Rep. Paul Gosar learned the hard way: supporting the insurrection has consequences in Congress

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6/12/2021 4:04:00 PM

Opinion | Rep. Paul Gosar learned the hard way: supporting the insurrection has consequences in Congress. By RepRaulGrijalva

Business Insider tells the global tech, finance, markets, media, healthcare, and strategy stories you want to know.

went so far as to suggest, disingenuously, that his bill would be the one discussed on May 24. It was not.This is worse than crocodile tears. This is rewriting history. Rep. Gosar pretending on the one hand that a violent attack on the US Capitol is all much ado about nothing and, on the other, that he

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isn'tfacing pushback for his leading role that day, suggests that he isn't as ready to sacrifice for his cause as he wants his supporters to believe. If he is proud of his record, he should forthrightly say as much. Instead, we are seeing a deliberate effort to muddy the waters by a member of Congress who seems incapable of dealing with the real consequences of his actions before, during, and after January 6.

Those who try to sanitize what happened during the attack on the Capitol are free to do so, but outside their bubble, they have destroyed their credibility. Federal law enforcement agencies continue to make arrests in connection with a multitude of crimes committed that day. The big lie — that Donald Trump really won in the 2020 election — continues to

wreak very public havoc, both in Arizona and elsewhere, and will unfortunately take a long time to die.As a lifelong Democrat, I'm not in the habit of quoting Richard Nixon, but as he once observed,"The best and only answer to a smear or to an honest misunderstanding of the facts is to tell the truth." I have no doubt that Rep. Gosar continues to believe himself the victim of smears and misunderstandings. But he needs to remember that his colleagues were there that day on the floor of the House, heading for the exits at the very moment his supporters broke into the building because of the false and dangerous story he was telling.

It's time for him — and his like-minded colleagues who are similarly avoiding responsibility — to start telling the truth, not least of all to themselves. Their actions are unpopular, and with Democrats in the majority in Congress, there will continue to be consequences.

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