Video shows Florida officers celebrate, laugh after shooting protesters with rubber bullets

Video shows Fort Lauderdale police officers laughing and celebrating after shooting protesters with rubber bullets during a late May protest against police brutality.

7/2/2020 8:20:00 PM

Video shows Fort Lauderdale police officers laughing and celebrating after shooting protesters with rubber bullets during a late May protest against police brutality.

The department said it is conducting a review of 8,000 minutes of body camera footage, but it is defending the officers involved in the video, first published by the Miami Herald.

“Beat it, little f---er,” an officer can be heard saying after shooting projectiles at a protester. The protester appears to have tossed tear gas at the police and to be walking away.Later, one officer asked another if his body camera was off, and the second officer incorrectly said it was.

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“Did you see me f--k up those motherf----rs?” one of the officers says on the video.“I got the one f---er,” the other officer replies, as the two officers laugh.The department said it is conducting a review of 8,000 minutes of body-camera footage, including from the protest on May 31, but it is defending the officers involved in the video published first by the Miami Herald.

"The Herald's story shows only two and half minutes of an 8 minute and 43 second long video. The entire video clearly demonstrates our officers were under attack by a group of people who chose to use violence instead of peace to antagonize the situation. Although the language is extreme, and offensive to some, our officers were dealing with the chaos of a developing situation," Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Rick Maglione said in a statement.

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Does anyone know if the protestors were laughing and taunting the Officers? Just sayin’ I’d be laughing too Of course, bc unlike Star Wars, democracy doesn’t die with applaud, it dies with the laughs of those who knew it was all a joke to begin with. 🖕They shot rioters NOT protesters. God bless the police!

NBC again and again created hate for police. Only nbc will stop after their offices will be looted and reporters will be hart Fire👏🏽Them👏🏽 Where are the well regulated militias to shoot back against government forces 🤔 I’ve seen soldiers cheering after Bombs get dropped on buildings, this is nothing. Idk why people are so butt hurt. You’re not gonna get many people to fight protesters and not crack jokes or make light of the situation, this kind of stuff boost morale.

Just a few bad apples? Or tip of the iceberg? PoliceBrutalityprotest Sick fucks! Bring back public hangings..strike fear back in the pigs 2 pigs were shot in the head last night I’m laughing too 🤣🥓🐷 Check the Oklahoma City cops charged with murder Tazed a guy 50 times until he died. PaulK_715 Seen this?

These are the people who should not be cops. Time for fdlepio to launch an investigation. Can i help shoot rubber bullets too Need to de-militarize the police!!! No more set up dummy videos to store up the hate Horrible. Showing that these officers know this behavior is acceptable to those officers around them..... and that's the problem.

Because it’s funny Don’t give a fuck what happens to rioters Police behavior is the very reason I dislike US police they are their own dangerous entity. Are there good police, unlikely. As corrupt as police are every cop knows of bad behavior and if they say nothing about it that is also dangerous bad behavior.

Stop pretending it’s an aberration! Forever, police sheriffs and law enforcement at large has taken anybody that applied! Raise the damn standards! Manage better! Accountability! Consequences! Stop hiring least likely to succeed! Stop hiring bigots! Good for them... you have to enjoy your work blue lives

Good!!! boysinblue 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 It says a lot about the people you hire to 'serve and protect...' Good ol boys with their expensive govt/warfare toys. This is indefensible Damn Shame. SMH😡 And? Is this the same Broward County sheriff's office you guys lauded after Marjorie Stoneman Douglas? Oh my! How the worm has turned!

Good for the Police Officers. Wow and they ask if the body cam is off? That is crazy! NBC does not know the difference between rioters and protesters. Oh Nothing wrong with levity and celebration after dealing with rioters who don’t GAF about hurting anyone. Good. That peaceful rioter tossed tear gas back at the cops.

