Bill Gates: If I were president, this is what I would do now to fight coronavirus

Entrepreneurship, Bill Gates

Bill Gates: If I were president, this is what I would do now to fight coronavirus. (via @CNBCMakeIt)

Entrepreneurship, Bill Gates


Bill Gates : If I were president, this is what I would do now to fight coronavirus. (via CNBCMakeIt)

Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates says if he were president of the United States, he would prioritize keeping everyone isolated to 'flatten the curve.' The billionaire says he would be clear that it will not be an easy time.

flatten the curve " of the COVID-19 pandemic. "The clear message [would be] that we have no choice to maintain this isolation and that's going to keep going for a period of time," Bill Gates told on Tuesday . "In the Chinese case, it was like six weeks, so we have to prepare ourselves for that and do it very well." According to Gates, "If you're doing isolation well [nationally], within about 20 days you'll see those numbers [of new cases] really change," i.e., go down, "…and that is a sign that you're on your way." As president, Gates would also emphasize, "This is not going to be easy. We need a clear message about that," he said. Currently, at least 179 million people in 18 states, 31 counties and 13 cities are being urged to stay home, according to a running tally by the New York Times . According to Johns Hopkins University's Coronavirus Resource Center, the number of new cases in the United States has still been trending higher. By comparison, "the curve" has generally flattened in China and South Korea, as the chart, below, shows. In his role as the co-founder of his namesake Read more: CNBC

MakeIt You funded pri bright to mutate and manipulate covid19 for a vaccine on livestock! I'm sure it mutated to what we see now! MakeIt I give you credit for being in the right place at the right time and knowing how to take advantage. However, your out of touch with the world for year. Your not president and there is a reason for that...your not the right person for the job. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

MakeIt But ur not. MakeIt 2 months in, now everyone is an expert!! MakeIt Hahahahaha that won’t be happening now will it Bill 🤔. MakeIt BillGates is it time to share your wealth to the world? Talk is cheap ain't it? MakeIt Says the guy who admitted he missed the start of the Internet revolution. For several years !!

MakeIt why not jist issue a new version of windows that jams everyone's computer for days? MakeIt Bill, run as independent MakeIt Really need to take his advice, he is one person who has worked with a lot of viruses and diseases through his foundation, knows what hes talking about MakeIt Another rich guy wanting to be president TOOOOO FUCKING LATE. Dude has the money to help with the homeless isssue but doesn’t. Who cares what he has to say now?

Bill Gates on Trump call for quick end to lockdown: It’s tough to tell people ‘keep going to restaurants, go buy new houses, ignore that pile of bodies over in the corner’'There really is no middle ground, and it’s very tough to say to people, 'Hey, keep going to restaurants, go buy new houses, [and] ignore that pile of bodies over in the corner,'' says Bill Gates . Helloooo... realDonaldTrump BillGates easy to criticize and pile on when you don’t have any responsibility.

MakeIt Smart guy great businessman but now is the time to shut up. This is the proverbial armchair quarterback. MakeIt MakeIt Nobody asked MakeIt You’re not, so get lost MakeIt Why would the President listen to Bill Gates when he can call Arod. I mean c’m people. Let’s have some common sense! sarcasticsunday

MakeIt Well, it's better than having five police officers outside of your door step. Don't take things so personal. Buy MakeIt Tell the idiot in chief MakeIt freetofindtruth 2LarryJohnson7 donniebets1 Research Event201 coronavirus StayHome StayAtHomeAndStaySafe COVID19 SocialDistancing CoronaUpdate

MakeIt Ok rich guy, you want isolation for three more weeks, time to be part of the solution ... a multi-billionaire with a designated foundation can help out working class Americans with direct aid payments ... do not allow American families to fall into a financial hole... MakeIt We'll run for President then Bill. Until then your opinion on what you would do is as important as mine and Hillary Clinton's.

