video laughing after shooting the protesters with rubber bullets and apparently referring to them using several curse words. During the conversation between the two officers, one of them apparently mistakenly believes their body camera is on standby mode and not recording.

The Fort Lauderdale police released the video after the Herald article was posted online.Police body cam footage from the May 31 protest in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. was released.Police body cam footage from the May 31 protest in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. was released.

Ft Lauderdale PDProtesters in the May 31 demonstration following George Floyd's death have argued that Fort Lauderdale police escalated tensions and used unnecessary force. LaToya Ratlieff told reporters last month she was walking away from the protest when she was shot in the eye by a rubber bullet, a wound requiring 20 stitches. Floyd

in Minnesota on May 25."My situation isn't unique," Ratliefftold ABC affiliate WPLGon June 7.Protesters scatter as Fort Lauderdale police shoot tear gas at them near the municipal garage in downtown Fort Lauderdale near Wayne Huizenga Park on May 31, 2020.

Protesters scatter as Fort Lauderdale police shoot tear gas at them near the municipal garage in downtown Fort Lauderdale near Wayne Huizenga Park on May 31, 2020.Carl Juste/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty ImagesFort Lauderdale City Manager Chris Lagerbloom said in a statement that while he understood the intensity of the situation in the video,"as the officers were clearly under attack," he still was"troubled" by what he saw. Lagerbloom said he called on Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Rick Maglione to investigate the incident.

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MORE: NYPD suspends cops filmed assaulting protesters"The exchange recorded by the body cameras paints an unflattering yet truthful depiction of the chaos they were operating in. The language the officers used and sentiment expressed is not consistent with what the public expects from our police force," Lagerbloom said in a statement.

Police officers in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida, during a protest on May 31, 2020.Police officers in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida, during a protest on May 31, 2020.John McCall/Sun Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty ImagesMaglione said his office is investigating over 8,000 minutes of body camera footage, including the video in question. He defended the officers’ actions in a statement released Wednesday.

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Maybe they thought it was target practice🤔 It’s how first responders cope. Have you ever had someone die in your arms? Bleed out on you? Watched someone’s home go up in flames? Almost for helping a stranger in the middle of the night? If not the. Shut your mouths. It’s how we deal with societies darkest moments.

Looks fun, I'd laugh too. Unacceptable behavior for police, remove all of them and replace them with properly trained officers who have empathy and respect for those that they are sworn to protect and serve. So about those 'good' cops... It just ant funny to the ❄️ media to laugh when idiots get a rubber bullet.

They’re not “demonstrators “. They’re rioters. LizWill99 It’s as if they don’t know what cameras do. Smfh I'd laughed too... It releases stress due to having to deal with idiots! Then you bs articles from trying to make these officers villains... This is exactly why i refuse to watch your trash network

Yep, normal psychological response after/during stressful times is to laugh. People also laugh at funerals. Don't want to get shot with a rubber bullet? Don't be threatening. Would real bullets be better? How about water cannons? Or the sound waves machine? 99.9% are good cops though right 🙄 Dumbass thought his camera was on standby!

the person in the yellow is definitely a gen z lol ... this is sickening . Go throws something at cops, they shoot rubber bullets, cops cheer, I cheer with them Lol. They beened that guy in the yellow shirt that throws like a girl. If you get to go to work and Shoot people with rubber bullets, you should laugh and joke. Sounds like fun to me 😁

The Ahole in the yellow shirt and any other jerk deserve every rubber bullet in the arsenal Psychopaths. Police in America are a total disgrace Genitally mutilated men (who as a result have fucked mental health from lack of sexual pleasure and can't show empathy) in a country with absolutely zero responsible gun legislation. What could go wrong when it comes to policing? NOTHING changes in US policing until gun leg. does

Hahahaha protestors? You mean the kid throwing the canister at the police?! They’re rioters, of course they deserve to be laughed at. ABC 🖕🖕🖕 Did you get the one who just threw a projectile at you. Yeah. Ha ha 😅 mine hurts more. 'Protestors' I see police being attacked by petulant children. We call them rioters.

Rubber bullets are actually steel coated with rubber, and they can kill you! ABC never shows all the violence from these BLM activist! People beating others up and holding them down. The violence is taking over and ABC News doesn’t even care 🤔 They’ll burn system down... they say 🥺 Doesn’t look that chaotic. They seem to be having a great time causing injury to other people. And then gloating about after making sure the camera is off. Which it wasn’t so they are both cruel and stupid

Rubber bullets its ok Why should they not enjoy their jobs ? They shouldn’t be. I think those officers on strike in many states are killing BLM protesters. THAT IS WHY the killer is not found. It is NOT black on black crime! They R BLM was protesting 4 Blacks! Whole the riots are laughing throwing shit at cops.