The mindset is us vs. Them. Cops have a very tough job. Give cops a our cops. You going to shoe the protesters celebrating after throwing things at police too?! FakeNews What did the protester throw at the Police officer in the video? Your “reporting” is VILE. Promoting the far left, anti-police and pro revolution position consistently. You are not “News”. You are agenda-driven propaganda. You continue to spiral downward. Of no service to America.

No main stream media reporting on the arrest of Ghislane Maxwell..... I wonder why? How many of the elite politicians, CEOs, news personalities and others are seriously considering the 'final' option right about now..... Where's their humanity? A 16 yr.old black youth was filled with real bullets for daring to drive into a CHAZ barrier last Sunday and killed by the Marxist security militants there. You gonna report this crap but not on him?! What was his name?! Who was his killer...smh

demilitarize the police. hold. them. accountable. Rioters are not protestors. We all laughing at these village idiots getting what they deserve ! My local news showed rioters laughing as they burned down half my city(Mpls). Save your hypocrisy for someone who gives a sh*t Good! We high five at work when we do a good job and close a sale. News people probably do the same after a great segment. Why should cops be any different? Scattering vermin is a good day at the office for our best in blue. What’s the phrase...”By any means necessary”?

Acting like it’s the game of paintball. It appears there’s no more honor in respecting life When I think of taking a vacation, it certainly isn't going to Fla. If it's not the police trying to kill you, it's their politicians that don't care if you live or die as long as their economy doesn't take a hit. More worried about money than lives.

NBC NMSL I can see J. C-------- on the one douche back cop. Can't make out the rest of his name I like how police departments went out of their way to PROVE that there was a need for protests against POLICE BRUTALITY. Notice they didn't rubber bullet/bash armed anti-shutdown protesters. Be happy in your work.

Do you understand what ‘gallows humour’ is? Every stressful profession has their own version and there are fewer professions more stressful today than policing, esp. when filthy, liberal media paints all cops as violent racists. , you are FakeNews! K The police had good reason to shoot rubber bullets. Protestors threw tear gas at police? Don’t poke the bear.

I’m laughing too “Protesters” or Router/Looters? Words mean things and Protesters implies legal peace protests which these weren’t or they wouldn’t shot anything at them!!! so was I Hell yeah! I would too BackTheBlue BLMTerrorists AntifaTerrorists MAGA2020 What? Cops enjoy hurting people No way!!!😒 drain that blue swamp!

I think I’d do the same at this point. Zero professional training or discipline. Time to clean house and start over. It's totally inappropriate to laugh at ANTIFA being crybabies over small pieces of rubber that sting and gas that doesn't make them feel good 🙄 That was a nice shot.😀 while disgusting us news still bashing china for human rights violation. funny

See how the Media is trying to demonize the Police? Trumps America is a complete joke. Actually worse than I expected it to be and that's saying something. Cops are either losers or abusers. Yep police just being police. And they wonder why a lot of people hold them in such disdain. Do you understand what ‘gallows humour’ is? Every stressful job has its own version of it and few jobs are more stressful when every news outlet in North America is painting all cops as violent racists. , you are FakeNews!

Love it! Every new police officer in every new town and city should be screened for personality traits that may indicate a lack of respect for the people they are supposed to serve and protect. If a person takes pleasure on inflicting pain, they are not suitable! BLM Cops are trash. All of them. Don’t tell me there are good cops. There aren’t. There are the obvious bad cops, and the rest of the cops never turn in the bad cops. Look the other way. Pretend they don’t see.

Still laughing They are laughing at the stupidity it takes to throw the canister back at the officers. You have to watch the entire video. What NBC is typical. Only show you what fits their narrative Defund this shit! The 'We sIdE wIth thE pOlicE' people let me see how you condemn this foolish act. these are the same cowards that if you put them in an actual war scenario they would coward like bitches.. i've seen it first hand. look at them playing war against people that can't shoot back. can't wait to go to war against these pigs

Don't worry America, we have your back! Love it. Checking that his mate's camera is OFF is a pretty big indication of consciousness of guilt. the rats got what they asked for Job satisfaction is important. Good. Little shits needed their ass kicked. If their parents hadn’t failed at their job the kids wouldn’t be getting involved with law enforcement. Believe it or not it’s possible to go through life without police run ins. Just obey the law. Simple concept.