Sen. Chris Coons: Senate coronavirus stimulus bill 'does a lot of good' for AmericansSen. Coons: “The longer it takes for these funds to get out to individuals, to workers, to families … the less confident they’re going to be that we’re going to have their back as we face this pandemic as a nation.” Who’s fault is that 🤔. Starts with a Nancy ends with a Pelosi! We have to think outside the box if help is to come As it stands now Trump only has his own back. His followers are fools to believe that Trump is actually going to be there when the hammer falls. He needs to play them for a little while longer.

MakeIt Billgates the one who created this shit anyways. Him and his other rich friends who rule the world. MakeIt Everyone knows this is what we need to do except realDonaldTrump and FoxNews MakeIt MakeIt Yep Bill respectfully put Ready for the next move ? 1th Minister of Healthcare Under Joe Biden ? Free Healthcare for all citizens Legit or not !

MakeIt Thank God, you're NOT. You scumbag. You should be standing in front of a court, charged with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! MakeIt Says the dude who was in the lab that made it and disappeared off the face of the earth after announcing he ran a simulation of a glbal epidemic.... MakeIt Release half finished tests that stop working for no reason and the only way to fix them is to reboot, er, I meant retest?

MakeIt Well said! It’s all about discipline MakeIt Luckily he isnt. Or else evetyone would be slaves to Microsoft and their cloud. MakeIt Bill Gates forced Common Core on your children’s education, thus making them dumber. He was friends with Epstein. And openly supports population control. But go on with this nonsense that he would be a good president...

Sen. Cory Booker: Virus relief bill ‘real, substantive support’WATCH: Sen Booker says the $2T coronavirus relief bill is like a 'Marshall Plan' that will provide 'real substantive support' to 'hundreds of thousands of Americans who are facing economic turmoil.' You never had a chance being a president ,,dont know why anyone would wanna listen to what you have to say Go read a book...books!!

MakeIt How about be president Billy? It’s very philanthropic MakeIt Clueless Bill. Has to try for the spotlight. MakeIt It's a bit late for that I guess luckynanyxrp MakeIt MakeIt Hmm why did he make this virus?Hmm so the virus kill only the non-tax payers? How much money will he earn with this?or just because this virus the perfect bio weapon?very interesting...

MakeIt Pay us all off!! MakeIt Ay cabron, ya sabemos a dónde va. MakeIt MakeIt BillGates would make out country a better place. billgatesforpresident COVID19 coronavirus MakeIt Return to work, please hurry up man.

U.S. Senate bill to grant airlines bailout to weather coronavirusThe U.S. Senate will vote on Wednesday to give the U.S. aviation industry $58 bi... Hope Americans visiting family get the BEST DEALS. I think Americans should be given special discounts from the airlines vs. noncitizens to show appreciation. POTUS Boeing ProtectUS What a travesty of justice, but we are dealing with the Fascist Republican Party

MakeIt The question is would you have done it right out of the gate. Had POTUS, you and others would call him every negative name you could, including Dictator. Bill, either lead or watch the game. Nobody likes the fans with the big mouths telling the pros how to play. MakeIt Donald take notice.... MakeIt I don't have a problem with what Bill Gates says, except for a second wave of the virus comming from europe or china. A relapse, after quarantine is over, what then. Control the virus, mitigate as much as possible, but let nature take its course. Nature will provide immunity.

MakeIt Uh he still could literally be President BTW. Flip that pancake Bill. MakeIt No you won't, but pls test more people in seattle. MakeIt In order to flatten the curve the United States should take very serious measures. And governors like Cuomo need to get off the tv every day and get to work in putting the state in quarantine before morw people get infected and die.

MakeIt Right...if you were president.... What about the thousands of women you made sterile with your 'vaccines' in Africa? MakeIt Id vote for a bag of flour wearing a mustache over what we've got now, help us out Bill MakeIt Tell him! MakeIt Says the guy who profits! Look up trumpvsgates

D.C. could get severely shortchanged in federal coronavirus stimulus billThe $2 trillion federal coronavirus relief bill could shortchange D.C. by an estimated $750 million by treating the nation’s capital as a U.S. territory, even though it has more confirmed cases than many states GOP goal is to keep money out of any blue regions Deal with it now. No time to lose. Give N.Y. what it needs. If Trump or his attempt to do otherwise we have to let them know this will not be tolerated. We've sincerely had enough What's the final word within the bill that states the House gets a $25 million dollar wage increase?

