Bill Maher Says the Young, the Woke and Kevin Hart Suffer From 'Progress-o-phobia'

Bill Maher Says the Young, the Woke and Kevin Hart Suffer From 'Progress-o-phobia'

6/12/2021 4:16:00 PM

Bill Maher Says the Young, the Woke and Kevin Hart Suffer From 'Progress-o-phobia'

Bill Maher went deep Friday night with blistering words for young people, super-woke folks and Kevin Hart ... diagnosing all of them with a severe case of 'progress-o-phobia.'

... diagnosing all of them with a severe case of"progress-o-phobia."Maher -- a take-no-prisoners liberal who is not afraid to call out like-minded individuals who he says go way too far -- lambasts Americans who complain things have never been worse.

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The 'Real Time' host makes a solid case ... we have achieved progress in race relations, gay rights, drug policies, and on and on, yet there's a sizable contingent who believe we've hit rock bottom.Bill calls out Kevin Hart in particular, who told the NY Times,"You're witnessing white power and privilege at an all-time high." Maher tears that apart with examples of past atrocities like Tulsa, KKK violence and massive, forced segregation.

He's quick to mention ... there's still racism, police violence, the works, but things are better than before.And, this is where B.M. tears into Gen Z, informing them there was actually a world before they were born, yet they are unwilling or unable to contextualize their grievances.

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Relocating a commercial spacecraft at the space station, while another one gets ready to launch to the station, and Perseverance prepares for a mission miles...

I’ve always thought bill was full of it but I do agree with him when talking with kelvin. Maher has a point,but🐘s didjust kill+600,000🇺🇲s so Kevin could,have a point. Plus Jan6th,& 🐘s lie Biden didnt win 2020,so🐘s can pass voter fraud to fight imaginary fraud so🐘s can win by losing which is losing at least twice in each election they steal &its voter fraud=illegal

Bill Maher Slams Vaccinated Mask Wearers, Joe Manchin, Harry & Meghan & Talks UFOs With Neil deGrasse TysonBill Maher is taking on people who plan to still wear masks and socially distance in California after June 15. The host of HBO’s Real Time, who was forced to cancel a couple of shows after testing … He’s a tool. Tell me he is going down in the ratings. I use to watch his show. Bill Maher the ahole who prob would have not got covid if he bothered to wear a mask. I can't. How does he have a fcking show.

New York state assembly passes bill that would create gender-neutral marker on state identificationA New York bill that would allow people to use a gender-neutral 'X' as a gender marker on driver's licenses and birth certificates passed the New York State Assembly on Thursday and now goes to the governor for final approval. That is hypocrisy... How pathetic, when did all this nonsense over gender begin, barely a day goes by without a pathetic story about gender . Pathetic Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad! The white man has dumbed himself down it the age of the black and brown god save the white man😂

South Korean Politician Accused of 'Using' Jungkook to Promote BillThe bill is trying to liberalize tattooing in South Korea. I really don't see what they have against idols having tattoos... it's their body, let them do what they want. Yes the politician used Jungkook to promote the bill but what bothers me is the excuses of said BTS fans. It is a good thing to liberalize tattooing so that koreans, like Jungkook himself, dont have to hide or feel outcasted by society for something they wanted 4 themselves.

Kamala Harris, yet to visit border, meeting TX Dems who blocked voting billSymone Sanders, senior advisor and chief spokesperson to Vice President Kamala Harris, said Harris would meet with Texas Democrats 'who in May blocked passage of legislation that would have made it significantly harder for the people of Texas to vote.' We can Not go into the impoverished community to ask for donations to Help their Kid's, when it's our job to Help them.. our agenda is gonna take the upper class citizens that care about the future.. PromoteAKTUstudents Screenshot from our online class How one can understand Only 1 month study in this quality has been done and university is forcing to give exams Help Help Help

Texas Democrats who defeated restrictive voting bill to meet with HarrisThe meeting, which is scheduled for Wednesday, comes as Democrats face steep hurdles to passing federal election reforms in a closely divided Senate.

Senate Dems consider changing voting & elections bill to win Manchin’s voteEzra Klein tells Lawrence O’Donnell that Sen. Manchin has put Democrats in a “tough situation” by creating two separate hurdles to legislate: opposing the voting and elections bills and refusing to eliminate the filibuster. He says it’s hard to see what Manchin’s “Plan B” is and suggests that Democrats should focus on passing popular legislation to win more Senate seats in 2022 “where then Manchin is not the deciding vote on everything.” thanks I don't care if we lose that seat, this whanker needs to be primaried next cycle. There needs to be consequences for a Democrat acting like a Republican Manchin is doing EXACTLY what DNC wants, expects him to do. This 30 year old 'Rotating Villain' tactic doesn't fool anyone anymore.