I would celebrate too if I were given the chance to shoot doiche bags with rubber bullets! How do these people get jobs as police officers? Disgusting. Overhaul and demilitarize the entire system. CC: greg_doucette We have a lot of cleaning up to do. This is Trump’s idea of law and order! BackTheBlue Two years police academy training

Does this mean we can legally shoot back yet? So...about the defunding... Let's do it. This is god damn insane. I also laughed. 🤷🏻‍♀️ They should be happy they weren’t hollow points No sane person should take joy in hurting their fellow neighbor. The police are the enemy. reformthepolice Biden2020 Good no problem here.

I'm laughing myself. Can't see the issue? As they should. You lawless supporting communist MSM jerks are hated Verbal abuse is a crime committed by police. They should be fired and the chief 2. Well if yall really understood what Police Officers go through and the stuff they see almost everyday and All the just dumb things they have to deal with you would understand they laugh at at many things to keep from crying they are not machines they are humans.

Creeps! You treat people that acts like animals like they are animals NBC is pathetic, you need new management and they should start eliminating people starting with Chuck then Lester and definitely Savanna!!! Why is this a problem? NBC constantly proves it is the enemy of our constitution. NBC hates the police and they hate America.

Gotta be fun putting a bee sting on these losers Their only regret is that they were told to use rubber bullets instead of real ones. DefundThePolice And this is why people hate cops. I can not breath, MUM! 美国人权真好,哈哈,拿枪到处扫,警察直接跪死老百姓! 哈哈,这狗屁人权就是好! Genitally mutilated men (who as a result have fucked mental health from lack of sexual pleasure and can't show empathy) in a country with absolutely zero responsible gun legislation. What could go wrong when it comes to policing? NOTHING changes in US policing until gun leg. does

Their epitaphs are written and hell is waiting! I wish I could say this surprises me. But it's just more evidence that the Police are Out of Control. I thought it was hilarious too. For2000years Home of the Brave. lol Late May? Does NBC need a calendar, or just some unbiased reporters? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Good its funny 😄 its rubber bullets u ain't gonna die I wish theyd use some paintball guns maybe theyll stop this crapn and if ur using rubber bullets they arent protestors protests are supposed to be planned organized amd permit this is none of that

Yeah, I would laugh and celebrate too. The protesters do the same thing. They've been trained to respond against deadly force. This is overkill when they are responding to situations with lower danger. We have 1.2 guns per person in the U.S. Too many guns. Too high a risk. Take that down and cops can train & respond like they do in safer countries.

Disgusting! Stop telling black people that there's only 1 bad apple. The majority are evil bad boys that hate black people. It's like a gang with a license to kill. Wake up! Really taking the side of Terrorist NBC has lost the public's confidence Tell me again how there ARE good cops? The racist stupidity never ceases to amaze me 🤬🤬

NBC..just continues to stir up the pot!! I laugh at BLM everyday. Anything good you want to say? Well done! My only problem with this is them using rubber bullets. Next time, don’t waste rubber. So f’ng what? Should they have cried? Protesters? Try anarchists. 'The Herald's story shows only two and half minutes of an 8 minute and 43 second long video. The entire video clearly demonstrates our officers were under attack by a group of people who chose to use violence instead of peace to antagonize the situation.”