BUT IT IS OK FOR “PROTESTERS” TO LAUGH AND JOKE AFTER BURNING A BUILDING DOWN AND YOU DO NOTHING ABOUT THAT. Seriously? The morale for police is an all time low and they are viciously attacked by rioters and you’re posting this?! FU ABC Realmente hasta que no llegue el nuevo crash y gran desastre económico no entenderan que estamos en jaque todos.

i was laughing with them Their only human Stupid stuff. I'm OK with peaceful Protest and demonstration, and I'm OK with this Too, The Person Held Responsible for the death of George Floyd was Charged George Floyd had a Amphetamine Fentanyl cocktail and resulting Heart Attack he did not die of Asphyxiation

Completely disgusting. Protect and serve?! Apparently they joined the force to point, shoot and celebrate..... Gang gang. We know what they do. And the rest won’t care. No action will be taken against them. next this is why there’s a need to defund the police departments. Many are looking jobs, fire everyone and start afresh

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with what I've just seen. I would too! ANd lets be real rioters!! And what do you think DEMONstrators do when they’re together? Do you think they cry about the destroying? They are children. Keep shooting rubber bullets keep laughing about it These guys don't have a clue! Their job description is 2 Serve/Protect, just 👀 at their behavior, just harassing these ppl 4 fun!

They should be fired. No pay Guess if you worked in a war zone everyday, you would act that way too. They beat our officer in the head with a brick killing him and peaceful demonstrators my ass!!! Those fools were throwing stuff at them. You gotta wonder why ppl are ok with others being violent yet they want the cops to just take it! Hell no!

So it's ok for these so Called peaceful protestors to throw things at the police and let's not forget about Captain David Dorn!! They need to do more of this towards those barbarians mobs anarchists👏👏👏👏👌 'Just a few bad eggs'. The lot is rotten. Including all of those who PROTECT the really bad ones.

It’s a shame Where are the good cops i can't see them. Did they actively check to be sure their body cameras were off? This implies they knew what, and how they were speaking was wrong and actively tried to hide it Good now investigate HPD body cams No sense of professionalism whatsoever. This is the problem with policing in America today. The 'us against them mentality '. Police enjoy inflicting pain and serious injuries on Americans citizens and have been getting away with it far to long. Perfect, example of Trump's 'law and order mantra'.

Why can't they laugh? They are trying to throw stuff at them and hurt them.. I'd shoot n laugh too gterrazi They need to be reminded that they are supposed to be professionals and that this is not a video game like they played when they were children. Grow the fuck up! Oh no. They were shooting rubber bullets at domestic terrorists.

Violent police is attacking the peaceful protestor! Oh, wait, this is not HK. Police is performing their duties. Time to rise up, arm yourselves with rifles and fight back. You out number these pigs! cancelABCNews That’s pretty funny! Moral of the story is, don’t throw rocks, or you get shot with a rubber bullet.

And ......? They 've not murdered lot need to give this a rest They did well. Take this down please. Its promoting hatred + division. So many police officers are psychologically unfit! Others are just poorly trained ! That's what you do what you, when you and your team are under attack, are you turn back the enemy. You celebrate. Nothing wrong ith that.

You misspelled 'rioters' Who gives a fuk? So ... turn them into robots instead of humans. That ends worse. Destroy them all. Acab Humm ACAB They've forgotten that their job is to protect the people. Our tax dollars shouldn't be going towards paying for this rubbish. Well, they did just have a dangerous object hurled right at them. How is it you can research this petty footage and still we have no word on the Parkland shooting footage? Were we to just forget about that?

And? In Florida!? Surely not!? this triggers me. These are people. They have emotions too Meantime over 800 cases of criminal activity by protestors just got tossed Laughter a crime, crime is laughable ? it's why the vast majority became cops in the first place Those are good hits. We’re they supposed to be sad about dispersing rioters?

Should the police have talked them out of criminal acts? Get real. All a FN game. Well done, 😁❤🌟🌟✊😁📺❤🔃 FAKE NEWS!!! ...because its funny af. So many people in the US would love to be in THOSE cops shoes at that time! Ughh! More idiots making it hard on the majority of good kind officers! 🤦‍♂️ I would laugh too.

Hahahaha. I enjoy this video too!! People who get attacked all day getting so slightly get even. I love it too. We need more of these police and no stupid investigation for them doing their job. What’s wrong with you abc, they are throwing rocks to the police.....I always knew that you have to respect the police officers.....fake news all the way!!!