MakeIt Run for President instead of saying 'if I were President'. Its election year, so start declaring now. MakeIt Makes sense Telewhale MakeIt Yes you are absolutely right MakeIt IF... MakeIt First, you must pray to God, and help others in good faith, to receive the blessings of God. Second, the work of specialists comes.

MakeIt Thank God he’s not the President. He’s an egomaniac who should not be near the levers of power. He wants digital vaccinations. No thanks. MakeIt I would ask Mr. Gates not what would you do, BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING, MakeIt Bill is NOT the president.... MakeIt The “Oracle of Seattle”! MakeIt No one cares William

What’s in the $2 Trillion Senate Coronavirus BillHere is a look at the major pieces of the package, and how households and businesses are set to benefit, based on where the legislation stood late Wednesday. We should all boycott the Kennedy Center. This is disgusting. The rich get richer While people lost their job and are getting reduced paychecks they included in the bill their own raise. That says everything I need to know about this garbage bill. Veto. The entire lot of these self serving politicians need to go. Every. Damn. One.

MakeIt Thank goodness you are not! MakeIt Even if he did lift restrictions on the 12th half the workforce wouldn't show up for fear of their lives JabariJYoung MakeIt Write everyone 100k check to stay home for 3 months MakeIt Unfortunately, The president is Trump, and he will raise the curve in a short time.

MakeIt Nobody gives a shit MakeIt Thank God he is not President! MakeIt BillGates If you were president, we would all have been using Microsoft Windows on a Surface Tab and using Microsoft Office for all our Work while gaming on a Xbox. Aren't we all glad that didn't happen ? MakeIt This is America, you could’ve bought it if you wanted. You’re lack of participation in preserving our democracy and pioneering outsourcing is what fucked my generation. fuckyouBillGates

New_Narrative MakeIt Dear Mr. Gates, You have more than enough money to do what the president is SUPPOSED to do. So put your damn money where your mouth is. Yours, America MakeIt I would vote for him for sure. He’s too rich to be in bed with lobbyists and very generous with his wealth.

MakeIt 'If' MakeIt Doesn't this guy have his own island🤪 He needs to reside over there in isolation.. Bigmouth yawn MakeIt This is one reason why pple hate nerds. Doesn't have the balls to run for office, has the temerity to say now that if he did... MakeIt Gates2020 MakeIt Can we stop giving any credence to what China says. China lies and covers up. Why would his be any different?

MakeIt Did he mention forcing us all to get a biodigital mark along with his vaccine so he could control our electric waves using satellite communication and take away our free will by turning us into robots? Otherwise i am not watching MakeIt Didn’t he just resign and sold his stocks? And you want him to be president!!!! He’s probably going to jail !!! Creep

MakeIt MakeIt Well BillGates has a brain that works, so that'd be a start to making America great again! Can we get Billgates on the ticket? I'd vote for him... 100%! MakeIt This is the solution the only one that make sense to save lifes!!! realDonaldTrump did you listen?

MakeIt Gates warned us about this over two years ago. MakeIt Lol. We are doing fine. MakeIt Really wish he were President. MakeIt What Gates is asking for is not extreme. Especially in the hot spot areas. Erring on the side of safety is warranted here. MakeIt Bill, people in California wouldn’t listen to you. They finally got off the beaches.

MakeIt But you aren’t and after the pigs’ breakfast you made of our education system you shouldn’t be allowed near public policy ever again. MakeIt Thank you very much! No more billionaire presidents. MakeIt I doubt Bill would contribute in a click bait. That is .... 'this is what I would do..' MakeIt so why not run for your office?

MakeIt We can be thankful, BillGates, that you are not!

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