They should have been taking score! Lol! Nice !! Protesters - lol Who cares if they laugh. If these protesters had any respect for Law Enforcement they wouldn’t be in this mess. Why don't you show all the videos of the protestors/rioters/looters ANTIFA SPITTING/SWEARING AND BEATING UP COPS EVERY DAY. THANKS FOR BE ONE SIDED FAKE NEWS.

rhonda_harbison Sick So what. When the BLM low life MFers are throwing stuff you don’t think their laughing? If he killed him and laughed that would be another story Rioters/vandals aren't protestors... Jerks So? Stop calling them protestors. BLM & Antifa are domestic terrorists. Protesting isn't rioting, looting, burning things and assaulting people.

I laughed too. Can’t blame them. After all the shit they pull, it might be hard to restrain the satisfaction of finally being able to do something about it. What's wrong with that? I grin and celebrate when I'm having fun at work too. Shooting anarchists and looters should be enjoyed. Most people laugh - these were not “protesters” these were destructioniststs.

rosierifka Toure finneyk Can’t lie. I grinned a little. 'Later, one officer asked another if his body camera was off, and the second officer incorrectly said it was.' What other criminaly activities were they doing that's not recorded? And the words they used sound like gangster in uniforms. So? Who gives a shit? They weren’t “protesters”. They were rioters. I too celebrate when I win stupid games. Nice try, NBC. Move on to your next faux outrage.

Ah to protect and serve...themselves. I would be too. Fish in a barrel what is the big fuzz. They were having a great time like shooting fish in a bucket. This videos make me believing in humanity again. Thanks to the FLPD for reestablishing order. It looks like NDC News is incapable of having a sense of humor.

You know there are a lot of really great Police Officers out there that are doing a wonderful job! However, there are a few bad actors like these idiot's that give all of them a bad rap! Don't like it....Stay out of Florida! I mean if the protesters were rioting they probably deserved to get shot with rubber bullets... I don't think it really matters if they celebrate though..

That’s normal human behaviour post adrenaline rush isn’t it They are laughing because he begged for it. Wiseronenow So many of them are recruited from the klan and other hate groups. I would to, you know how long i have wanted to shoot hippies with rubber bullets It is now official. Cops are nazi's These cops are not making it easier to argue against defunding are they

I didn’t even see it and I’m laughing! 😂🤣😂🤣 I'm not surprised by this. These people, they just want to hurt, and definitely love to hurt. How these psychopaths could pass their psychological examinations I think demands an investigation. How about bringing this shit up during that time. Not 2 months after. I swear the news media wants to divide us even more instead of healing and uniting us. They're not your friends.

Where's the constitution lovers? To busy groveling to see this. I can promise you. If I ever shoot anyone with a rubber bullet. I will laugh. 'The Golden State Serial Killer Crew' in action Too bad these officers weren't shooting those rubber bullets at politicians like De Blasio, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, etc.

Great he should protect himself Heck yeah, I would laugh and celebrate too with the way they have been attacking and shooting cops. They chant 'pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon' over and over then cry because the same objects of their hatred push back? I wish the cops would go ham on those commies.

Yep Why we kneel. Nice! ...And they cry about snot in their Big Mac. Good, this cheered me up. Thanks for sharing. Good! OUT They should not be allowed to turn the cameras off... nationwide... it defeats its purpose I also celebrated. 👏👏👏 They should celebrate.....did you want them to high five anti police protestors?

Just a few bad apples. Protesters or anarchists This is bad Not helpful. Have to admit. It does sound fun Imagine going to work every Day with thousands of People PLOTTING the Downfall of our Great President Donald J Trump. and the President still Make everyone's LIFE Better - even those who HATE HIM. Get rid of the bad cops and hire good people looking for a job.

Should always have fun at your job. It makes the day go faster How about every tenth release, mix in a positive story just to keep us guessing Dicks. Stopping barbaric Marxists is worth celebrating. These thugs destroy the livelihoods of innocent pepple. They physically and verbally assault innocent people. Of course the media stands by thugs and continues to promote violence and destruction. Evil media- you Will face GOD.