If they are confident about doing their job, doing it correctly, they why did the one officer direct the other to cover his body cam with his gun? Why? Hold them accountable Doesn’t look so shocking. Diluted true bad things that are happening. They’re so rude and disrespectful to Americans citizens!! We all celebrated

Good for them! Defund em now Where is the fucker who say Hong Kong polices are violent? They are simply protecting and serving.l the people.. We need to stop systemic racism by the police BlackLivesMatter 🙄 Let them celebrate!!! They were protecting lives!!! Protestor through a rock, an actual lethal weapon. “Rubber bullets are lethal!” Are they, Karen? A spoon is lethal in the right place

Anyone shocked? YEP ! KKK WHITE SUPREMACISTS hiding UNDER POLICE BADGES realDonaldTrump POTUS WhiteHouse RACIST VILE DANGEROUS MAGA HAT WEARING DEPLORABLES THEY WANT TO KEEP Black America UNDER THEIR KNEE !!! So the fuck what? Ha ha hee hee ho ho ABCNews I hope they hit a few of them so CALLED Protester that are really Terrorist with mass weapons!

Hey, these are not protestors, they are criminals who crossed the lines from protestor to terrorist. Stop the bs Fk’ , nothing but BS everyday They get rid of rioters then I say let them celebrate. I’ll celebrate with them Really? With all that is going the police have the audacity to laugh while shooting at peaceful protesters?

Heh. I'm laughing too. OMG....give police officers a break. Why does ABC care? and then? Is it the right way for the police to cry? The police are also humans, or call for the formation of a robot police team? doing a stirling job behave like lawless animals an then reap the reward Lol Lets get all out of sorts over police fighting off violent protesters, if you ask me, rubber bullets wouldn't work. Round all protesters up, put them on a chaingang, and make them work about 16hours in the hot sun. Kinda like us people whom taxes go to keep them up anyways.

Rioters are not protestors . Play stupid games win stupid prizes. You don't want them to laugh. You don't want them to control crowds. You try to disband and defund them . I wonder why they MIGHT not be worried Bout your feelings. GrooveSDC Wanna know why we want to defund these assholes? DefundThePolice

This country is done. It’s finally all over. No law no order. You blew it, big time. Thank god for video. Fort Lauderdale, Fire every single one of them!!!! If you don’t your just as guilty. Maybe when they are out of work they’ll find out why the protestors are out there. So were mad at the Cops for ending the rioting and looting and not at the people who actually did the rioting and looting. Imagine how great it felt to finally give some Sh1t back to the Rioters!! Im fine with what the police did.

From the mouths of liars 🖕 Job well done Everything survived why do people still believe in bad apples lol Those people are the cops’ employers. They pay their salaries. Imagine going after your bosses by firing weapons them. I'd be laughing too, shoot away boys to asses who throw stuff at cops and expect to stand by and watch.

I laughed at this just like that lady got kicked by the horse 😂 I’m sure they thought it was fun! 😳 Go PD I have no problem with this. They take so much shit from these assholes. I’d probably laugh too Their moms would be so proud. too many video games. Let’s face it... the majority of cops are megalomaniacs! Their behavior is consistent with that of gang members.

Disgusting! Every thing is going as planned with these riots soon he will be in full control.The agenda reads unleash the virus, then the nose dive economy due to the lock down, unemployment, police brutality, protest, the homelessness. Remove him from office now, so order can be restored 🔶 Pentagon’s 1033 program has sent billions of dollars of surplus military equipment including tracked and armored vehicles, drones, rifles and rifle sights, grenade launchers, and night-vision goggles, among other items, to law enforcement agencies all over the country 🔶

Maybe they were doing more than just protesting. But as always seen the protesters, it's always the cop who is wrong. Some kind of degree in psychology, sociology or something similar should be a prerequisite for police school, not just a high school diploma. And has anyone been in real battle. Do you realize these cops are have thugs throwing rocks, frozen water bottles, literal shit, and God knows what else. So when they say a joke to keep sane then so be it. How about we fire the news people and throw them in jail for talking

protesters cheer when they destroy and burn things. Is there a difference? P R O M O T E T H E M 🎖 Protester lucky it wasnt a real gun after he assaulted them with deadly object! I see rioters throwing objects at them and the police protecting them selves and them using colorful language. I’m the past it’s been referred to as locker room talk. Grow up! People swear. 👮‍♀️👮‍♀️👍👍

We should replace Florida with Washington DC as a State of the Union. Florida must have the highest concentration of morons, criminals, sexual deviates, bent cops of any state. Fence it off and give it to Cuba. browardcopsaretheworst i thinks it funny as well these assholes deserve so much more.look what they are doing to our country.

