Beto O’Rourke is calling for Texas Governor to resign, citing coronavirus response

“We should be outraged and angered and demanding more from our leaders,' Beto O’Rourke says on Texas coronavirus response. 'And that’s why I took the step within the last couple of days of asking Gov. Abbott to resign. He’s clearly not up to this moment.”

7/9/2020 4:21:00 AM

“We should be outraged and angered and demanding more from our leaders,' Beto O’Rourke says on Texas coronavirus response. 'And that’s why I took the step within the last couple of days of asking Gov. Abbott to resign. He’s clearly not up to this moment.”

Fmr. Congressman Beto O’Rourke talks to Joy Reid about Texas government’s handling of the coronavirus and how they should proceed on opening schools in the fall. O'Rourke is also calling for Texas Governor Greg Abbott to resign: “We should be outraged and angered and demanding more from our leaders. And that’s why I took the step within the last couple of days to ask Governor Abbott to resign. He’s clearly not up for this moment.”

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The problem with this is that idiot dan patrick takes over. He’s way worse What an idiot. I’d love to tell him what we’d like for him to do but I’d get banned. Someone tell that moronic furbie to go back to robbing and driving drunk. He was more successful at that than politics. Beto is a joke. Thank you, Sir.

O’Rourke is hoping Biden wins the President election, and keeps his promise to O’Rourke about having him appointed to taking all law biding citizens semi automatic weapons. What does O’Rourke do for a living since losing elections? You are delusional.. the Democratic are the ones shooting each other... but that’s a product of a boarding school education

Who is this guy again? Well, the Ebola crisis is one thing., Don't give me that malarkey.. Well, the Ebola crisis is one thing.. I would do exactly what we did then.. We need a president who will get back and fairness in need Texas doesn’t have leadership much less a plan. When county judges wanted to hold back re opens what does Abbott say: Open; Masks: up to you. Now he is mimicking Trump: local authorities not doing it right. AbbottFailedTexas AbbottResign

Beto looks high. Jmalco Neither is Donald Trump! Would you do the same with our president please? -Ask him to resign as well. That’s the Democratic way these days. We didn’t vote for you, we don’t like you, so step down (or impeach, whatever). How about coming up with policies a majority ofpeople like and see how that goes.

Trying to stay relevant! Just take the L and move on beta Beto should lasso him with platitudes. He doesn't look well himself either. Didn’t he lose at something awhile back ? ❤😍 Beto is a ridiculous fool.... LOL BOZO TRUMP 2020 The WANNA be LATINO ROBERT FRANCIS O’ROURKE is wanting to be still be in the loop 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

jenn_ebel BetoORourke TX_Legislature needs to be active in oversight, emergency bills, etc... but they're not. They should be looking at impeachment of Abbott... It's like Texas has no legislative branch at all. Love you and your surprises, Beto. Run against him, Beto! Run him out! Schools should not open until Dr.Anthony Fauci says it safe for children to attend! TrustFauciNotTrump TrustFauciNotTrump TrustFauciNotTrump

Did he text that from his skateboard? Bwahahahahahahaha. Once a loser....................... Abbott is better in charge than Patrick!!! More ppl will die under Patrick Betoe... what a tool. BetoORourke Beto looks like hes smoked to much weed or crack. Abbott is a great govenor and Beto is a wanna be MrsB_PNW ResignAbbott And while we’re at it ResignTrump ResignBarr ResignMoscowMitch ResignLeningradLindsey ResignGymJordan The list of cynical compromised enablers is too long...

Breaking: Unemployed loser wants to ruin the life of a handicapped civil servant. Thank you BetoORourke for all speaking truth and calling out the bullshit Amen The Covid 19 deaths per million residents by states: how many governors have to resign now ? New Jersey 1695 New York 1615 Connecticut 1208 Massachusetts 1163 Michigan 614 Maryland 614 Illinois 554 Georgia 261 Arizona 217 Florida 158 California 149 Texas 82

I’d ask Dan Patrick, first. He’s still in “it’s just a cold” mold. He doesn’t do the things you want so you’re answer is to ask him to resign? That’s like him asking you to move out of his state because you don’t agree with him. It’s called elections! I would ask Beto to resign but he doesn’t have a job . 😎

FYI. This kind of action makes no difference. It takes a complete system overhaul for any meaningful change to occur. So should JohnCornyn he thinks it’s a big hoax too. Disgrace to America What a tool Hey Beto you resign and disappear from our lives. guacamole

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HHS Launches ‘Surge’ COVID-19 Testing in Hotspot Jurisdictions in Florida, Louisiana and TexasHHS is announcing free COVID-19 testing in Jacksonville, Florida; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and Edinburg, Texas. Surge testing efforts will temporarily increase federal support to communities where there has been a recent and intense level of new cases and hospitalizations related to the ongoing outbreak. This should have been done months ago. Too late Trump Fucks. Phoenix, AZ?

Texas surpasses 200,000 coronavirus cases after 4th of July holiday weekendA spokesman for the health agency said the state may see a “big increase” in new cases this week as more local jurisdictions report data after the holiday weekend. Due to tedros Let the GOP & Trump's delusion burn into every American's memory: 1/22 “We have it totally under control.” 2/10 “When it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away” 2/28 'this is their new hoax.' 6/17 “It’s fading away” 6/18 “The numbers are starting to get very good” But I thought that it had a 14 day incubation .. Guess if BLM riot did spread covid anything is possible right ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Letter From Texas: Life in a Coronavirus Hot Zone, With No End in SightA new resident of Dallas has spent four of her first six months in lockdown, waiting for that day when she can walk out the door without fear. But now the virus is back, more terrifying than ever. Web Browser: Safer - Faster - Better. Download & install it for free - Brave is a High Performance browser with Awesome Security & Privacy. Try it Now! 3x Faster Than Any Browser. Adblocker Pre-installed. Download & Start Protect your web browsing Now! Wow you really turned into a trashy magazine 🙄😒 Virus is not terrifying. People are brainwashed.

Hospitals in Florida, Texas and Arizona Are Almost at Capacity as Coronavirus Cases SurgeConfirmed cases are on the rise in 41 out of 50 states plus the District of Columbia why don't you ask. the Florida governor why he is opening schools

Remains found in Texas confirmed to be those of slain soldier Vanessa GuillenThe remains were found near a river June 30. A suspect in her death died by suicide, and a woman has been charged in the case. wow. Very sad 😞 Why is the largest military installation on our nations soil unable to maintain a level of security and safety for our military sisters and brothers who have signed to sacrifice their lives for our country? Why is Fort Hood not more secure inside the walls and out It’s this just a trending thing..there was a Soldiers remains found a week ago that didn’t make your headlines neither did the dozen other missing unsolved US Army Murders.. investigate LaVena Johnson and others