How would cops feel if protesters threw rocks at cops and laughed 'in the closet of culture behind climatedenial homophobia + racism we find misogyny hiding way in the back, insidious odor seeping so deep in the fabric, it's in the stitches'© protests2020 🎬 This is great! Defend our city from the mob please. Law and order is great!

Don't come to south florida thinking you in New York Good, everyone should enjoy their job. But seriously, they are put in an almost war like situation, who cares if they call the enemy names and laugh about it. Florida. 🙄 Protestors R violent insurrectionists more than protestors. illegal 2 violently protest in USA. Rubber bullets is better than real ones. Can't please media. protestors laugh when people get hurt, U cheer them on. Police laugh when they stop violence & U demonize them. MM arr

Remember when they used to shoot looters with real bullets? This seems a merciful improvement. Less harsh on evildoers. I can't wait until Project_Veritas gets evidence of you clowns laughing after unfairly trashing a conservative, or group of them. Like you all did with those HS kids in DC when they were the victims. You reap what you sow. TruthHurts TruthMatters

And this makes them terrible people? The protesters have done much, much worse. Well good for him why y'all not showing how they the so called peaceful protestors throw insults at the cops .... Yeah we see y'all selectively showing things to stroke the fire more what happened not enough votes for the Democrats y'all need another civil war

They deserve every rubber shot those paid thugs paid to divide country . That's sick It's time to cops stopped the madness that you, NBC promote Good! Power corrupts. Watch 'The Corporate Media's Crimes against Americans' on YouTube It’s like a video game to them. America. Typical Broward County law enforcement.

Because they enjoy brutalizing citizens. it's why they became cops in the first place What will it take for people to realize that most cops see all non cops as inferior? Cops are terrorists. Never serve one at a restaurant or in a store, and never brake for them if they're crossing the road I can't stand today's protesters. Don't care

Florida officers 'relieved of duty' after video shows one hitting womanFlorida police involved in an incident in which a woman was hit by an officer at Miami International Airport have been 'relieved of duty,' the director of Miami-Dade police says. police accountability? what is this that's happening. it's only too bad george floyd had to be choked to death on camera so these things, a very very long time coming could be changed for the betterment of all. we owe george floyd a great debt of gratitude. 🎯Hispanic business thief get locked inside the biz. And she wasn't doing anything. 95% of the complaints against the Police ARE A JOKE!

Video shows Florida police laughing about shooting rubber bulletsNewly released body camera footage shows Florida police officers laughing and celebrating after shooting protesters with rubber bullets during a May protest against police brutality. Wasn’t that the better option? Nobody died. Should not have been breaking the law. Don’t want the horn don’t grab the bull. PEACEFUL PROTESTERS

Florida officer caught on video pushing over kneeling protester charged with batteryA Fort Lauderdale police officer captured on video last month appearing to push over a kneeling protester who had her hands up has been charged with battery, authorities say. TimesUp part 2 good! we need to get the criminals out of the police force.

Florida Police Heard In Video Laughing About Shooting Rubber BulletsFort Lauderdale police are heard celebrating after shooting protesters with rubber bullets during a May protest against police brutality. greg_doucette There is something wrong with the culture inherently Get these animals off the streets.

Jermiah Braswell Wild Arrest Video Shows Cops Pulling NFL WR Out of LakeUPDATE: Jermiah Braswell Wild Arrest Video Shows Cops Pulling NFL WR Out of Lake Drunk drivers need to be outcasted from society. Go live in a forest, scum Racist Ohio coppers He fucked up and ruin his career. It’s sad

'Shocked and angered': Miami police director calls for investigation after video shows officer punching womanAt one point, the woman yelled at the officer, 'What you going to do?' The officer responded by hitting her in the face before pushing her to the ground, the video shows. Good for the cop! I would have done the same thing. Obidenshit$59 billion cash payouts Just shoot her🤔💪😥🤪🙄🐍🐍🐖😀