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Bill Gates Says We Aren’t Ready for the Next Pandemic

Tens of millions have fallen into extreme poverty during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Gates Foundation says.

9/14/2021 6:45:00 AM

Bill Gates warned six years ago that the biggest potential killer the world faced was a pandemic. Now, he says not enough is being done to prepare for the next one.

Tens of millions have fallen into extreme poverty during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Gates Foundation says.

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Delta wants other airlines to share 'no-fly' lists of unruly passengers

Delta says it currently has about 1,600 people on its no-fly list for bad passenger behavior.

LOL. These people are not prophets, Bill Gates is the guy who couldn't keep Windows from getting VIRUSES and could not keep his marriage together. Even his own wife CAN'T STAND HIM. Because of his association with Epstein maybe? Or what he is into? ;) you know what I mean. He created it… lol!!!! Telling someone something is coming that you created isnt genius…

Of course. The vaccine is the pandemic... Next? The last one is over since April 2020. WTF are you talking about Mr Window virus ? Fix Windows first....pls We ought to differentiate between natural Pandemic and man made Pandemic... We have to force nations to quit biological and mass destruction weapons... Our children are getting approximately 20 vaccines till 5 years, every decade adds another one...

We know. Scary. But it is involves too much brain power to deal with it so everyone to include public health experts would just rather ignore it and try to get rich like him and believe that money will somehow save them from the next pandemic. Yes, not enough is being done forcefully. As Americans think they are owed a right to choose their own way of life is absurd. Ask the rich man who thinks they aren’t worthy to be on this earth

First he need to not say anything. People believe he’s behind this one. And the divide that’s happening will continue until the right people step up and speak. The next he’s working on he means, along with the vaccines for them Is bill gates an astrologer

Bill Gates’ Investment Firm Buys Controlling Stake In Four Seasons Hotels For $2.2 BillionGates’ Cascade Investment LLC will purchase half of Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal's stake in the luxury hotel chain.

Oh no bills got another for us someone needs to stop this nut job Preparing for another mascar Holocast of commoners...Cleansing by the GATES 😠☠️☠️ The one he helped create? Gotcha. I bet he is busy creating it. Creating a virus and warning about it is witch craft. The 'NEXT' one? At least the world will survive to see the next one ☝️

so is he starting the next one The 6yr Plan Stage one destroy the world economy, Stage 2 take advantage of the fear remove freedoms, 3 create govt dependency. 4 make money destroying small business. 5 Create addiction. he is succeeding because of the sheeple rushing to be jabbed for a virus 99.5% safe


Bill Gates’ Investment Firm Buys Controlling Stake In Four Seasons Hotels For $2.2 BillionGates’ Cascade Investment LLC will purchase half of Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal's stake in the luxury hotel chain. I thought Four Seasons Total Landscaping was the place to invest. Ooops. Work with someone who will bring positive changes into your life LisaDonalldT has brought peace into my life and that of my house hold and I will always appreciate her for the good work. good

Le réchauffement climatique va durer 20.000 ans_vidéo : le réchauffement va durer encore 20.000 ans, car c’est un phénomène dû à l’astronomie, obliquité de la terre, excentricité et précession, 3 paramètres découverts par MILANKOVIC. bruh why have we not put this man in the electric chair Marete a die moeskont, bloody psychopath

Eish, these old and evil reptilians & their new world order. Looks like he did not make enough in the present one. Funny, he’s partly responsible for this pandemic and now he’s gone out of sight out of mind. We won’t forget. You capitalists are rogues. You people make money by inflicting harm to the people. Entire world is under the clutches of capitalists whose only motto is to make money by inflicting miseries on people and forcing them in to slavery.

I don’t trust him…. Of course the US is not ready for the next pandemic when our second largest state bans public money being spent on contact tracing, one of the most fundamental tools to control infectious disease. It is not about money. Gates invested Vax! OMG!

Gates Foundation annual report says Covid pushed 31 million into dire poverty, child vaccine rates fellCovid has reversed global progress on eliminating poverty by four years, according to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's fifth-annual Goalkeeper report. horrible Not COVID19 , Politicans Did That Covid has 99% survival rate only thing that forced people into poverty are politicians

Please just stop Bill. We are sick of your pandemics. I realize you want to decrease world population. But just stop already. No thank you i dont eat McDonald's anymore insane ignorant arrogant parasite belong in a institution Who? The microchip guy, oh ok..😂 Pandemics that he has a part in starting....