I'm good with that. wonder what the guy in the yellow shirt threw at the police? Pretty soon people will just stop becoming police because they’re damned if they do or don’t. wait times will skyrocket after defunding. And the same liberals that hate the police will wonder why crime in their naborhoods is skyrocketing.

Rioters disguised themselves as protestors,Actually they are terrorists try to destroy freedom and democracy of America The guy was throwning stuff at them with every intent of hurting them. I smiled that he got what was coming to him. Who cares...they were throwing stuff at the cops...they deserved rubber bullets...what law says they cant enjoy their work?

a uncivilised world while they r talking against chinese beheaviour in hong kong And we are suppose to care when cops get shot when they stay doing shitike this Lol What’s to investigate? They act like kids at the paintball park! DefundThePolice That’s a couple of guys enjoying their jobs, doing exactly what they are trained to do, the way they are trained to do it.

You mean rioters!! Not protesters!! And i would be laughing as well! They deserve it cause they are all losers!! What about the person that tossed something at them you didn’t say anything about that I wonder why Oh BooHoo. A few cops were laughing? BFD. They weren't killing people and I didn't see protesters, I saw rioters.

👍👍 I think there should be a BIG celebration for repelling these anarchists who want to overthrow this country. Not sorry. Treat them like the enemies they are. Typical leftist anti American news how about the 'protestors'. how were they behaving after? It's like those kids that feel like they can curse out a teacher all year long, and then are shocked at the moment when the teacher gets real with them.

Everyone has a right to enjoy their job. Have you see the way many of the 'protesters' have been disrespecting the police? 🖕 the 🐷🐷🐷 GREAT! I would be laughing too. Except what they should have been shooting is Rock Salt Rounds, Those little flakes would remember the sting, just like a rabid stray dogs they are. You act like an anarchist, you reap the rewards.

He realised and shhhshhshss him WHAT THE FLYING FUCK! WE NEED TO TAKE A DEEP LOOK IN THE MIRROR! Ask! How am I involved in this? How could have I not seen? WHY THE FUCK am I paying these TERRORISTS! Why are they doing this? EVERY ONE OF THEM MUST TESTIFY! OPEN COURT! FULL PUBLIC ACCESS! BLM FTP You’re journalists. Act like journalists. Those aren’t protestors. They’re rioters. It’s important to be accurate when you report a story. Unless your intention is to mislead

You mean when they shot at the thug who threw the smoke canister at them? Fire them. We are not in a war. You can’t shoot people for protesting. They’re probably fed up with the bullshit When Call of Duty isn't exciting enough.🙄 And the public is suppose to mourn when a “blue life” is taken. Screw these animals 🐷

Job well done FLPD411 👍 they are doing their job The Chief says that in the video the officers were in danger...They dont look like they are in any danger, they are just standing around taking potshots. The only thing that could maybe be considered 'dangerous' was the guy throwing back THEIR TEAR GAS.

Video shows Florida police laughing about shooting rubber bulletsNewly released body camera footage shows Florida police officers laughing and celebrating after shooting protesters with rubber bullets during a May protest against police brutality. Wasn’t that the better option? Nobody died. Should not have been breaking the law. Don’t want the horn don’t grab the bull. PEACEFUL PROTESTERS

Florida Police Heard In Video Laughing About Shooting Rubber BulletsFort Lauderdale police are heard celebrating after shooting protesters with rubber bullets during a May protest against police brutality. greg_doucette There is something wrong with the culture inherently Get these animals off the streets.

Video shows Florida officers celebrate, laugh after shooting protesters with rubber bulletsThe department said it is conducting a review of 8,000 minutes of body camera footage, but it is defending the officers involved in the video, first published by the Miami Herald. I can't stand today's protesters. Don't care Cops are terrorists. Never serve one at a restaurant or in a store, and never brake for them if they're crossing the road

Leaked documents show how police used social media to track George Floyd protestersPolice exchanged protesters&39; Twitter handles, tracked protest plans in private channels, and monitored RSVP lists to protest events on Facebook. LAW and ORDER! They weren't hard to find, I found them every time I turned on the TV bullshit

Miami cop relieved of duty after video shows him appearing to punch a woman in the faceAt least one Miami-Dade County police officer has been relieved of duty after a shocking video posted to Instagram appears to show a police officer punch her in the face. Relieved of duty? Try harder. Try some jail time. Punching a woman, shame on you sir A good 🐖 is a dead 🐖

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