Billionaries, lobbyists reap PPP loan windwall

Lots of other multimillionaires and billionaires, and country clubs, and private jet companies were feeding at the government while small businesses went bankrupt. Joy says, “The reverse robin hood list reads like a political dossier.”

7/9/2020 4:39:00 AM

'Lots of other multimillionaires and billionaires ... and private jet companies were feeding at the government trough while small businesses went bankrupt,' JoyAnnReid says on PPP loans. “The reverse robin hood list reads like a political dossier.”

Lots of other multimillionaires and billionaires, and country clubs, and private jet companies were feeding at the government while small businesses went bankrupt. Joy says, “The reverse robin hood list reads like a political dossier.”

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JoyAnnReid This is how Trump manages catastrophes - making the rich richer when people are going bankrupt. Yet Republicans are supposedly against government handouts. 🙄 JoyAnnReid JoyAnnReid It would take a common citizen 192 years of receiving the $600 per week unemployment payment to equal $6m in PPP many affluent billionaires received. Yet, that runs out in 2weeks for 18m citizens.

JoyAnnReid Mutch stacked the deck againà JoyAnnReid Crooked. No oversight. Congress needs to prosecute after the election. JoyAnnReid Make them give it back People are being put on the streets with children. We can use that money to pay rent. JoyAnnReid That’s what happens when the republicans rule and lobbyists right the policy

JoyAnnReid First the GOP targeted the middle class, now small businesses. Next up: Social Security. They’ve already targeted minorities and those in prisons and nursing homes by failing to quickly and adequately deal with COVID in those locations. JoyAnnReid Of course Trump wouldn’t help small businesses when there are billionaires to worry about.

JoyAnnReid Gee, I wonder why people tend not to trust government? JoyAnnReid America has always valued $ more than her citizens ⬇️ I came with proof JoyAnnReid GOPGrifters JoyAnnReid Trumps corruption continues JoyAnnReid DNC better clean this shit up, or get rid of payroll tax JoyAnnReid I'm so tired. I'm truly depressed. The corruption in the USA looks like a 3rd world banana republic. I'm doubting we will ever clean it up.

JoyAnnReid I'm not surprised. JoyAnnReid Swamp drainin'. Fk every single person who voted for this con man. JoyAnnReid The same people that claim to want to help people are taking advantage. JoyAnnReid Did she mention Trump-hating Democrat hero Robert DeNiro?

Private-Equity Firms Borrow From PPP, Despite Later Rule Barring ThemA number of private-equity firms received millions of dollars in loans from a taxpayer-backed program despite being told they weren’t allowed to access the money, an analysis of U.S. Small Business Administration data shows. WSJ blows Thanks for revealing the inept and corrupt truth of this administration.

Here are some of the billionaires who got PPP loans while small businesses went bankruptThe fine art studio for millionaire sculptor Jeff Koons, known for creating metal balloon animals that fetch tens of millions of dollars at auction, received a loan. So you can imprison and beat people, like Scientology, and get free taxpayer money to retain the people who imprison and beat others. Good to know. TrumpCrimeSyndicate and GOP at work. Why the hell dies this organization get money? I bet Liberty University and the 700 Club/CBN, And OANN got money also to his is a wholesale rippoff of America people wake the hell up Kushner, and all his cronies got money like Kanya West this is a travesty of Justice worst!

Lawmakers and Transportation Secretary’s family-owned business collectively received millions of dollars in PPP loansThe Trump administration issued a ‘blanket approval’ ruling in mid-April that allowed lawmakers to avoid an ethical review for potential conflicts of interest when applying for a PPP loan. I want my 10k By 'lawmakers' you mean the Senate Majority Leader Seams like you burried the lead there That’s why they didn’t want to publish...figures

Among those who got PPP loans: Washington lobbying firmsMore than two dozen Washington lobbying, public affairs and consulting firms received loans from the federal government to help them weather the pandemic Not only did we get sick. We got robbed!!! Feeding the Swamp. Huh. Not what Trump said he would do. For anyone still interested. What? They shouldn’t be eligible.

Vocal Opponents Of Federal Spending Took PPP Loans, Including Ayn Rand Institute, Grover Norquist GroupNorquist and Citizens Against Government Waste have both criticized the CARES Act, with Norquist saying the bill's unemployment program 'delays growth.' GroverNorquist you sir, are a fraud. SenateGOP senatemajldr are the swamp. What a bunch of crooks. GiveTheMoneyBack or rot in prison. The corruption in Washington is vile. realDonaldTrump is human filth Rules for thee but not for me

Want a PPP loan? You can still applyApplications for PPP loans are due by Aug. 8. In other coronavirus news: Gyms in California now must require patrons to wear masks indoors. Only for friends of Trump. If there's anything left. Trump Stole a Bunch of it. He gave it to his Allies, REPUBLICANS, Kushners, Kayne West, and the list goes on. Spectrum cable will steal your money. Do NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. If you have an account with them switch to WOW, ATT, Home or any other cable company besides Spectrum. Their CEO RUTLEDGE is endorsing the stealing of monies during a PANDEMIC!! GetSpectrum Ask_Spectrum RT pls