Time for a service pack in the third booster shot Instresting comment coming from a guy that just happens to own a few labs including donations to the Wuhan lab in China. Perhaps he can throw around a few of his billions to help out, instead of putting it in a scam 'foundation' to dodge taxes If I read 50 books a year I will learn to predict crises like Bill Gates.

Ongoing is Plandemic not Pandemic

Sen. Joe Manchin says there's no way to pass $3.5 trillion budget bill by September 27Manchin's comments come as lawmakers work to approve the budget bill without the support of Republicans. Hes just a left wing republican like most establishment dems Joe Manchin's daughter, Heather Bresch, has been illegally price-gouging EpiPens to steal millions of dollars from people with asthma and allergies. I want this monster rotting in prison by the end of the month.

Every human species must be trained to do basic hygiene to start off, in schools and so on! I would have to agree He’s a regular know it all He wrong people you can do something to prepare yourself read the BIBLE 👀. This is the last chapter lots of people refuses to believe this. Many ministers,bishops, pope evangelist and many more. Like Jesus Christ and GOD said whoever harms children will go to hell Bill gates🔥?

Well if Gates would quit his population control through vaccine campaign we would all be ok. It’s funny how Event 201 basically came to fruition. But let’s blame Trump. Sounds solid. He has a very good point. We weren’t ready for the next democratic president either. No more Bill Gates please Anyone that paid attention in history learned that war over resources, natural and man made disasters have shaped human civilizations past and present they will continue to do so in the future

How much money ,you gonna earn in the name of Pandemic mr gates..

Abbott signs social media 'censorship' bill into lawTexas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a bill that aims to stop social media companies from banning users or nixing posts based solely on political opinions — the latest salvo by Republicans. Fk Abbott. So he's banning anti-vax posts? Because a lot of them are purely political, not fact-based. 하나님을 그분의 피조물과 비교하는 것은 신성 모독입니다. AcceptRepentance TheMessiahIsComing Be_holy 번영복음은구원이없습니다 TheRaptureIsNear ElijahIsHere

Is he warning or giving a message about his next venture? Bill says? Don't care. Maybe they shouldn't have woke up that fucking virus. But... maybe I'm wrong. And? Considering it was his idea to lower the population of the planet it makes sense How did this computer/software guy know that information? He’s right but it is illegal I think to exterminate republicans. What can we do?

We were not ready for THIS one!!!! Did he do his bit? In fact except for blaming others, he dis nothing!! Ok.👌🏼 Bill knows everything

Manchin: I will not vote for $3.5 trillion billDemocratic Sen. Joe Manchin said Sunday he will not support the $3.5 trillion price tag for the economic bill that would expand the nation's social safety net and that 'there's no way' Congress can meet the timeline set by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to pass it. Shame on Manchin! He's doing everything in his power to block everything. Tell the fraud Manchin that we will not support his state or the deep pocket companies that support him. How much $$ has the Federal Govt given his state just to fight opioids? Hey Joe, try and get money now!! Wish he would just admit that he is a Republican and has no interest in welfare of the country.

The world is more vulnerable with more convenient traffic during the globalization. People can try their best to do research, please don’t mess up the nature too much and play god. Chew screw “The best way to predict future is to write it.” Very true. I am going to throw a big party 🎉 when Bill is expired….

Let's hope next pandemic will be more deadly and we will get vaccine faster, so stupid unvaccinated people will die out easier. Bill Gates is part of the plandemic Well he planned it then and will plan the next one as well IMO humanity clearly has a death wish now.....climate, pandemics, nukes.... Hahahahahahahahahahah. Ai vai!

Read this a.s.a.p.

He also says we need to get rid of beef. So stupid. Lets get redy to overcome cancer drug resistance 👍 Scandion Oncology leadcompound shows Anti-tumor effect on drugresistant cancer cells 💯 SCOL Well we can’t even handle this one. Because he invests in pandemics… در فیس بوک واینستا گرام خوانده ام ، که محمد رضا شاه ، پادشاه ایران حدود پنج دهه پیش شیوع یک بیماری همه گیر را از طریق کشور چین برای ضربه زدن به کشورهای غربی را، پیش بینی کرده بودند.

😂😂 Who is not ready, we the people or you and your engineers and marketer's? Why do I care what this guy says? Under the most difficult circumstances imaginable, physicians have shown the courage and passion in saving their patients. We’ve learned that early covid treatment is possible. In the case you missed it, check out ICS at the Italian Senate SenatoIT

No one could’ve imagined six years ago that the a major political party in America would score political points by, -showing no compassion for 670,000 dead Americans, -attacking science, -promoting conspiracy theories on masks and vaccines… GOPDeathCult

Seems like you are talking about next rainfall. Do you expect another pandemic like a season? He said the exact same thing before the Covid-19 pandemic. So this time we must listen to him Why is a computer software inventor so interested in biological viruses ? The left is so obsessed with equating education to intelligence. They also hate billionaires. So, why do they care what a billionaire college dropout has to say about anything? The hypocrisy is concerning.

Need to check what is he investing heavily to forecast next disasters delivered by the plan. Tz_Kwanza He is “touch wood”!! Heed!! Russian special services have been actively preparing sabotage and civil confrontation in Georgia since October 2. The National Movement of Georgia, its satellites, led by General of the FSB of the Russian Federation T. Alasania, have already begun violent actions

The Chinese N Korea Russia the USA & others are working on a killer bug, they can immunize their citizens from, by using drinking water, as one example, before letting it eliminate who, the targets are. Covid-19 might have been one that got away? You think?! Kill Gates? Sorry?

This gate is another FARAO. An the world didn't recognize him. Loh Till we don't understand we are part of nature.. we shall be preparing for the next one after another.. He funded the Wuhan lab where it came from! He owes everyone everything!! BillGates Are you now the ‘mouth piece’ for virus? You’ve not made enough from covid-19?

The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population … of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps. We get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good… we will find or cause something, a pandemic targeting certain people, Bill Gate is a pandemic... NSakavaras

Bill needs to lead the world for pandemics as he did in IT. This dude is not a Doctor. Did we somehow forget that? Well, if he knew, AND he is a billionaire, why didn’t he get us ready for it?

So he and his Chinese partners already has plan for another fatal virus attack . I don't understand why the whole world can't fight agaist this old men World population will increase by ALLAH’S GRACES Bill Gates will see very soon there will be no plan parenthood Catholics Jews and Muslims will prove his conspiracy theory ineffective 👊

Hahaha. . you haven't even got over this one 🤣. . your worried about the next one.. if your so worried .. maybe he should stop funding experimental virus research .. .. Not with the 3 stooges at the helm! This coming from the guy who created the pandemic to sell his vaccines. Probably get booted for this one but Gate created African 'vaccines' that sterilized women. Really. GenocideGates

🙏🙏🙏 Good thing Bill Gates isn’t a qualified medical professional So, tell me how do you prepare for the next viral war when you don't know what it will be? Now that virology labs can produce bugs that spread and kill like wildfire. Is he planning the next one already? El financió la actual y lo predijo 5 años atrás…ahora está prediciendo (financiando) la que va a venir en un 3 o 5 años ?

Dam it this is not a pandemic...Its a bio warfare wepeon to destroy humans & animals made by the Chinese.. Force them to tell how they made it , so we can make a inoculation against it...Or NUK em Interesting. But are people ever prepared. Mr. Big is like the end of days preppers who stock pile canned goods and live in bond shelters.

Tell him to read Scott Gottlieb’s book and work with Scott to plan ahead. Visionary We developed a pandemic playbook, stockpiled equipment and PPE. The biggest danger turned out to be an administration that ignored the experts, did not use the playbook, and gave away our stockpiled supplies and PPe before we got hit with the pandemic. We need real leaders

It’s a Chinese plague stop it at source lolaCoh82550541 Ce déchet se trouve dans la.poubelle 😡 There's far too many people 'Not' believing the current pandemic is real, need to fix that part first, then perhaps we can look ahead. Bill you need to sit down… Divorce your wife, to be with ya side chick!!! Trying to block the sun… And you buying up all the farm properties like we playin Monopoly… I think not we the American ppl had enough of you and Dr. Slouchie already sir!!

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I predict the future is DIRE! DIRE, I say! To what end 🤷‍♂️ He is the one behind it! Wants to reduce world population by 20% Because this wasn't a pandemic. It was manufactured of course and a practice run. Imagine a virus that actually kills healthy people. One that doesn't need the help of weak immunity. One where we will not need to put as the cause of death for heart attack victims with the virus..

This guy is dangerous hw come he has first hand info on upcoming disasters ? Something is cooking ? Something is terribly wrong ? IAmLarryA: 'I'm here for the conspiracies' Idiot, Gates is too clever and too rich to make money from this. Only idiot like you or Trump something do that. He is not an astrologer. He is not a scientist. He is not a preacher. So how he is predicting Connect the words from A to Z.

how bout he use his influence to stop father deployment of the next strains of covid! how's that for doing enough? I’ve been saying COVID opened up Pandora’s box. We weren’t ready for this one and we most likely won’t be ready for the next one. We have to take it upon ourselves to protect each other and yes listen to the science.

We should all listen to A college drop out with no Medical training 🙃

The cure? Humility!!!! Fuck that piece of shit lizard looking mf I would have to agree The most unfortunate part is that it is ignored when happens &responsible actions not taken. No matter how much you prepare, it has to be managed properly. It shouldn’t be denied, misinformed or assumed to disappear like miracle. That attitude can cost many innocent lives.

Well, to be fair, we can't even get are shit together on this one. Hace 6 años Bill Gates advirtió q el mayor asesino potencial q el mundo enfrentaría era una Pandemia. Ahora dice q el mundo no se está preparando lo suficiente para la próxima, It will be stupidity. can he predict the futur ? But how ? This pandemic was an excuse for a political coup.

You mean he 'predicted' Dr Fauci's 'a lab leak is worth it' virus?

You know we are STILL in a pandemic, right? That sounds like a warning that this pandemic needs to be followed up by another one. MF definitely knows something we don't know. Consolidation of power The polar ice caps melting is going to bring around a horrible plague on mankind. I'm calling it now This guy test drugs on 3rd countries

Bill sent me gift card with my Moderna Vaccine Let's grow our connections Follow me I will follow back 🙏

Bill you are going at this all wrong. It’s best to prepare Homo sapiens for any attack by making Homo sapiens healthy and strong. The solution PHARMA & doctors offer is to be dependent on their drugs and vaccines - thus you lose your freedom. h H truthofh harjgtheonedba AP Warning is not enough...what he is doing is more important ! Example any Vaccine development from their team...any pandemic tracing system from them and etc...

Gates should know since he was behind the current one. Tell him to stick to pivot tables. truth He just paid $10 Billion Control of Four Seasons Hotels. Next pandemic what this guy gonna buy it ? Here’s an idea: stop engineering viruses. Bill can help ends the current one first, by donating to CoVax program.

IMHO, he does not give a dam about humans… and his ideas of global population reduction speaks to his fake concerns about pandemic preparedness! He is counting bodies! Wasn't Bill Gates providing funding for gain of function and that he was in constant contact with Dr Fauci who also predicted a pandemic. Bill Gates may be rich but that doesn't give him powers to predict the future.

Tf does BG know about pandemics and public health? How did he knew According to the man who gave us Windows Vista That's gonna be the end of humankind That’s what we call stating the obvious. We haven’t even been able to handle this one. Our knowledge & responses continue to be fluid. We’re not yet at the point where we can “look in the rear view mirror” and truly understand how to make a game plan for the “next time”

And he profited from the disaster he created. he says game is not started. He might also have mentioned not enough being done to get over this one. He ought to know.

He's right. All this stuff we learnt and created is for a future purpose.. Perhaps he will be able to save the entire world with all the medicine’s intellectual properties he has been collecting since the last decade! Or maybe double his wealth by selling to government the new vaccine ready made for the next pandemic?

This man is 💀! He been 💀 Go away Bill What about Epstein. I don't trust anyone that hangs out with known pedophiles So we just gonna sit and watch this guy play God with our lives? Why haven’t pharmaceutical company’s been investing money in new types of medication, over the past 50 years. Instead they choose to make huge amounts money from the U.K. National Health Service on basic medication, which costs a fraction of the cost it’s produced for!

Ufuna inkabi this one Problem - Reaction - Solution. Global False/Psyop Operation. After the predicted pandemic, they'll be food shortages, hence he's buying most of the US farmland, after that it'll be global warming, which his Co, is planning of spraying dust to block the sun. After that... Plenty

Why are we taking health advice from a computer guy Of course not! Humans are the worst animal when it comes to learning from experience How do we get ready for the next pandemic when we don’t know what disease it will be? Different pandemics in history have been due to different diseases (some viral, some bacterial) all of which required different medical, social and political responses.

BillGates this was in 2011 Viruses killer's since xp , i believe him .. he knows more ... That’s because he’s making billions of it . You speak what you creats🙄 We know but Americans don’t believe in anything other than bs. They don’t belive in public health, the government, etc. pray to your gods that it will have mercy on us and not kill all of us once and for all.

Who cares? Bill Gates isn’t a fortune teller or any kind of medical expert. Hmmm wonder how he knows that still don’t have an answer where this one came from 🤔🤔🤔

Hmmm the most sinister man on this planet 🤫 So did Obama/Biden. Now doesn’t that sound suspicious Didn't the NIH and Dr Fauci fund the Wuhan lab 'designer virus' research? CDC & PH shot themselves. Digging in feet, symbolic gesturing & hiding/lying abt data b/c they don’t trust ppl (eg not accepting nat immunity b/c afraid of covid parties)… I will be way too late to listen to the CDC if an actually dangerous covid strain/other virus comes along

Believe it or not. The US embassy in USEmbBaghdad iraq so far issued zero visa to DV2021 selectees TravelGov please transfer our files to other embassies Just go on to the next round. Ask Mr gates. How did scaremongering Seattle based IHME_UW do with their half assed infection models. All you needed was an incompetent NY gov to send sickies into nursing homes and blow up the numbers. And lie about it.

This the guy who's Wife left over Epstein.. We still listening to him? opinion I haven't seen MD next to Bill Gates name. We are supposed to listen to an unqualified, pompous, self-appointed guru.

Are we ready to cure cancer? Scandion Oncology are overcome cancer drug resistans, leadcompound SCO-101 willl create a paradigmshift in cancer treatment. MonicaRivpin I don't feel the respect and admiration for Bill Gates, I used to have. A friend of Jeffrey Epstein is not a friend of mine. Disease will always have upper hand because pathogens change but people don't.

Holy shit 😳 We haven’t even made it out of this one No kidding every biology teachers been saying the same for decades. If we’re not prepared is because guys like him didn’t hold up their end. Could he let us know when he plans to release it,thanks! More of a hint. Chill Bill, first let’s investigate and fully understand where did this current pandemic originated. Just sugar coating it nd scaring ppl abt next one will not work. Something has to change as too many innocent ppl died in this pandemic

Tax Bill Gates.

Arrest this 🤡, his cooperators and his team, take his $ and there were not be any pLandemic in next 50 years, simple as that. He would know..... he’s behind it along with fauci. All on record. This con artist needs to be arrested, anyone who knows what’s this man doing would agreed this faget new what he was doing

Pls we should be ready o Because he and Fauci are creating the next one! No kidding I’m sure he’s correct Yes he did 👽👽👽

Yes it is, there's a Nobel-awarded Drug that prevents hospitalisation - the world just won't bother knowing what it takes to award a Nobel prize: Excellent results & research. Wow! It’s frightening how folks are lashing out & spewing conspiracy theories. The virus is real, it’s not manufactured, we need to plan for next time ‘cuz it’s coming. Gates spends billions on helping others, including research for virus response. What are YOU doing to help?

Let’s just hope the next one kills us faster. Is he a doctor? A scientist? Well then Bill, why don’t you use those $170 billion at your disposal and save us all ……….. Thokoza Gogo Masango , Siyavuma💰🤑 How can be the only one knowing that? 🤔 Does this mean he is involved in developing the next one He should work on improving cybersecurity and performance of MS operating system instead.

Why should we care what bill gates thinks?

Better do more gain of function research to hasten the next biosafety accident He has the next one on a series of floppy disks, ready to install We still aren’t ready for THIS pandemic, 20 months in. Hard to prepare for the next pandemic when 25% of Americans do believe they are in one. Just shut up Bill,, my God

Not a fan Helo I'm Guessing Bill Gates made hundreds of millions off Covid. Bill Gates should be facing charges for his time spent with Jeffrey Epstein, not pontificating to the rest of us.

We had an agency set up for that but Donald Trump closed it. Greed power control are the greater pandemic😎 Maybe he should call his Buddy Harvey W Hopefully he won’t be there to worry about it god what are they releasing now That’s such a foregone conclusion. We’re not even ready for this one. The question is: is China ready?

Take a hike, Bill! nice Ask him about Epstein.